14 Online Business Best Ideas without investing

In this era of information technology, there is no point in living unemployed living in the hope of getting a job. What to do? Business? Do not need capital? No, there is a computer and internet connection in this online era, without capital, you can enter the business today. Let’s take a look at

14 Online Business Ideas

1. SEO Consultant:

Are you experienced in search engine optimization? That means know about search engine optimization; But there is no chance to work anywhere. Do not sit in the hope of getting the company started online and advise about SEO. There will be many organizations who are waiting for your advice. You will find work on different freelance sites. If you do not go straight to Google search.

2. Business training:

There may be a good idea about your business. But due to lack of money, one can not establish an institution according to his dream. There is no reason to waste your experience sitting there.
Find many online people who want to start a new business. Visit LinkedIn, where you can write business related articles. By there you will find many clients there. With the help of their advice, you can absorb your talents and experiences. There are also two-way income.

3. Specialised retailer:

In keeping with the world, online products have become very popular in Bangladesh. Now there is a special shop or supermarket in all major cities of the country. Many of them are small organizations that are willing to start their business online and start their business. By contracting one of those organizations, you can start an online shop with their cargo. Retailer Shopar at home.

4. Social media consultant:

In this era of information technology, social sites have achieved great excellence. The solution to all the problems of life is becoming like Facebook. In addition to the ever new features, there is a growing use of social sites that can be used for criminal offenses. If you are aware of the use of social sites, safety and friend-follower tricks, you may become a social media consultant. Many people and organizations can get the job done by doing so.

5. Web Design:

The most discussed business of the current time. Now a small organization needs to think that they have a website. If you know web design then there is no point in sitting. Post your portfolio to freelance sites. Put a link to a sample website. Please consider the cost-effective consideration of the market. Who are you to stop?

6. Writing Application Form / Cover Letter:

Surprisingly, many educated people do not know how to write a job application beautifully. But a nice acceptable application or cover letter can make a difference to others in the service sector. If you have experience on this, you can search for clients on LinkedIn or Social Sites. There is no doubt that the client will receive it.

7. Task Manager / Assistant:

If you have good organizing skills then you are eligible for this business. Can you solve the online problems quickly? However, you can use this skill as a personal assistant or online task manager. Companies like TaskRabbit or Zirtual find people like you in return for money. On these sites, you can perform the role of Assistant in various activities including Data Research, Virtual Assistant.

8. Professional freelancers:

Freelancing means we usually understand leisure activities. But over time the ideas have changed. Now, many unemployed young people are taking Freelancing as their main occupation. You can also work part-time if you want. Do not sit unemployed, join today’s freelancing sites.

9. Online marketing:

If you are used to writing product reviews on sites like Amazon, then close it now. Why do you do any product marketing because of free? There are many companies like Ward of Mouth who will pay you for promoting their products online. If you have a lot of followers or social accounts, then Sona Sohaga. Get engaged in today’s work.

10. E-Book Writer:

If you have good writing skills, language skills, and typing speed, you can be an e-book writer effortlessly. This is a very easy task. The demand for e-books is increasing so much that publishers are stumbling to find eBook writers. You can easily find such customers online.

11. Providing technical support:

There are many small companies with no IT specialist. If there is a technical problem, then the people are called out. You can start using this opportunity to sit online and provide technical advice. They will tell you when the problem is over and you will get the solution in the house. What do you want?

12. Virtual shipment:

Even if you are curious to hear it, you do it yourself in the bank or financial institution. If you own a website, you can handle transactions such as Google Checkout. Different brands will find you to organize their online invoices. Bring your website to your website by copying the details of product pictures from their site. Then take the exchange of certain financial contracts to sell products.

13. Handicraft Dealers:

In the Automated Machine Period, the handicrafts have not been reduced. But due to lack of publicity this ancient industry can not stand high. You can contract with an organization. Their products will sell you online. You can deliver products through a courier to your customers with a specific service charge.

14. App Developer:

In the era of smartphones, the app racket People are now comfortable to work in a smartphone app rather than browsing the site on a computer. So different organizations are now interested in app development. If you know better about coding, then read App Developing. Can deal with different organizations. Other software developers also want online developers. First create an interesting app by yourself and show it as a sample and claim a reasonable fee. Sure to get your work done.

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