Stencil The world’s fastest image creator Best tool 2022

What is Stencil?

Stencil is an online graphic design tool. Create visual content faster and easier than you ever imagined.The only graphic design tool you need to create beautiful images.


  • Engineered for speed: Create images faster and easier than you’ve ever experienced.
  • Easy to use: Easy to work with and ridiculously simple to use.
  • Always improving :We are always improving and improving Stencil.
  • Premium Assistance :Our goal is to help clients succeed.
  • Over 4,000,000 stunning, this tool is ready-to-use public domain archival photos at your fingertips.
  • Super high resolution :The photos are super high resolution and ready to use for whatever you have in mind.
  • Save all your favorites. :Save all the photos you like in one place, so you don’t have to search for them again.
  • Free kingdom: Photos can use for anything, personal or commercial, without the need for attribution.
  • Developed by our partners : All photos are provided and verified by the Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels teams, safe to use directly from Stencil.
  •  You can create Perfect sizes for any image.Resize magically. We will not interfere with you.
  • Over 140 common presets : We did all the homework. Optimal sizes for social posts, ads, blog images, and more come preloaded.
  • Your custom sizes : Do you have a perfect size in mind? No problem. Create as many custom sizes as you want!
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As a non-designer who sometimes needs to draw, this is a perfect tool. Instead of talking in inches and pixels, which I don’t know anything about, imagine you use a tool where you just say “Facebook group cover photo.” And have immediate access to ready-to-use designed templates, or just a blank Facebook group cover photo image to fill in at our convenience.

With an easy to use drag and drop system. Sorry designers, but for my purposes now I’m mostly freelance.


I am not a designer. But as a copywriter, sometimes I need to think about the visual aspect of my copy or my ads. And sometimes, I need to test images and even create them.

And for me, sometimes it is great pain. I used to have Photoshop, but I always felt like I was only using 10%. And even the 10% I was using was too complicated.

I wanted a simple tool. And Stencil is perfect for that. They have the templates ready where you only have to select the type of image you want to create, and they automatically adjust it to the size you want.

For example, if I want to make the cover photo for a LinkedIn profile, I click on the LinkedIn profile size template, and here it is.

From Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, whatever. It’s just a matter of creating a new file, choosing the image size according to the template you want to edit, and starting to edit.

For me, that’s the best reason I’m a Stencil fan. Also, having access to the Unsplash images makes it easy to deploy the picture of my choice without downloading the image from Unsplash and adding it there.

No, everything is there, ready to produce what I need. Since I’m not a designer, I never needed Canva or Photoshop after getting Stencil.


As with most template platforms, you always want more. For some social media platforms, your template options are still not enough.

When I mention the template options, I am not talking about the file size because I spoke of most things. In Stencil we can find ready-to-go templates for Facebook Ads, Pinterest Pins, etc., where we need to edit the image, copy it, and voila.

In most cases, these models don’t do much with them as they are still too limited for what I need. I usually end up needing to scratch everything. But luckily, it’s easy to do, so it’s always a no-brainer for me to use Stencil.