What is website flipping? how to make money from website flipping?Tech Teacher Debashree

What is  website flipping, how to make money from website flipping Many people are unfamiliar with the words flipping the website. But many people earning thousands of dollars through this online. To flipping the website you will have to invest money and labor. But there is no reason to be afraid. It’s like a lot … Read more

There are 7 types of logos – what logo does your company need? – Tech Teacher Debashree

Logo is a company’s brand identity. Starting with a shoe, the rocket company has a logo. The size of a large size company depends on the size of a very small size logo. A beautiful design logo enables you to sell and trade your business. Therefore, to give companies, organizations or businesses strong and brand … Read more

What is DTP( Desktop Publishing)?What is the work of DTP operator? – Tech Teacher Debashree

Desktop publishing is the creation of documents that using page layout skill on a personal computer .Desktop publishing software can generate layouts and produce typographic quality text and image comparable to traditional typography and printing. This technology gives permission individuals business and other organisations to self publish a wide range of printed matter.desktop publishing methods provide … Read more

Passwords that should never be used ..& How to Convert any text to the audio ? – Tech Teacher Debashree

…….. Passwords that should never be used ..& How to Convert any text to the audio  Starting from computer to smartphone, all the devices have to use the password for security. Passwords need to be used to access various services on the Internet. But for the convenience of remembering we use some simple passwords most … Read more

What is a brute force attack? And how to protect from it .What to learn as a good hacker?.- Tech Teacher Debashree

What is a brute force attack And how to protect  from it ?What to learn as a good hacker? You want to login to somebody’s computer. You do not know his password. What do you usually do? Guess a password. What if it does not login? Give another one. Then another one.It is basically the … Read more

For the 3 reasons you must learn video editing – Tech Teacher Debashree

For the 3 reasons you must learn video editing Video recording is very easy now because mobile devices have advanced camera facilities. But editing the video has not been so easy yet. Actually, learning video editing is somewhat complicated.To avoid trouble, if you think that there is no need to edit, you will upload videos … Read more