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Udimi Solo Ads Review

I’m going to tell you how you can get started with udimi solo ads for the first time without being screwed by some solo ads vendors who sell you fake traffic and fake clicks.

And by the way I’m also gonna give you a free gift in this artical, So let’s jump right in Now what is a solo ad? Well in a nutshell solo ads are advertisements on other people’s email lists and this ad placement have links to drive traffic to your website or funnel.

When you buy clicks, there are Solo Ads vendors will send your email or your ad text to their email lists until you have the number of clicks that you purchased and usually the cost for clicks usually starts from40 cents to 95 cents per click and there are many Solo Ads vendors you can find on internet .

When you see somebody is trying to sell their Solo Ads at a very cheap price, for example, less than $0.3 per click then be aware of those solo ads vendors.

What is Udimi Solo Ads?

Udimi Solo Ads is a personalized ad marketplace where sellers and buyers connect to exchange personalized ad deals.

The site is free to sign up for, and the best thing about Udimi is how fast you can get started.

What sets this single ad market apart from other single ad sites is that Udimi Solo Ads guarantees traffic.

Not only does it filter out unwanted traffic and useless clicks, so you don’t have to pay for them, but it also covers your money, giving you money back if the provider can’t provide all the clicks.

How does Udimi Solo Ads work?

Udimi Solo Ads works very simply – it is a personalized ad network where you can buy customized ads from sellers, see reviews and how many sales others get when they purchase personalized ads.

Udimi Solo Ads Prices:

Udimi Solo Ads personalized ads are not very high; typical fees range from $0.35 to $0.95 per click. The cost of each ad is different because each seller sets their prices for each click. Typically, the higher the CPC, the higher the quality email list you can count.

Udimi Solo Ads Basic Membership

Udimi Solo Ads users have the option to upgrade their account to the Prime tier, which costs $19.95. If you get the basic membership, you get advanced filtering for all your solos in addition to the basic filtering. Udimi Solo Ads uses JavaScript, IPv6 and HTML5 to kill more lost traffic and save money. It also helps them identify potential bad sellers and prevent fraud in future clicks.

Plus, you’ll be able to earn higher affiliate commissions – 50% on Prime subscriptions for your referrals and 15% on every single purchase.

In addition, it is possible to create individual partnership agreements with Udimi Solo Ads suppliers and receive a higher commission, which can reach 90%.

In Udimi Solo Ads review , Most likely those traffic will be from click farms and will never convert to an actual sale. and let’s take a look at a brief scenario to get a better understanding of what solo look like and how they are used.

Let’s say that Bryan he just started an affiliate marketing business in the health niche and he has a free report about protein in take that he gives away to people in exchange for their email address on an opting page so far he has picked up 35 email subscribers from posting regularly in the health related Facebook group.

However he decided that he wanted to do something to accelerate the growth of his business.

So after researching some health influencers online, then Brian finds Sarah who is a health coach and Sarah has been in the industry for more than ten years.

After Brian reaching out to Sarah, Brian finds out that Sarah is willing to send an email to her list and encouraging her email subscribers to check out Brian’s opt-in page because Sarah thinks that Brian’s offer is a good fit for her list.

In exchange Brian pays Sarah a fee to get 500 clicks from Sarah’s email list to Brian’s opt-in page.

This is what we called solo ad. Solo ads have been an email marketing tool for many years now and many people are still using them to this day, including myself, because of how effective solo ads are.

In Udimi Solo Ads review , Now there are four tools that you need in order to be successful on Udimi platform. Number one is you’ve got to have your lead capture page or sales funnel setup and to set up your lead capture page, I recommend two options.

Option number one is click funnels. click funnels is a cloud-based software and packed with many features so for those people who don’t know howto create a website, then I will definitely recommend click funnels.

The second option is what I call do it WordPress way. If you have a WordPress website then you can install two plugins first plug-in is called – Thrive Architect and the second plug-in is optional, it is called thrive leads.

If you get these two plugins installed then you can easily build your lead capture page and sales funnels on your WordPress website.

To get thrive architect and thrive leads installed, I recommend you can go to Fiverr. go to, let me tell you. You can go to Fiverr, just type in thrive leads in the search box and you will see many vendors on Fiverr who can install thrive architect and thrive leads to your website for a very cheap price.

Instead of paying $80 to buy the license, you can just find a vendor on Fiverr who can install these two plug-ins for you for $10, 5 or 10 bucks.

The reason why they can offer such cheap price because these people they have what we call developer license or agency license from the software vendor.

So they can install thrive leads and thrive architect on as many computers as they like. So this is a very cost-effective way to get a hold of these two plugins tour number two is you have to have some kind of high value freebie that you can give away to people in change for their emails and this freebies can be an e-book or a training program etc .

Now let me show you my sales page this sales page. I created on my wordpress website and also using thrive architect and thrive leads and in this opt-in page.

In Udimi Solo Ads review, I basically give away my three-step 10,000 per month system which has helped me to take my business from zero to ten thousand dollars per month . It’s the PDF file and when people sign up to my list they will receive this thing this 10k per month from print system for free and this is my 10k blueprint system in this system.

I detailed all the steps that people should follow to take his their business from zero to ten thousand dollars per month the first step is to find a high converting products .

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Udimi solo ads

The second step is to build an invisible selling machine step number three is the topic,we are talking about today is how to order some page traffic and the best paid traffic source is from Udimi Solo Ads and the best Udimi Solo Ads platform out there is you to me because you Denise filter system will actually filter out any potential junk traffic or junk clicks.

So your purchase I’m udemy is guaranteed no vendor is able to sell you junk traffic or junk clicks on udemy and because you join me in thisartical.

I’m also gonna include a link in the description down below for this 10k blueprint system .

So basically you can download this 10k blueprint system and give it away to your email subscribers as free gift to number three is you’ve got to find a high converting offer .

I’m using making money online as the example niche if we are talking about making money online the best price range of an offer that I would recommend is that you the price range should be somewhere between seven dollars to forty seven dollars to number four is that you’ve got to have your email autoresponder setup.

In order to send email sequence to your email subscribers after they signed up to your list and the best email autoresponder I recommendand.

In Udimi Solo Ads review, I have been using for more than two years now is a software called get response if you don’t have a get response account yet you can also sign up with get response and if you sign up.

Now they offer you a 30-day free trial so you can try it out without pay anything to see if this tool is right for you or not and the last is the big note here never send solo at traffic straight to a click bank offer sales page why because the purpose why you are buying this solo.

The main purpose is to build your email list sometimes you will get maybe one or two from in sales simply by running a Udimi Solo Ads which is great by in reality is that you are using so low as to build your email list because that is where the real money is from.

So let’s take a look at the structure here first you have to your squeeze page or what I call lead generation page setup and as we discussed earlier that you can either use click funnels to create your squeeze page or you can use WordPress with those two plugins to create your pages.

So once you have a squeeze page setup what I like to do is I will add in another bridge page just provides me in another opportunity to interact with these new email subscribers and so they can know more about me before I send in before .

I send them to a clickbank offer there are a couple ways you can drive traffic to your squeeze page after you buy solo ads then those people can visit your squeeze page.

They can put in their email in exchange for the free gift you are giving them after they put in their email .

You collect their email address they will be sent to another page called bridge page and I’m bridge page basically you just say thank you for signing up your a 10k blueprint is on the way to your email inbox and in the meantime.

Please check out this system recommend and they cannot be sent to Europe they’re going to be sent to an affiliate offer that you are promoting.

It can be a Clickbank offer few of them after they see your affiliate offer they’re going to market .

He purchase but most of them they’re going to be put into your email autoresponder email sequence and you just keep sending emails to follow up with them and you’re gonna make your real money back from your email sequence .

Next how to buy traffic on mutiny and here are some parameters that you have to remember in order to find good solo a spenders on udemy number .

One is that Udimi Solo Ads vendors must have more than 20 testimonials you don’t want to find some new sellers on Udimi Solo Ads because nobody knows the quality of his solo ads.

So I will go with at least the vendor has to have 20 testimonial rule number two is solo ad vendor must have more than 20% reported sales number 3 is solo advend or must have more than 85% tier 1 country .

So once the solo ad vendor means all these three criteria then he or she is qualified to be chosen.

So what I mean by that let’s take a look at my new to me come here and tell you so when you are when you are under udemy.

You’re gonna go to find sellers and using those 3 criterias to find a qualified seller to buy solo as from so first price 40 cents is the cheapest price that people are offering on udemy.

So let’s go with 40 cents per click this is the percentage of the sales minimum we should do at is 20%.

I like to do 30% but for the testing purpose that’s just to 20 percent rating testimonial testimonial at least 20 so let’s go 25 now we have 16 search results.

Let’s check out first one Glen from Canada I mean I know this guy. I mean his solo ads are quite solid and good quality you can see that 41 percent of his customers reported that they got a sale 19 percent of his customers.

Keep coming back to buy again from this guy Glen and 15 percent means over delivery for example if you buy hundred clicks from this vendor and he is offering 50 percent over delivery which means that he is gonna deliver 10015 clicks even if you just find hundred clicks when you are talking to a vendor just make sure number one .

They match all those three criteria number two they have to guarantee how much over delivery? They can give you I always go with 15% over delivery that’s the next month a month you to me it allows for over delivery and using this sales page and also my 10k blueprint system the opt-in rate.

I get from all those three campaigns is average over 45% which is very high so if you are just starting now just feel free to get that 10k blueprint and use it as your giveaway to get people signed up to your list and last four tips for you to takeaway in order to be successful in solo ads tip number one a 200 to 500 click campaign is the good start.

But always test first when you are first starting out you don’t want to blow all your money away at once if one particular campaign fails then this could leave you with no money left to run another which could be most successful campaign .


So if you are new and don’t have a good budget then start with 200 to 500 clicks and this will provide you with metrics without costing you too much money tip number 2 less than 200 clicks won’t give you enough data with that being said less than 200 clicks won’t been ough to collect the data .

You need to determine whether your ad was successful or not your campaign needs to get you at least 200 clicks but you really should aim for closer to 500 clicks in order to make a valley judgement tip number .

Three is look for 35% to 40% opt-in rate especially for free download funnels the10k blueprint system.

I’m giving to you is what I call free download funnel so when you are running a free download funnel the ideal opt-in rate you should aim for is somewhere between 35% to 40% .

I’m new to me the average opt-in rate is around 25% so if you can get more than 25% that’s above average so that’s awesome but always aim for 35 percent to 44 40 percents when you are considering the opt-in rate for your free tangle follows keep in mind that 35% to 40% is optimal.

If you are getting less than that then consider what changes you can make on your sales page to boost up the opt-in rate tip number four which is very important is do not use webinar for your solo as email campaigns wepner’s are one of the most powerful sales tools out there.

However they don’t work for every scenario and email campaigns are one of those scenarios while they work well for Facebook they generally don’t work for email don’t even bother trying to convert customers through your email campaigns is the waste of time and waste of your Udimi Solo Ads budget .

So that’s it guys hopefully that today you actually get some useful tips for your next solo ad campaign .

Sign up on the Udimi Solo Ads platform and if you sign up through my link then Udimi Solo Ads gonna give you $5 coupon that you can use rightaway for your next solo s campaign on Udimi Solo Ads if you have any questions or if you have any questions about running Udimi Solo Ads .

To get update information follow my social media.

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