How to Earn huge money from Event Blogging

How to Earn money from Event Blogging?

On the occasion of “Friendship Day” could earn the year’s best income through blogging or video channels:

On the occasion of “Friendship Day” blogging or video channel could earn the year’s best earnings, let’s see how true it can be verified. The joy of the Friendship would increase manifold, if you had been chatting with your own pocket-filled money and friends with friends.

Not only Friendship, the joy of any special day increases, if the day is spent with the money of your income and pocket admission money with the people nearby. Do you know, many people earn huge amounts of money online during these days. Is not that funny?

These days, many shops and markets have made many income targets in many targets, so they all saw. Between Friendship Day, Eid or other days, shopping at shopping malls increased. You do not have such a store, but there are online. You can also make a bigger income online specially on such a day.

It looks amazing, is not it? In today’s post, I will try to provide a detailed guideline. I am giving this book as a special gift for all my friends in “Friendship Day”.

How to earn?

On those days, the emotions and interests of the people are very high, in those days it is possible to earn more by event blogging. Because these days there are other types of craze created in people’s mind. Use Craze as much as you can by using blogging or making a video channel on youtube.

Please post 20 blogs at this centric Minimam blog site. Post only 20 videos on the YouTube channel. Marketing these posts, creating such a plan that will create the interest of the people. Because of a craze at all in this time, visitors will see a lot of increase in the visitor. 

If the visitor increases, the income can be planned. And forgot to say a word. Posting blogs, creating videos and starting marketing, for at least 2 months before the day. From that time you will get a visitor to the blog. Keep in mind, the day on which special days, just 1 day before the day the visitor will increase many many times.

Just think of local business as well, since 1.5 months before the Eid market, new products will be raised, publicity campaigns are started in the market from 1.5 months ago. At that time, the fragile cell started. But before the Eid, the sale of the last week is multiplied, and the night before the Eid, which is called moon night, the night of the year is the best income, clothes traders. The same case happens to online income.

It seems to me that the mood is getting worse, I’m sorry, I’m not talking about how income is done.
Well, now I am saying, as I said earlier, when the visitor will get a lot, then the income plan can also be plenty.

what means the income will be possible?

  • 1) Income through AdSense: If the visitor increases, the income of AdSense increases to a few times, the matter must not be elaborate.
  • 2) Affiliation through Income: As many visitors are visiting a friend-centric blog site or on a video channel, friends and friends can come to your channel or blog, promoting those special offers in affiliate sites. In this case, friends can promote promotion of gift items on your blog or YouTube channel on the occasion of friends.
  • 3) T-shirt Affiliation: Friend Day T-shirt is designed, your friend-centric blog site or video channel can promote the T-shirt sales link from 10 days before friend’s day.
  • 4) CPA marketing: Special offers of friends day can be seen at CPA Marketplace. They can bring a huge income by promoting them in your blog or on the video channel, on this one day.
  • 5) Local institution advertisement: Local firms offer special offers on the occasion of Friends Day.

You can take advertisements for your blog or video channel from them. Just try to convince those organizations,

  • – Who are the visitors of the blog?
  • – What is the day, visitor?
  • – The blog or channel on key topics.

5 showed the income. While showing the Income Sectors, I have only spoken about Friendship, because this post is a special edition of Friendship Day. Similarly, you can earn on other days.

Content Ideas for Blog or YouTube Videos on Friend Day:
I am giving a few sample ideas here, the rest will find themselves sweaty.

Blog Post Idea:

  • Write memorabilical events with friends in the form of a series so that the reader becomes nomenclature.
  • Friends of famous people can write a series of funny stories.
  • Analytical writing can be written in different countries.
  • Interesting information writing about animalism friendship is good.
  • Writing will be very interesting in the country titled ‘Friends Day’ keeping in mind.
  • Try every article that is minimam to 2000 words. Of course, the unique and public write in such a way that it is not boring to read.

Video Channel Content Ideas:

  • There is a lot of clutter in the friends, the murders run. You can do these 3-4 minute drama.
  • Interesting conversation with friends will be funny if everyone heard from the faces of many popular people. You can record something like this.

You can present fun events in front of your friends in front of the video. Everyone will become melodious.

  • It can be documentary about organizing friends in different countries.
  • You can create slideshows of friendly and professional look with related friends.

With these ideas, using your head to create a blog or a YouTube channel, start marketing the site from 2 months ahead. Then, when the visitor comes, start using the link 15 days before the day your income will be there.

It is better not to use any type of add-link before the at least 10 articles or 10 videos are uploaded before and at least 3000 visitors passing day. Language in all languages ​​must be English and Canada, America, England, Australia, for more income, marketing to people of these countries.

On which days can you earn more?

Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas Day, Various Nations New Years etc. Whenever a day, search it out from google and find out.

There are many days beyond that, they can work well, they can get good income. But the highest number of income targets are worked on those days, they are only mentioned here.

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