What is Website flipping? How to make huge money from it 2021?Tech Teacher Debashree

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Many people are unfamiliar with the words flipping the website. But many people earning thousands of dollars through this online. To flipping the website you will have to invest money and labor. But there is no reason to be afraid. It’s like a lot of domain parking. In other words, there is another great way … Read more

What is Mobile App Development ? Best Earning way 2021

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What is Mobile App Development? Originally, we are commonly referred to as mobile apps, for the software used for mobile handsets. And the method of creating it is Mobile App Development. The two popular mobile operating systems in the world are Android and iOS mobile respectively, which we call as iphone. And for the sake … Read more

What is DTP( Desktop Publishing)? Best Graphic Design Tool 2021?

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What is DTP? Desktop publishing is the creation of documents that using page layout skill on a personal computer .Desktop publishing software can generate layouts and produce typographic quality text and image comparable to traditional typography and printing.┬áThis technology gives permission individuals business and other organisations to self publish a wide range of printed matter. … Read more

What is the Important of YouTube marketing 2021?Tech Teacher Debashree

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Youtube marketing is the most popular in the social media world. Because now people like to watch more news than the news they like to wear. Basically this is why YouTube is so much more important now. You may have used Facebook for a long time. But in the meantime, as long as the time … Read more