SiteGround charges quite a lot of money for their web hosting plans, especially when it’s time to renew them but are any of their plans and features actually worth the money that you’re paying?

Well, I’ve been a longtime SiteGround user and I want to share my experience about the top 6 things you should know before you buy a SiteGround plan. Let’s jump right into it. SiteGround plans start at $3.95 and once it’s time to renew this price jumps up to $9.99 per month.

For comparison Bluehost only costs $2.95 and Hostinger plans start a measly $0.72. So, you’re paying a premium price but are you getting a premium quality service? Well, to determine that let’s look at the performance.

I always monitor my websites using Up time robot. It allows me to see when my websites are offline and I’ve monitored a website.

I have hosted with SiteGround for 30 days now. It was online in 99.99% of the time this means that on average your SiteGround website will only be offline for4 minutes every month. SiteGround loading speed and WordPress optimizations were quite impressive as well my website loaded in just 0.7seconds and it scored a very high 97% with PageSpeed and 88% with Slow.

I would say that paying $3.95 per month for this kind of performance is definitely worth it. I’m super happy with their performance and they have one of the best if not the best support teams in the business .

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Now let’s get back to this SiteGround review. Paying just a little bit more means you’re getting much more out of your plans.

SiteGround Review(Best Hosting)(2021) - Tech Teacher Debashree
SiteGround Review – Tech Teacher Debashree

I really like that SiteGround plans include a free SSL certificate, SSL encrypts your website and turns this not secure tag into a green lock.

They also give you free daily backups other providers charge extra for this and you get a free site builder to create your website if you don’t want to use WordPress .There’s also email accounts and a Cloudflare account for free .

But those aren’t that interesting since most other web hosting providers also give that for free. If you’re actually interested in the full in-depth SiteGround review . SiteGround also lets you choose the location of your servers for free .

So what this means is that if you already know that the majority of your customers will be from somewhere like Europe you can host your servers in Europe and since the distance, between the user and the server is now much shorter the loading speed for that user will be shorter as well significantly improving their browsing experience and maybe converting more sales for you or something in that matter.

SiteGround seems to have listened because they released a complete design over haul maybe just two weeks back.

Now, their design is actually really good and I would even put it on par with Bluehost or Hostinger that also have custom designs implemented. Their design is now split into two sections WordPress related features and general website features.

Everything is quite clear to navigate so good job SiteGround.This new design puts SiteGround like miles ahead of these other web hosting companies that are still using their clunky and hard to navigate design panels which I personally hate.

Like this is the biggest thing for me like whenever I see a control panel that just visually looks terrible .I don’t want to use that hosting provider. SiteGround also features a one-click WordPress installer if you need to get started quickly.

You’ll be able to install WordPress automatically straight from the SiteGround control panel and the great part about this is that there are no additional downloads or file management required.

All of the basic features that you need to start the website are included right there in your base package and that’s the reason why they charge so much upfront but of course there is no denying that SiteGround renewal prices are really highcompared to other hosting providers.

I think SiteGround is actually one of the highest-priced hosting providers based on renewal prices alone after your first-term of subscription ends the price can jump up to $9.99 or even $29.95 per month that’s like two or three times higher than the starting price.

All in all, SiteGround is an excellent web hosting provider .I do believe that their high prices reflect the quality of services that you’ll be getting. But you don’t always need to go with the most expensive and the best option if you’re not doing a super serious project something more simple might work just as well that’s why I recommend checking out the Bluehost or Hostinger.

If you just need a simple website that needs to look good. Maybe a small business website or a portfolio but if you’re doing a more serious project .SiteGround is definitely the way to go. If you do decide to use site ground, you can grab discounts from the links down in the description below.My name is Emit with the hosting review team and as always good luck making your websites!

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