Landingi Best Landing Page Builder (2021) Tech Teacher Debashree

I’m going to review Landingi. This is a landing page software that, to be honest with you. I am just literally going to go in as a brand new user and see just how intuitive it is and see if I like it or not. Mike, Mancini helping you market, simplify, and impact your business.

I use landing page software pretty much every single day. I have my favourites, but I’ve also switched around quite a bit throughout my career.

As new software has come out, other software has maybe gotten more expensive or harder to use, or perhaps even if they’ve just started to phase out the little guys and have gone more towards agency models.

What are landings?

Landingi is a comprehensive marketing platform that allows users to run marketing campaigns independently and create landing pages using an easy-to-use landing page builder. Users can run A/B tests, manage leads, add popups, create funnels, and integrate landing pages with other tools.

What are the features of Landingi?

Landingi is a comprehensive landing page shop with many weapons in its arsenal to help you set up and get your page up and running. These include:

  • More than 200 templates.
  • Thousands of royalty-free stock photos
  • Drag and drop the creator
  • cloud hosting
  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Enforce SSL
  • pioneer mailbox
  • The fully customizable mobile look
  • custom field
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Email Support
  • The most critical A/B tests…

So I’m coming at this from the approach of somebody who wants to build a landing page or a couple of different landing pages for their products or services.

And I want to go into this and show you exactly what it is inside, how to use it. And if it is easy or not, but without further ado, let’s jump right in and review Landingi.

So here we are at the website. Now Landingi is new to me. I’m not sure how long they’d bet around, but I started to look around because I had issues with my landing page software.

So I wanted to see if there were some other things out there, how easy it was to use, what kind of pricing it was, and just kind of compare and contrast several different companies.

Landingi Pricing

This plan is perfect for business owners and startups looking for a landing page solution from scratch. In this plan, there are three sub-plans to choose from:


  • Basic ($ 47 per month) – 5,000 unique visitors, one (1) custom domain, landing page builder access, limited integrations.
  • Build ($ 89 per month) – 50,000 unique visitors per month, ten (10) custom domains, landing page access, form, lightbox builder, email marketing, and CRM integration.
  • Automation ($ 127 per month) – 100,000 unique visitors per month, 20 (20) custom domains and access to all features, including A / B testing, autoresponder and funnel creation.


If you work with clients and want to use Landingi as the marketing software of your choice, different agency pricing plans will give you access to multiple sub-accounts your clients can use, as well as higher limits

Here are two options:

  • Agency ($ 199 per month) – 10 sub-accounts, 300,000 unique visitors, 30 custom domains, dedicated customer support, all features under the Business Automate plan.
  • Agency Pro ($ 329 / month) – 20 sub-accounts, 500,000 unique visitors, 50 custom domains, all agency plan features, plus Agency Pro features (Landingi platform under your domain, custom branding login page).


If none of the plans fit your needs as a large business, the Enterprise plan might be right for you.For $ 599 per month, you get an account manager to help meet your individual needs and access a scalable server architecture so you can maximize your traffic and conversions without sacrificing performance.

A fraction of the monthly cost is 100,000 unique visitors, ten custom domains, ten user accounts, and two additional accounts. If you increase your limits, you will have to pay a much more significant amount.

Landingi offers users a choice of three tariff plans. Each plan gives you a 14-day free trial so that you can test the platform.All plans allow you to create unlimited landing pages, make unlimited conversions, and invite unlimited users.

Let’s do an unlimited landing page, a lot of visitors, five account users; which If you have more than one person in your organization, that’s nice to have because sometimes they will only allow one, a ton of templates.

If you have an agency, the nice thing is, is you actually can do quite a bit for a little bit of a lower price.

So at first glance already, there’s a lot of things I like. Let’s go in and see what it’s like to use.

All right. So let’s go in and take a look at the templates area. Wow. I like how a lot of these templates are completely different.

They don’t look like the one next to it. They have landing page goals over here, which is lovely, and industries also break it down.

So you can see there are a ton of perfect-looking templates, but that’s only part of it. Let’s get in and see it. And they have a training template here.

Let’s get in and see just how easy they are to use. So lovely you search. So let’s search for a service business, keep a template, cleaning service, auto service.

Let’s try this one. All right. So scroll down.

Landing pages very well. She laid out testimonials services, another call to action at the bottom call.

You’ve got your form here. You’ve got your phone numbers up here, your hours. I like how well this is laid out without having to do much at all.

So let’s click use template and see what it’s like inside the software itself. All right.

What do we want to call it? Service page example. All right. So let’s, once again, I’m going into this cold here, so let’s see, I mean, you know, it is drag and drops your first service.

Let’s just so, I mean, you click around to change your logo. Let’s see what they have for images. Wow.

They have many free images that you typically don’t get this inside a landing page software without paying a lot of money for images.

If you got your form here, let’s see if you undo something. Yep. So they’ve got the undo button, which some don’t have, which is nice because you make many mistakes, but you can move it around.

Let’s click on the form and see how that works from settings. Oh, nice. You can change a lot of the different forms.

Let’s pick this one. All right. So you’ve got all your forms here. Last name, email. Following action goes to default.

Thank you page or any URL. So that’s pleasant and straightforward integrations, lots of different integrations with pretty much the most popular software.

So typically, you want to send the form to an email address as well. So that’s easy to do. All you have to do is paste your conversion code here, and then you can have an autoresponder.

So this already is nice to have all to have it walk you through. All of this is pretty phenomenal.

Typically you have to look around for this stuff. All right. So, okay. So you can move that up and down for your pages.

Let’s see if we want to what it is to add something new. So let’s say we want to add a new section automatically adds it.

You pick however many columns you want, and boom, there you go. Love it. Right.

And let’s change the background. Let’s turn the background on, let’s. Let’s make it a colour. Let’s pick red. Let’s add images.

All right. So, yeah, so far, I mean, this is very, very simple to do. I mean, I’m not going to spend all day doing this, but it looks pretty intuitive.

It seems very simple. Let’s see a thank you page. Okay. So here’s your thank you page, and you have them all on the same interface right here.

You don’t have to set up two different areas for you, from your main page to your thank you page.

Let’s take a look at what it looks like. I mean, I liked the software looks great.

Let’s see what it looks like on mobile. Now. It is awesome. There is a lot of software where you have to do two different setups.

You have to do the desktop, and then you have to go in and configure it all again for mobile.

Because sometimes, when it converts it, it will get jumbled up quite a bit. It looks like it’s done that now.

I don’t know if that would stay the same for brand new pages from scratch, but from the templates, just being able to look at mobile and see that it looks good is fantastic.

So let’s go ahead and publish it, and let’s see how hard that is now. I haven’t hooked anything up in here.

So let’s see what that process is like. All right. Awesome. So it gives us a temporary page to look at a case we have to show our clients looks exactly how it should.

You can change a URL. You’ve got a WordPress area, and you can plug it in there as a Facebook tab.

Nice. So I’m not lying to you when I say this is my first interaction with this software.

And in fact, I’m going to be going and opening an account. I want to test this even deeper to make sure it’s exactly what I want, but at first glance, this might be the simplest one I’ve ever used compared to all the other work that I have to do with other software companies.

And once again, I still come back to them, so when Landingi comes to comparing the software to other platforms, I think there are many great things that Landingi has to offer when it comes to AB testing.

So you can test pages against each other. They do have that option, but it is not until you get to the higher platform or, the more expensive one, which, to be honest with you, is not that unusual.

It’s a very; it’s a very nice feature to have. 

So yes, they do have AB testing when Landingi comes to testing the speed of a landing page. I usually put it through its usual paces.

I use Pingdom, Google’s speed tester and a couple of others, and I did not see any drop off compared to some of the other landing page software I have used.

So speed, I think it’s just fine. Analytics does have analytics on the pages. So you can see how many visitors you’ve had, how many leads if you’re doing AB testing.

It’s laid out well, very simple to read, and yes, you can hook it up to your Google analytics and all of your other analytic tools, as far as technical know-how or how easy this is, is to use.

Landingi might be the most accessible landing page software I’ve ever used in my life. As I said, you have been watching me as I’m personally going through it for the first time.

Yes. I do have experience with other landing page software, but I mean to walk into a brand new platform, record it while I’m doing it and not struggle at all.

That is pretty amazing. So yes, I would say it’s very, very easy. And as far as extras go, there’s nothing that Landingi doesn’t have that I absolutely would be like, you know what?

I can’t use them. I need these things. You know, if you are a vast agency working with some big customers and you need to have a ton of advanced features, there are some other software out there that might be a little bit better suited for you. Still, if you are a smaller, medium-sized business, I don’t see anything in here that, that scares me away, that they don’t have.

They have many more things than most other companies do have, especially for some of their little smaller packages.

You’ve got a WordPress plugin where you can integrate everything. There’s a ton of icons and free images and lightboxes and funnels.

And I mean, the list goes on and on. So yes, I think Landingi has got pretty much what you need as far as customer service goes.

Anybody that knows me knows customer services are a massive thing for me. I like if I have questions or if I have problems, I can get them solved quickly.

There’s nothing worse than sending an email and getting a response four or five hours later when you’re trying to solve a problem.

But one that I’ve enjoyed is I have a trial with this company, and I didn’t get to the trial.

The trial ran out. Before I even could review Landingi, I contacted them and said, Hey, listen, can I extend the trial for a couple of days?

 We added a bunch of time for you to take a look at the software. Let us know if you have any questions.

Would you like us to walk you through Landingi?

They have phone numbers. I could; they have chat boxes and email support that has been outstanding whenever I’ve interacted with them.

But the fact that I can pick up a phone and give them a call means the world to me when I’m making a decision, when a, what kind of software to use?

I. Yes. They’ve got excellent customer service from my experience. So let’s get into some of the pros of landing; some of the pros have some excellent templates.

They’re not just cookie-cutter ones. They look perfect. And I’m, I’d be very excited to try some of them out as far as integrations and, and things like that.

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Landingi Pros and Cons

Landingi covers everything you can ask of a landing page designer. But that won’t stop people from looking for features or areas that this tool is lacking in. In a way, that’s fine because you need the best to grow your business.

However, here are some of the more common Landingi pros and cons:


  • Easy to use drag and drop landing page builder
  • Landingi gives you complete control over how your landing pages and forms are displayed on different devices.
  • Landingi offers landing page design services, among other things, as integrated solutions to your marketing strategy.
  • The dynamic text allows you to customize your marketing campaigns.


  • Complex pricing plans can confuse new customers
  • Very built-in core analytics (but you can track pages with Google Analytics instead)

Landingi looks like there’s a lot of them. The biggest pro is the ease of use, how easy the software is to use coming right in, never having touched it before.

I love that. And then obviously, excellent customer service for my experience. I, I, there are a lot of things I like about Landingi.

And then you throw on top of it, the price. So, you know, Landingi is very affordable. It’s affordable for the smaller players.

Landingi looks like it’s got some excellent packages for people who have agencies as well as far as the cons go.

I don’t know that I have any, you know what evidence they’ve, they’ve taken a look at the marketplace, seen some of the things that maybe aren’t out there or way too expensive. And it seems like they’ve put it all into one package. Now I need to jump in and use this a little more, but I don’t see anything that I would say is negative.


All right. So if it’s something you want to look at below, there is a link to the software in the description area below; this is an affiliate link.

So if you do click on it and decide to try them out, we may get a commission, but we get it from them, not from you.

But what do you think about Landingi ? Do you have other ones that you want to see? Do us a favour? Let us know in the comment area below; I’d love to hear about them and don’t forget up in the upper right-hand corner.

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