Want to create a mobile app ?

Want to create a mobile app?

The use of smartphones has increased in our country, especially young people. Everyone on the smartphone is using the app (app). The good news is that the number of these apps are increasing day by day in our country. Many are taking app development as a profession and it must be a timely decision. In the world of technology there is a huge market of apps.

There is a lot of potential in app creation. Many people have achieved success by creating an ordinary app with beautiful interface. For example, talk about ‘flash light’ or ‘tip calculator’. Which are very common but useful. Let’s know what to do if you want to create an app.

The mobile app is based on four operating systems or platforms –

  • iOS (for the iPhone and iPad),
  • Android (for most smartphones like Samsung, Sony etc.),
  • Windows Phone (Nokia)
  • BlackBerry.

There are more than Android and IOS-based apps.

To create an iOS App, the programming language is to use Objective C or Swift. To know Java for Java and Windows, Sharp Sharp will know. Blackberry can be used for C ++, Android run-time, HTML 5 or Adobe Air. These programming languages, who do not know, can get to know the Internet or anyone from the Internet, it is not very difficult.

And if you do not know a programming language, then start with C; Hang on, it does not take much time to learn. C can start learning from Tamim Shahriar’s written computer programming (1st volume) from the book. You can also take online courses from the http://programming-course.appspot.com address at any time, at any time.

An Apple Computer is required to work in IOS – MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini. Mac mini can buy if budget is low. Start Learning iOS Programs from Apple’s Developer Website (https://developer.apple.com), here you will get all the things you need to learn about iOS.

You can follow the guide of Apple, it is written in a very nice way. There are many easy-to-understand tutorials on different websites, you can also get help. Tutorial Power Search by typing ‘iOS tutorial’ on Google. For the Bengali tutorial, teachers can get help from dot com (www.shikkhok.com) for the iPhone application development course.

Android apps can be created in all operating systems. Get started from the Android Developer Site (developer.android.com). Go ahead to Get Started menu. The rest will understand itself. There is a separate section called Training, Developer Site, which is very useful for starting.

You can see Orlee’s Learning Android book. Teachers can also find Bengali tutorials. The website at udacity.com has a nice online course, can also see it.
Those who are doing web programming, they can create apps with titanium, phonegap etc.

To learn Windows, visit the Windows Developer Site (http://dev.windows.com). The main thing is that all the platforms have been given enough instructions to start learning only on the developer site. You just have to follow them patiently.
There are so many things to learn when developing mobile app development, if you learn everything, you have to spend the whole time learning.

No work will be done. Speaking of Android. More like layout, fragmentation, network, notification, service, location, map, database, image, rest. So learn everything?

Not everything in a project. Since everything does not take into a project, so learning everything does not make sense. To learn it will be a lot of time to waste. Need to know what to learn, know what You can take an idea about what works, or take a float-based knowledge.

To know what to learn, first of all must have basic knowledge. For example, there should be an understanding of Java programming for Android. Then you have to know how to create a simple android app. In addition to creating a simple app, you need to know what kind of app you want to create, a clear idea about.

If you want to create an alarm clock, you may want to know about the service. I know about that very well. Then your alarm clock created the app. If you want to create a to-do app, you may know about SQLite, about the list view. After learning these, you can start creating your app. If you learn everything well, your time will be lost, it will not work. So before knowing about what kind of app to create, you can then learn those things better. You have to be focussed.

There is no need to be completely focussed.  I learned how to learn Java programming. But Java programming is not the code for creating Android Apps. Just the numbers I just want to learn how to create an app. “It does not need to be focused. Not only that, but we have to learn that much. 😛

Answer the above question. In order to create an app, we need to do a lot of logical functions, so that the main configurations with Java programming’s mathematical part, conditional, function, OOP, control status are required. Again, our data is also used to create an app.

Then Data Structure is related to the needs of the related configs. If we started creating apps without knowing these, maybe Hello World! You can create a type app. But if you see an app or code from the complex, the head rotation will start. May cause nausea 😛

If you do, you have to learn new things. Spend a specific time each day to learn.

What is mobile App Development?

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