Thrive Architect perfect Page Builder Review (2022) Tech Teacher Debashree

What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is the best plugin for creating a website page builder that lets you create pages in WordPress that would be impossible if you didn’t understand how to code a website. 

(Just like the site you’re viewing) It would cost a third-party website developer hundreds of dollars to develop and complete. This Thrive Architect review and guide will help you understand everything you need to know about a WordPress plugin and whether it’s the right one for you when building your WordPress site.

Compare prices with other page builders.

If you consider all the different page builders on the market, including WordPress plugins, CMS platforms, and website hosts, you will likely find a few hundred solutions in the market.

However, most of these solutions are so bad and generic that they are only a tiny part of the bigger picture. We will compare the prices of Thrive Architect with those of other website page builders explicitly designed for WordPress.

My goal here is to clarify the leading competitors and the price differences between them.

The actual cost of website page builders

Given that you are just getting started with page builders, you may not realize the actual cost. But since I’ve seen and used almost all of them, I’d like to clarify a few things for you.

On the other hand, page builders are worth the money. Like I said in the introduction, these plugins will save you hours trying to communicate with the developer and big money for advanced design elements that you can’t program yourself.

On the other hand, you will start to realize that you are entering a funnel of offering more expensive products by purchasing a page builder from any of these companies.

The offer varies by company, but they end up trying to make you more money for the additional tools they have developed.

While this more expensive offer may sound negative, when I was offered Thrive Suite for $19 a month billed annually (their product offer), I went for it and can’t recommend it enough.

Thanks to Thrive Suite, I can make over $9,000 per month (income data here to confirm) from my online business, without which I wouldn’t have been so successful.

If you want to acquire Thrive Architect, that is not possible because in 2021, Thrive changed its business model. However, Thrive Suite is still worth getting, which you can learn more about here.

For $ 19 / month for all Thrive tools, including 200+ ready-made landing pages and great support, I highly recommend Thrive Architect as your primary page builder for your website.

Thrive Suite contains:

Thrive Themes: This collection of 10 different website themes that you can use for your websites. I use it myself and love it because it allows you to solve many complex problems quickly.

Thrive Architect: A page builder plugin for your website. You are already on the review/learning page on this page, so there is no need to discuss it further.

Thrive Leads: A handy plugin that I use to build my mailing lists. This option allows you to create site-wide subscription blocks and perform A / B testing to maximize your email list. 

Thrive Quiz Builder: You can Grow your email list, increase your product purchases and increase user engagement by testing site visitors to find the best solutions for you. 

Prosperity Ultimatum: One of the best ways to sell more products/services on your website is to increase urgency.

Thrive Ovation: This plugin creates the easiest and most efficient way to capture and view certificates. I’m 100% sure of that, and I think we all know how important feedback is to building trust.

Thrive Header Optimizer: Every website with a lot of content is overjoyed when this plugin came out. This plugin automatically swaps the titles of blog posts and quizzes to find the most effective click-through rates. Essentially, it automates increased user engagement and time spent on the site.

Thrive Smart Widgets: Wouldn’t it be great if you could create selections for each topic category on your website? In other words, not just a boring subscription for everyone, but choosing a specific category to increase the number of subscriptions? This plugin handles this easily.

If you think Thrive Suite is for you, you can click here to learn more about it. If you’d like to continue exploring Thrive Architect, continue below.

The importance of plugin updates

Most experienced website owners know this, but it’s essential to understand why plugin updates are so important if you’re starting.

In my opinion, plugin updates provide two functions.

First, they remove any bugs in the plugin and fix the product when the developer has no usability issues.

Secondly, they keep your WordPress site secure.

While these two points are essential, the last one is one of the essential points to look out for on your website (s). If the plugin doesn’t provide updates regularly, the chances are that someone will find a way to use the code inside.

For this reason, getting regular updates for your plugin is of utmost importance. Knowing this, it is essential to consider the upgrade policies of each of the significant competitors when purchasing their plugins.

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Thrive Architect

Support policy

As with the upgrade policy, another important area when choosing a website builder is the length of time supported on the initial purchase. The support team will help you when you get stuck with the plugin, which often happens when you are just starting.

Not only because of the plugin’s learning curve, but you’ve probably put the plugin in a WordPress theme that didn’t exist before, and it is not uncommon for some errors to appear because of this.

Money-Back Guarantee Policy

These companies are software companies, so of course, they offer some refund policy to cover customers who don’t like the software.

Pros and cons of Thrive Architect

As much as I love Thrive Architect, of course, this plugin has its pros and cons. This section will tell you what these pros and cons are and how they will affect you if you buy the plugin.


  • Save time developing your website.
  • Thrive Architect lets you design the sides of the page yourself.
  • Spend less money on a website developer
  • Since you can create many complex design elements yourself, Thrive Architect will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.
  • Content is blocked in WordPress, not in Thrive Architect itself.
  • Thrive, Architect emphasizes ensuring that it runs on WordPress and not on the plugin when writing content. It means your content will remain on your website if you opt-out of Thrive Architect.
  • Navigation
  • Thrive Architect has a very efficient breadcrumb navigation feature to speed up and simplify navigation throughout the page process.
  • Strong emphasis on responsive design
  • They’ve built three separate views into Thrive Architect’s navigation.
  • Quickly change properties of objects and text.
  • Add shadows, gradients, and rounded corners. With the click and drag function, margins, spacing, resizing/resizing text, and font elements are very easy.
  • Errors and problems are fixed very quickly.
  • While Thrive support has fixed most of the bugs introduced in the plugin, some remain. I noticed that they make frequent updates to fix these bugs.
  • Regular updates with new landing pages/posts
  • Since I started using it is how they continually launch new features through their video tutorials. It happens every few weeks, so it’s nice to see the plugin improve over time.
  • Built-in CSS / HTML editor for advanced users
  • While Thrive Architect makes editing your pages a lot easier with its out-of-the-box options, it also lets you customize your CSS and HTML; you need something a little more advanced.


  • There was a tough start One of Thrive Architect’s most significant downsides is its BRUTAL start. It has seriously damaged their reputation, and while things have improved a lot since their launch, they have dismayed many people.
  • Not cheap (but not too expensive)
  • While Thrive Architect does come at a cost as it is part of the Thrive Suite, the total cost of all the tools included is very affordable.
  • Commuting can be crowded.
  • When you edit multiple items and open many areas, you can inadvertently make the clean/uncluttered navigation cluttered.
  • Sometimes support takes time to respond.
  • While you need support to help fix the situation, sometimes, it can take a day or two to resolve issues. It’s a little disappointing, but given the price, I think it’s understandable.
  • The lack of specific guidelines can be frustrating.
  • For starters, it’s annoying that they only want to do one thing, and it can be hard for them to find the exact textbook they want. Usually, what they want to complete is within the scope of a much larger textbook.
  • Only works on sites hosted by WordPress
  • Does not work on free sites; WordPress hosting is required. Also, this plugin does not work with other CMS platforms such as Drupal.


Thrive Architect has many competitors and many options but is it worth it?

In my personal opinion, yes! Here are some of the reasons;

  • When you purchase Thrive Suite, you get many tools and save hundreds of web developer costs.
  • It comes with a full year of support and unlimited updates.
  • You will save hours trying to communicate with the developer.
  • It comes with more than 200 landing page templates.

There are about ten more reasons (see the pros/cons section), but for me, this plugin is a must for website builders.