Facebook for beginners How to perfect use FB

Facebook for beginners

Currently Facebook is a very popular social networking site. Although we know many things about Facebook, there are many ideas about many things. Those who do not have any idea about these things hope this post will be useful.


Anyone on Facebook can register. Go to www.facebook.com for this. Now fill in the form Sign Up and click on the Sign Up button and enter the password of Security Check and click on the Sign Up button to open the Facebook account. After this, you will need to confirm the e-mail address by clicking the link on the Facebook link found in the email.

Mobile Facebook:

Facebook fans can also use Facebook on their GPRS enabled mobile phone. For this reason m.facebook.com will be able to enter by email and password normally. In addition to its email address, the mobile number can be opened on Facebook using the account.

For this, from m.facebook.com, Need an account? Click here to sign up using your book here and enter the mobile number with name, country code, sign up with passwords.

Next, activate the account with the PIN number of the SMS received from Facebook. If you want to use this account on a computer, you will need to log in with the mobile number and password in place of the email when you login.

Mobile account confirmation:

  • When you add friends or other security check dialog, it is quite annoying. Sick of these?
  • Click on Verify your account link, then Confirm Your Phone dialog box will appear.
  • Enter your mobile number and click on Confirm button.
  • Then you will receive a message containing code from Facebook, click on the Confirm button and enter the code.
  • After the diameter and the Security Check dialog will not come.

Facebook interface in Bengali:

Recently, the Bengali language has been added to the list of Facebook languages. Earlier, the Bangla interface could be seen by applications. Currently, Facebook will be seen in both the Bangla interface.

  • Method 1) Login to Facebook, go to Accounts Settings. After going to the Language tab, if you select Bangla in the Primary Language section, then Facebook will be converted into Bangla in a while.
  • Method 2) Go to www.facebook.com/translations address and click on the Allow button to add the application. Select your language from dropdown, select Bengali, in a while, all the interfaces of Facebook will be in Bengali.

Invite friends:

Click Invite Friends from Friends to invite friends via email. To send an email to friends, click on the invite button. If you want to get the email address of friends from your email, by clicking on Import Email Addresses or by clicking on the email log in, the user will click the Find Friends button, then all the mail addresses in the mail will be available.

Now select the email addresses that you want to invite and click on Add to Invite button to come to the To: Also, from Friend Menu to Find Friends or at the Home Page, click Add as Friend to invite the person from the right suggestion. You can also invite by searching by name or email address.

Accepting the invitation:

If someone invites you, it can be seen on request at the right of the home page. Here are friend requests, group invitations, suggestions etc. You can accept an invitation from the Confirm Request page by clicking on any one.

Group creation and joining:

Click the group icon in the statusbar or go to www.facebook.com/groups.php address. Now click on the desired group and click Join this Group and add group membership?

You can join the group by clicking Join from the dialog. And go out of Grow by clicking on Leave Group and Remove group membership? You must click Remove from the dialog. If you want to create a group of your own, click the + Create a new Group button from the group page and follow the next step.

Add or change more email:

Facebook is registered by email and subsequently to log in to Facebook via that email. But you can change the email address or add more email address if you want. Login to Facebook, go to Accounts Settings.

Now click on “Change Email” on the new email: Enter a new email address and click on Add New Email button and click on the Confirm button to enter Facebook’s current password in the Change Email box. Confirmation mail will be added to the newly added mail, clicking on the link link will confirm the email address.

The newly added email will remain the default. More mail addresses can be added in this way. To delete the previous mail, go to Accounts Settings. Now click on the change in the email that you want to delete, click the Remove link on the right and click on the Facebook password and click Confirm button. The previous mail from the diameter will be deleted from Facebook.

Tagged friends in Facebook picture:

Facebook is currently the most popular social site. Here videos and photos can be shared as well as friends can be tagged in these pictures. If a group picture wants to tag different friends, then upload the image and click on the image to display. Click on the tag This photo below, click on the photo of the friend who wants to tag the box and the box and the right window will appear.

If the friend you want to tag, select the friend if you have a friend, and if not, then type any name or tag: the name of the friend and click on the Tag button. In this way, you can tag your favorite friends. Finish the tag by clicking Done Tagging at the end.The pictures that you have tagged will appear on your friend’s photo. If you want to tag yourself or others in another’s photo album. Likewise, the notes and videos can be tagged in the video.

User name set:

Recently Facebook users have the opportunity to set the user name. For this reason, go to www.facebook.com/username/ and set the preferred user name. If you set the manikcsbd name, your Facebook address will be www.facebook.com/manikcsbd/ where the profile ID is displayed first.

Preventing yourself from search:

When you search by email address or by name on Facebook, you can view and invite profiles. If you want you can refrain yourself from this search and if you want to be able to search friends and friends of friends only. Go to Settings from Privacy Settings.

Now click Search and select who can find you on Facebook in the Search Visibility section. And select what information you want to search in Search Result Content. Uncheck to Public Search Listing if you do not want to appear from other search engines.


You can block a certain friend or unwanted person to prevent him from seeing your profile or other information. Go to Settings from Privacy Settings.

Now type the name of the block people in the text box and click on the block button. Now click on Block Person on the right of the search for which you want to block. This way you can block multiple people.

If you block someone, you will not be able to find anywhere, as long as you have the affection but it will end. If you want to unblock, click on the Remove link from the Block List.

In the friend box of certain friends opens:You can determine who your Facebook profile will look for, how many friends will be seen in your friend box or who will see them. By default, 6 friends are sporadically displayed.

To determine it, click on your picture to go to profile. Now click on the left side friends’s pencil. Define how many friends want to show from the show’s dropdown.

Always show these friends: Add your friends’ names below. From now on, diamonds will always show you friends in your friend’s friends. If the number of determined friends is less then the rest will be sporadically separated from other friends.

Close Facebook Account:

If you delete the Facebook account, then from the Settings tab, click on Account Settings. Then click the Deactivate link of Deactivate Account, then Confirm Facebook Account Deactivation page will appear.

Here’s why you want to close the account and click the Deactivate button and the Facebook account will be closed.

However, if you want to activate the account again in the future, logging in to normal Facebook will allow you to reactivate your account by clicking on the Reactivate Mail.

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