What is multimedia? What kind of Job you can get easily

What is Multimedia?

Multimedia  is a medium that is presented to viewers / users in a variety of information (such as script, sound, image, animation, video etc.). It can also be interpreted as an electronic medium through which information about multimedia is captured, stored and used.

It has many similarities with the art of mixed arts. Another name for “Rich Media” or self-contained Media Interactive Multimedia.It means to say that computer information can be published by adding audio, graphics, pictures, videos and animations, along with writing.

Multimedia is the sum of some media:

  • Writing / script
  • Audio / sound
  • Fixed image
  • Animation
  • Video / moving image
  • Interactivity
  • Linear
  • Presentation
  • Non-linear
  • Interactive

Multimedia can be broadly divided into linear and non-linear classes.

  • Linear things can be seen by viewers without any direction, such as movies. Non-linear issues allow the user to be guided, so that users can use their favorite subjects, such as computer games, computer based training etc.
  • Non-linear multimedia is known as Hypermedia.
    This presentation can be directly or retained. The topics covered can be expressed interactively through a special direction software system. Direct presentations can be interactive with the presenter.


  • It can be created / recorded using different electronic devices. Such as a microphone, video camera, speaker, image editing software, scanner etc. The presentation can be shown on stage through a projector or in the home media player.
  • Broadcasting is a form of multimedia where locally held or directly a program is promoted. Broadcast and incorporated programs can be used in both analog or digital technologies.
  • Digital online multimedia can be seen from online or seen online directly. The last method is called streaming media. Streaming media can be captured or direct.
  • Multimedia games play privately online or networking can be connected to online games on the Internet or on local area networks.
  • Various formats of multimedia technology have been discovered to meet users’ needs.
  • Laser Light Show, also a presentation.
  • It is possible to show high level interactive multimedia through the medium of different formats. Online Media is currently more object-oriented and data-controlled.

As a result, It is being presented in a variety of ways and easy to user by various software. Examples of this are the gallery created by the users on the website, in order to make arrangements to update the pictures in the context of various events.

What work is available to learn multimedia?

Freelancers can go to work in any company. You can work as a Video Producer / Editor, Software Editor / Mixer, Audio / Video Specialist, Animator, Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Creative / Artmanager, Studio Manager etc.

Training and Qualifications :

  • Many institutes do  offer the short term Certificate Course,long term certificate course etc.
  • Must be SSC Pass or Graduation or Arts, Design, Engineering Degree as a qualification.If you have the knowledge of computer, expressing power and creative power Priority is available .
  • Course Cost of up to 5 thousand to 2 lakh rupees till. 2D and 3D animation ,graphics, making film, Game Design, web design etc are given training. 
  • Starting salary  from 10000 to 15000 rupees per month .
  • It may be increase up to  4 to 8 million rupees. IT companies salary is better. 
  • The entertainment industry is being growing rapidly using advertising agency, Graphic Design, Animation Character modeling and animation such as gaming and e-learning .

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