Unveiling Speechelo Pro: A Comprehensive Review on Pricing and Features


I have utilized a lot of text-to-speech programs, but to be honest, they are not that excellent.

That’s when I discovered that you could use software to add high-quality voices to your work.

Even in several tongues!

I have to dig into it.

Honestly, these Text-to-Speech (TTP) programs often seem like futuristic robots. The voices are a little unnerving, and they are a little eerie.

Because of how artificial a voice sounds, I ALWAYS detect when it’s AI.

Thus, in an attempt to maintain my anonymity while launching my YouTube channel, I looked online for the greatest voiceovers.

I could have used Fiver, but doing so would have required paying hundreds of dollars, something I was unwilling to do for a brand-new YouTube channel that didn’t generate any revenue.

I chose Speechelo as a result of the positive evaluations I saw.

Speechelo is the answer if you’re searching for a quicker and simpler approach to producing voices that sound natural. But there are advantages and disadvantages to utilizing this product, so continue reading if you’re curious about them.

Ads for this product are most likely everywhere on YouTube.

One of the most widely used AI text-to-speech software available is Speechelo, which rose to popularity quite fast. Blaster Suite’s developers put a lot of work into this software.

They don’t flinch when they say it just requires three clicks.

It’s as simple as pasting the text in, selecting your preferred voice, and clicking “done.”

It is the AI Voice Over Technology Demo.

Ideal for creating advertisements but even more beneficial if you want to launch a face-free YouTube channel.

Why Is Speechelo Pro Useful?

Speechelo pro is excellent if You find it awkward to perform voiceovers in your voice.

You think your proficiency in a particular language is insufficient to effectively convey an idea.

You lack the necessary audio equipment to record your voice in a high-quality manner.

Speechelo pro might be the solution for you if any of the following descriptions seem to apply to you.

This is what I used in my first few videos when I initially started my YouTube account. I was uncomfortable in front of the camera and didn’t know what I was doing (or microphone).

I could utilize Speechelo until I felt more at ease and started using my voice.

Which Speechelo’s feature is the best?

The most excellent characteristic of Speechelo is its multilingual capability.

24 languages are available to you in total.

This comprises:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Denmark
  • Holland
  • Spanish French
  • Italian
  • In Icelandic
  • Tuscan
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • In Norway
  • Pole-
  • In Portuguese
  • Bulgarian
  • Slavic
  • Latin
  • Sweden
  • Greek Welsh

As you can see, this list includes practically all of the major languages.

This is an internet marketer’s dream come true because it gives you access to a plethora of new contacts and potential customers.

I have tested the five languages I know, and I speak five myself. The language proficiency is legitimate, with proper pronunciation and grammar.

Speechelo Pro: What is it?

The Speechelo standard version offers more than enough.

On the other hand, Speechelo Pro will be your finest option if you are a professional or perhaps require an extra feature boost.

The necessary tools ought to be accessible to all creators. 

Without going bankrupt!

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Speechelo Pro

Sure! Forward the goodies to me!

The regular edition grants you access to thirty excellent voices.

On the other hand, the Pro edition gives you access to more than 60 AI voices. Enhancing its customization for your content.

Additionally, the artificial voices are four times longer. Thus, you will have the ability to create even longer videos.

However, the cherry on top would have to be obtaining a commercial license for the voices. This implies that using and selling it for profit is simple and hassle-free.

Speechelo Pro Cost

How much will it cost you now that we have covered all the positive aspects?

These kinds of AI systems typically run into the hundreds of dollars.

However, Speechelo’s basic edition is only available for a one-time purchase of $47.

For this deal, that is a great value.

You must purchase the regular edition before you may add the Pro version. Then, you make a quarterly payment of $37.

The Drawbacks of Speechelo

There are advantages and disadvantages to everything in life. Let us begin with the unfavorable news.

The following are some of the things that I found challenging:

You will need to upgrade to access all 60 languages because the one-time purchase only unlocks 30 of them.

You can only convert 700 words at a time with the ordinary pack. That means you will need to divide your material into pieces if you have more.

Despite the excellent voice quality, there may be minor accent variations in certain languages (such as Arabic, German, or French).

Compared to the 700,000 words in the pro version, you can only convert a total of 500,000 words throughout 30 days.

There isn’t a free trial available.

You must upgrade to obtain the license if you intend to use your voiceovers for commercial usage, which is defined as selling them for a profit.

The Benefits of Speechelo Pro

Here’s the good news:

They do not provide a free trial, but they do offer a complete money-back guarantee.

Whichever level you are at, this is one of the easiest interfaces to use.

Speechelo makes the experience much more distinctive by using its own AI voices rather than simply obtaining them from Google Wavenet or Amazon Polly.

Because of the high quality, many people are unable to discern that the voice is artificial intelligence.

When compared to some of its competitors, the pricing is incredibly low.

To make your voice sound more realistic, you can change the pitch level, breathing, and emphasis placement.

It’s cloud-based, so there’s no need to install anything on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions regarding Speechelo on my blog and YouTube channel are addressed here.

Speechelo is free, is it right?

No.The service is paid . You do, however, receive lifetime free upgrades.You can also get multiple bonuses .

Is Speechelo pro paid for only once?

Yes, there is a one-time fee for Speechelo.
The basic Speechelo edition entails no hassles and no monthly costs.

Is Speechelo pro compatible with YouTube?

Sure, Speechelo is an excellent tool for starting to post content on your YouTube channel without having to record yourself. You may use it for YouTube.
As I mentioned previously, I was too self-conscious about how I would sound on camera, so I utilized Speechelo on some of my early YouTube videos.
I never experienced any copyright strikes, so it was hassle-free.


Without a doubt, I would suggest Speechelo pro.

Like you are doing right now, I performed my homework online before I started using this software, and I found some extremely positive comments regarding the application.

Apart from the occasional issue and the things I had previously noted on my list, I was unable to locate anyone who had anything truly negative to say.

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