Yuvasree Prakalpa Employment Bank: Empowering Youth through Employment Opportunities 2023

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Yuvasree Prakalpa Yojana. The Western Government of Bengal was planned as Yuvasree Priakalpa Yojan began in 2013 Yuvasree Priakalpa Yojana is a financial assistance scheme for unemployed young people to increase their workplace. The West Bengal government has launched an Employment Bank (Yuvasree Prakalpa Yojana) , a job search portal for unemployed job seekers. Unemployed … Read more

West Bengal Lakshmi Bhandar Enhancing Livelihood Opportunities for Women 2023

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Many families do not have essential income support, so they cannot finance their daily expenses. For all these people, the West Bengal government launched the Lakshmi Bhandar West Bengal programme. Under this scheme, the government intends to provide female heads of households with essential income support. This article will provide all the essential information about … Read more

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