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What is Mobile App Development?

Originally, we are commonly referred to as mobile apps, for the software used for mobile handsets. And the method of creating it is Mobile App Development.

The two popular mobile operating systems in the world are Android and iOS mobile respectively, which we call as iphone. And for the sake of both these mobile apps are being developed.

To create an app for each of these platforms, different programming languages ??have to be used. For example, switches for iOS or Objective C, Android requires Java language. To create such apps, you have to live in different environments.

For example, an Android app is required to create an iOS app and Android studio for Android apps. Both of them use their own platform programming language, using the created apps as a native app

Native applications have been explored, but without localization, is the development of mobile applications not possible?Yes In addition to the application, you can create another application. In which we call the development of cross-platform applications.

Generally a cross-platform application is created using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS. This is called hybrid application. Hybrid is basically responsive as a framework, such as Native, False Native JavaScript, and then the pavement framework is created with Google’s darts.

What is the difference between Hybrid apps and Native apps?

Hybrid application frameworks will give you a great advantage even when you do not have much difference, and when you develop an application development platform, it supports all platforms simultaneously. And it will save both your time and money. And so hybrid applications are becoming very popular now.

What is the power of a mobile Application Developer?

To be an application developer, you have to study computer science, not subject. The subject is a bit easier for them. However, anyone can be an application developer. Full development of web development technical work.

So, firstly, there should be a good idea about computer science with basic knowledge. Then the application development will be well learned. After learning app development, the main design is the design of your application. What is the creation of an application, its clear idea If you have an idea about algorithm, data structure, database then you can create great applications. There should be creative mindset, strong will, attention to work, sincerity and patience.

Those who want to create an application in the Play Store, they should be able to create an application on any topic. In this case, there is a need to know all the relevant topics. If you want to prepare for the clients, you will have to work carefully with them and study them.

Suppose I learned the best. Where and how do I work?

In a word, opportunity to get jobs in different software and web development companies. Currently, every software and web development company has a mobile application version of their software and website or web-based software. Currently the demand for mobile applications has increased.

According to a statistic, the number of mobile phone users in the country is 15 million and the number of Internet users is more than 7 million. Of these, 95 percent of internet users use mobile internet.

Smartphone users use at least one application on average. Using the application, spend more than two hours a day. Smartphone users spend 86 percent of their time using smartphones.


So if a developer application is developed and uploaded to the Play Store, then it can earn great without doing any work. If you can create a popular app, you do not have to do anything else for the rest of your life. Does that mean any? 

For those who want to get app development for their career, the future is also a great way for those who want to sit in their pockets for the future. Because a passive income can easily be made from mobile applications.

According to Market Research Institute, according to Gartner, currently the mobile apps market is around $ 50 billion. By 2020, it would be approximately $ 54.8 billion. It is possible to bring India up to 10% of the market value, but it is possible to make India a better will earn through Google Admob.

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