I’m gonna talk about webinar Ninja software .It is the best webinar software.

Let’s talk about what is a webinar ?webinar is just like seminars so think about it. so webinar seminar is done in a person like you go to an event and talk it’s called seminar seminars are pretty expensive to hold right.

So if you wanted to have a seminar for like you know training your new customers might be expensive now with webinar it’s a cheaper alternative of seminar and you can do it .

You know throughout the entire planet with just one click of a button so that’s what webinar is now why would you hold a webinar session many ways to on board customers to sell things a lot of things.

So free let me give an example so let’s say that you are on an MLM company or you are an upline at an MLM company right and I say you got these 10new downline on your or 10 customers on your new team .

Now what you might want to do is be able to get them on a phone call where people can see you and you can show them your screen, now think about it it’s better than that conference call because on this call.

I can actually show people myself my face right my screen I can do things like this.

It is really powerful, all-in-one solution trusted by major brands like AppSumo, Podia, Printful, and more. they’re referred to as one among the simplest tools to use, with out-of-the-box many thanks and sign-up pages, allowing you to make a webinar in under a moment .

Webinar Ninja allows you to make four differing types of webinars:

Series – a gaggle of several webinars.
Hybrid – a mixture of live and recorded videos.


  • Lightning-fast live chat.
  • Instant screen sharing.
  • Email automation and drip campaigns.
  • High-converting, custom registration landing pages.
  • Analytics dashboard with the power to export data.
  • Integrations with 1,000+ apps with Zapier.


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It comes with a 14-day free trial to check out its features. It also features four paid plans:

  • Its Starter Plan is $39/month and works well for users will limited requirements which need only 100 webinar viewers.
  • Next, their hottest Pro Plan is $79/month and adds another 200 attendees, and therefore the ability to make a webinar series.
  • They even have a Plus Plan at $129/month and Power Plan at $199/month.
  • These higher-tier plans allow hybrid webinars (a series of live and recorded webinars) and more live viewers directly .

Overall, WebinarNinja may be a useful gizmo for those trying to find both advanced features and therefore the ability to make webinars fast.

I can do fun things right that’s gonna be that’s gonna create that bonding between you and your customers .

Okay so for that purpose as well now I use webinar as a back end up selling tool so for example so let’s say I do a product launch on Clickbank right now .

Once I have those customer lists I invite them over a week later for a training .we’re expecting or training I train them I give to get and then take just like you know GaryVee says that so give and then you take it back so I teach some new things .

What they can do with that soft or how they can make money and at the end I take I asked them for money in exchange for an upgrade or upsell.

so you can use webinar and you know can really make a difference so for example so if you spend a little bit of money on webinar .

Best Webinar Ninja Software(2021) -Tech Teacher Debashree

you might actually make 30 to 40% from your actual you know front-end revenue. so it’s possible now I’m gonna go ahead and talk to you guys about pre webinar software’s that I’ve used and enjoyed using and I’ll give you my take on all those trees .

So how did I come up with these trees right so to come up with this one you know top one.

I made sure that they are reliable and they are backed by a big company or a big company and I didn’t talk I don’t wanna.

I didn’t want to include you know companies that I’ve burnt been around for six months, because you know I’ve used them. but I don’t know how reliable they are aren’t they backed by a big funding company.

You venture capitalist or no I don’t know those things right so for that reason I came up with top one that I’m pretty happy with but I’m gonna give you my take on each of them.

So let’s say I have a customer here and customer somewhere and I want to demo them my software’s I usually use zoom now I tried using it to host a larger webinar but I had one issue who’s lagging a bit okay lagging a bit and you know it wasn’t that good now second thing .

I really like about zoom is that the fact you don’t have to download any software these days so nothing to download everything is through the web so what happens is whenever you’re trying to demo a product or do a webinar a lot of the in older generation they don’t want to download things right .

They think it’s a virus so you know it’s better if they don’t have to download everything’s done through a browser so that’s what the zoom is all about and zoom you know affordability wise super cheap you know if you’re planning to start out and you got some money and you want some you know features.

Here and there Jim is the way to go now next up is Webinar Ninja. Of course my favorite .

It’s called Webinar Ninja citrus they have a lot of you know platforms like you know go to meetings.

I’ve been using Webinar Ninja seven eight years. I actually have a grandfathered account where I’m paying like ninety nine bucks for like a thousand audience at the same time.

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I think the registration is like ten thousand register at the same time, so I’m paying that much but at this time I think it’s $49 per month and that’s gonna get you hundred subs one hundred you know attendees that we can watch your webinar live on the go so that’s the thing now Webinar Ninja.

They have a lot of other features as well and like you know like yeah I simulated webinar are things like those that zoom doesn’t have yet maybe they will by the time you know maybe a couple years.

They don’t have it yet Webinar Ninja does have those but you have to go to the business level .so you gotta upgrade .

So I think you have to pay $95 a month for pro plan but when you realize that I only spend that- 99 bucks you can actually make like x thousand very easily a lot of people a lot of you.

Guys are not doing webinars because you think it’s expensive here’s a tip how about today ,you pull out your credit card and grow some pants and get a webinar platform and you’ll see that you forcing your yourself to actually do the webinar because you’ve invested on a webinar software does that make sense .

So that’s the go to webinar now those two are my favorite. I’m gonna go with world webinar .I have accounts of both of these companies .Of course a lot of my guys here in the in the company they use zoom because it’s easier for them to communicate with our customers and do .

We use Webinar Ninja when we’re having a mass webinar with liking the talents of people so go to Weber now is there a free alternative that’s good.

you can share your screen ,you can share your video talk when you have too many people but if you’re just starting out like you know less than 50 people on a webinar try it out .

Zoom does have analytics like in registrants attendees things like that but not good as Webinar Ninja.

Webinar Ninja will give you know the questions they have asked peak times . You know features that you can download and share with your company and make decisions.

So my take is Webinar Ninja but like I said it is expensive .I can you can do this go with Webinar Ninja because you can do simulated one you can do fun things .

Let it pretend it’s going to do it for you that’s not gonna happen .I’m making these choices because you know they’re reliable .

They don’t like to let me you know do analytics things like that so here’s the thing so Webinar Ninja wins al l of it but Webinar Ninja you zoom and people hang out ,so I hope you guys you know enjoyed this session if you have any questions about you know webinar or webinar software.

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