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I’m going to do a review about Generate Press and walk-through of one of the best WordPress themes that are available today and is called GeneratePress..Let’s just put that out there but this review I mean obviously everything I say that’s complementary goes towards a theme.

But this is really good to be about the premium package that they offer and it’s a suite of add-ons that you can activate that extend the functionality of GeneratePress.

This is the design we ended up with and for the theme I use GeneratePress and part of that was it’s not a requirement to get the premium package . There are different things that would be probably a lot easier if you did have the premium add on package .

So for example changing out fonts changing out colors and these are some of the primary things that your theme does set your colors and set your fonts and create your headers and crater footers and everything else .

This is what GeneratePress looks like by default when you install the theme on a vanilla WordPress website and it’s good at a lot of features that were in essentially have full control over everything and I do have a special treat even though it’s not officially released.

I do have the development version of the GeneratePress premium package that includes the WooCommerce integration .

But if you head over to GeneratePress’s website now I will have a link down below in the pin comment section .If you did purchase this premium package .Now first off I want to tell you you don’t need the premium package what it does ? is it makes things here for you?

Actually do some things that would be hard to pull off on your own but that’s the trade-off with a lot of things that you’re in a purchase for WordPress.

I can spend a little bit of money and save a ton of time or I can spend a ton of time to save a little bit of money, So GeneratePress is 40 bucksright now let me click on premium .

I believe it’s only 40 box where is that price Tom ,there it is 40 bucks and it comes with its essentially a plug-in that you would add to your website . You would just enable what you wanted the features that you want let me just give you quick overview.

All the colors of your website your topography these sections .I encouraged actually let me back this up a little bit the reason why dinner Ray Perez is so stinking awesome is the developer his name is Tom .you can connect with him in the Generate Press .

Facebook group there’s also support form here. He is the hardest working developer in WordPress that I’ve ever come across he provides the most fantastic support and honestly, if you would ask 10 to 10 people why you purchased GeneratePress.

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Generate Press theme Review – Tech Teacher Debashree

I’m sure nine of them would say because of Tom because you have a direct connection to the guy because he’s on top of supporting. It implementing things that people want but he’s very disciplined with that he won’t implement something that would bog down or slow down his theme because his theme is so it’s like a well-oiled machine .

I tell you this thing is coded very well ,so anyways back to this stuff. So sections I was telling Tommy should drop that because essentially it’s kind like a page builder kind of but is not as vigilant visual and nowadays you would just use a page builder with GeneratePress.

You can use Elementor which is free you can use Beaver Builder and also GeneratePress .Perfectly integrates with thethe new Beaver Themer package that was recently released okay and so there’s also some additional options here with the menu system.

This is very powerful the page header one that’sactually really nice feature as well I’m in have to show you that you have very good options with the blog index page and how your blog posts will be laid out backgrounds .

I just use a solid color ,I never use an image for the background spacing is actually very important and I like the flexibility that that’s can add to cover .This all like in an actual website secondary nap don’t use that copyright.

He actually makes it very easy to change the clock rate even if you don’t purchase this. I really like that about him disable elements is super useful .You can disable elements on a post or a page basis on an individual basis.

It makes it very easy hooks is actually very powerful as well although I would like him Tom taken out. I would like some improvements in the hooks area to make it little more easy to throw in saved rose or sections from Elementor or Beaver Builder anyways what this doesn’t include is the brand-new not even on the website yet WooCommerce integration .

He took all of the feedback from all of the people that have GeneratePress premium now and he implemented it on this beautiful WooCommerce integration them .

You can also come here to get more information one of the things that is really nice about GeneratePress. Is there’s a great support community here you can click on the support forms and I got to say I give GeneratePress and A+ on the documentation side if you haven’t notice a lot of times themes and plug-ins for WordPress.

Their biggest weaknesses is the documentation there just isn’t good documentation or it’s not complete they might tell you how to do something but the instructions don’t make sense not so with Tom he has invested so much effort and energytime and money into having the best documentation .

I have probably ever seen for WordPress are probably right up there with Beaver Builder because they have put a big investment into their documentation as well Tom is amazing in the support department so for example he has the support forms here.

He is so quick to respond there’s also a Facebook group he is so quick to respond and he is very approachable. He’s a great guy Nina did not get sidetracked.

I like to spend my money with the local guy I so I feel Tom is I mean it’s a rock solid business it’s very well-established. This isn’t wet behind the ears type of theme but I I really like it that I know when I’m buying it .

It’s going to a guy like me the money is going to a guy like me it’s not going to a big corporation are big business or whatever I’m up and the guy that has a kid at home and his hustle and working hard has provided something rocksolid’s going to be there for me .

When I need him and that’s one of the selling points of GeneratePress for me not that it’s God you know so many download ,so many customers ,of so many people using it were talking tens of thousands of people websites using his amazing theme.

But I like to know that I’m given the money to a guy that’s going to be there for me that he’s gonna listen to me and you know anyways I don’t need to beat a dead horse on that issue.So anyways this right here is our default GeneratePress.

Now let me go into the back and here so what can happen is your can when you purchase the GeneratePress add-ons is going to be a plug-in right here called GP premium to go ahead and activate it right now.

So there it’s activated and then what you want to do is you want to go to appearance and then GeneratePress now just keep in mind I’m using a beta version of it because this is the first anyone seeing of the newly added WooCommerce integration.

So once you add it here you popping your license key of course and then here are all those modules that I was talking to you about so you can either activate them all or just activate what you want in that’s what I really like about it from a performance standpoint because one of the most important responsibilities of a theme is for to be well coded and forit to also beat fast and on that well coded note .

This is just a random side note with Thompson being GeneratePress. He has spent a significant amount of money to have one of the most well-known WordPress developers do a very tight security audit not just how much he prides himself on this theme.

Most theme developers would never do that because quite frankly they don’t make any money on their theme or maybe it’s not a high priority but for Tom it is a very high priority to provide the most tight security possible.

He’s gone ahead and put the money in for a in-depth security audit and it’s of course secure but he is going through the audit anyway.

So here we go actually I sorry that’s why you want to be careful the theme. you choose to use because that is where there are security holes introduced into your website. so you might see a theme that looks really exciting and it’s all sexy on the front end and all that but you don’t know when you look at the code.

If there’s going to be performance issues but more importantly security issues and that’s why it’s smart to go with a reputable team for your website .That’s what were getting here in GeneratePress .so you can just click on the checkbox.

Then for bulk actions go ahead and activate everything, to uncheck that sections because I don’t use it but everything else is cool if you want to disable a new add-on or new add-on comesout you want to enable it .

But you should also come here for the import export options soessentially every aspect of your GeneratePress site is modular you can move it around which is very nice. I know a lot of people that are making child themes are using GeneratePress because it’s so easy to give you settings to install in order to get the site looking the way that you want it now .

we have a new option here which is GP hook some knock and talk about that right now where their real meat and potatoes is going to be is righthere where it says customize someone to go ahead and click on customize and your to see all of the setting .

So let me just preface pretty much anything that you could want to change colors, fonts, header layouts, footer layouts are to be able to do it now with this premium add on a package. so the first thing is your to come here to the layout and its setting after setting each element the layout for those elements in this right here is new .

The WooCommerce so we can change our container with this actually very good because the theme.I’m using right now I can’t make it wider or more narrow I wanted wider actually us.

You can come in here and change your container with and here’s already some spacing and padding that you can start changing around. Oh I like this this is new you can lock them together and start decreasing them right that’s pretty good that this is the spacing from inside the box right here .

The content padding to the top left bottom and right and then here it is for a mobile device .so there’s our container we do have a lot of header option ,shere which is really knifes, we got alignment options we’ve got the width .

we can adjust and what’s really nice is he’s also including options for your mobile header and I really like that because a lot of themes when you look at on a mobile device . I just don’t like the way the header portion looks it either takes up too much space or just doesn’t look really that good so here is our primary navigation right here.

We can choose the let’s see where is it okay this is nice right here where the navigation is good to be so by default with GeneratePress. It’s on the bottom but here more typical place to have it would be maybe on the float right .

It would move it right there member we can change these colors . I don’t like these default colors at all actually so we have that right there in their like. I said all of these options right here ,what else were over the note I can add a secondary navigation.

If I wanted to we can have a top bar we can have a second dairy one here on the bottom .we have sticky navigation options which some themes they charge you extra just to have this sticky navigation anyways.

Generate Press Review (2020) Best Word Press Theme - Tech Teacher Debashree
Generate Press Review (2020) Best Word Press Theme – Tech Teacher Debashree

I can have slide out navigationactually this is kind of new and see the slide out navigation is usually there’s like a hamburger icon here and you click on it and it slides out .

So I don’t actually see that so I’m not probably doing it right but that’s okay alright. so we have a page header options anyways you can see we have all of these awesome layout options but let’s take a look at WooCommerce .

So right here it’s really nice you can display the cart finally in the menu. This was one of the things I asked for this is when someone adds a product to the cart it’s gonna show the cart on the menu area.

There I think that’s pretty huge we have breadcrumbs right there. Here is our product page layout actually let me jump into that someone click on shop and I did throw in a default product here called the fidget cubeto start an e-commerce store with my son selling some of these fidgety things alright .

So you can see now we have options for the layout here for WooCommerce product page so rightnow it is actually let’s see that sidebar layout let’s see if it affects it.

Let’s see content no sidebar that might not do it all right ,will do it okay ?so there you go so if you didn’t want to show sidebar, you can do tears and I have these options were you didn’t have these options before you have image alignment and how many products per page on the shop page in the have these controls of what you want to show and what you don’t want to show in .

If you notice here it is actually really deep the options that it gives you. I really like that okay so it’s get out of layout in the morning to the same thing for colors and now everything segmented out in the color ,so I said I don’t like that of the black background here that is my primary navigation colors .

So I can change the background to let’s just clear it out and then I need to actually give the font to color in their ego, so this is kind of what you would expect to see a background that’s the same color background as the rest of the header and then a contrasting color for the font so there we have it was that easy let me also change my text however it’s go white ,their ego right in here to I should have made white okay there you go that’s what I wanted to do and said let’s see .

so we still have that hover we connect to get rid of that on the hover as well is right here it’s the background hovers so we would just make that whites and now we just have the text changing and so the text however we will make that dark as well there we go.

So you see how easy that is the change that would be a big pain in the rear end. if you’re doing it with custom code even though he will tell you exactly how to do that, that’s one of things. I like about Tom even though he’s wants to have you buy the premium package. so he can eat he’ll tell you how to do something without you buying it which is a very refreshing that he’s willing to help you even if there’s nothing really financial in it for him.

You can control all of these colors right here one of the things that is actually very unique is he has the option here for forms so whenever you go to like a contact form it inherits the style from your theme but in this premium package.

He gives you the option to cheat to configure what those will be when you seea form on your page, so if I click on add to cart right here. let’s see if that’s gonnawork in the customizer it doesn’t look like it’s going to work in the customizer.

I show you actually get them to show you right now. I’m to go here to go to shop to go to fidgetcube added to the carts in the number to view all these colors can be completely customizableminima to go to the checkout every color. so here’s like your typical form Juergen to beable to control the sizes and colors .

You know how the color changes when you click into the field you actually get those options right here in the customizer. This is uniqueI haven’t really seen this anywhere anyways so now are in our WooCommerce colors and Juergen be thrilled to know you have pretty much control over all the colors .

So I mean we obviously we’ve got this button here if I wanted to make it something vibrant like that and then I change my holler hover color to that you can see how easy that was to change and they go you got literally it and it actually goes deeper in colors customizations of these colors than I’ve seen in other themes .

So this is really going to set generate pad press ahead of the pack when it comes to WooCommerce and e-commerce integration and I really like this .

You see there’s another thing called Genesis .Now Genesis is so linking any change you want to make you have to do it with custom code and argument there is that because of that it’s gonna run faster but it it’s not necessarily as so accurate today because GeneratePress.

I bet if you put it side-by-side isn’t gonna run any slower than a Genesis theme but you still get these customizer options which I want even though I can sit there and crank out CSS .I don’t want to do that I rather just come in here click around change of color and be off to what and what the next thing.

I want to do that day so anyways there is your WooCommerce colors right. There same thing for topography were to be able to change the fonts of everything in the weight and all that stuff .

I didn’t like my primary navigationfont right there I can go here and just choose something different so let’s just use this comic sans. I think that will be noticeable just like that and I can inclusively decrease the size there to 18 you see how easy it is and then I can make it all.

I will not capitalizeall uppercase like this you can see how easy that is actually that made it too big let me come back down. okay scenario so it work and control over all the fonts that you would need in your website.

So we have the blog options here and this could be how the blog content is laid out .you got the Manson re-options I like your traditional one where you’ve got the title the image an excerpt and some can click on and go in but to each his own by default just you know this is kind of layout you see how everything is kind of in its own little separate container .

We have this color here on the edges somepeople like that some people don’t let me actually show you how to change that real quick so that would be your background color .I’m pretty sure so are the body right here so let me change that to white and there you go that was much all you needed to do to change that or if you wanted to be a different color altogether you could go there .

I mean that’show simple this really was to now it doesn’t look all containerized but is completely upto you how you wanted and what you want to do there so that is our colors that was our topography or blog background images .

You can actually put a background instead of just the color you can have an image in the background I don’t typically like that but I mean forsome creative types you might want to put a pattern in the background and I totally understand that okay here’s the option for your copyright .

You can pop in whatever you want if you scroll down by default this is what it’s gonna say but you can put in whatever you want their menus that’s a typical WordPress widget additional CSS. this is all WordPress stuff right here .

So you can see how it’s all kind of a logically organized if it’s a layoutit’s can be found under layout of its color. It’s gonna be under colors and if it’s thefont to the topography you’re gonna find that in topography. so if I didn’t like the layout of this footer.

I noted going to the customizer click on layout oops not site identity, click on layout and go to footer and now I’ve got control over my footer area if I didn’t want three footer widgets .

I can just go like this and kind a get rid of the footer altogether if I didn’t want to do that there is color so here is this like copyright areas got that black if I don’t want that there.

I go home that’s probably in colors so let me go to colors and let’s find that so that would probably be under my guess is maybe footer widget, no footer that would be footer the area where the witches were would be the footer widgets.

This is just gonna be the footer so there you go now. I can go here and I can lighten up the color and make it to be whatever I want he does have it all organized and grouped in a logical way if it’s a layout ,it’s going to be in layouts, if it is a color topography.

It’s as simple as that so for instance if I wanted to change some of the header exit let’s take a look at this a secondary navigation right here.

So let’s see navigation location above header below header is where you canplace a second navigation. Here’s the different locations that you can place it on if I did like no navigation actually. I’m missing this right here above header .

I wonder if I have to assign a menu and that’s wire where I would get it up there on the top but you also have in each of these layout options is the padding and spacing options which is really nice solet’s change us around so for navigation right now it’s on the flow right.

I’m going to put it up below the header but instead of on the left. I’m going to center it so now that’scentered and so this is the header right here. I’m in a go ahead and put that in the centerand now everything’s just kind of centered actually like this kind of a layout it looks a little more friendly and easier to navigate .

I’m sure looks great on all devices and here’s your padding and everything like that so let’s do a quick save and publish and take a look at it on the front and someone ago here and there it is him a click on shop you can see how I’ve already changed a whole bunch of things when doing add to cart and let’s see where we not get in our add to cart in there.

Let me figure that out like me because it and added to cart okay there go view cart okay so I’m on the card.

I have three of them in the cart and were not getting it showing there’s let’s just see what we need to do to make that work colors let’s see someone to go back to colors WooCommerce and let’s see if that’s how I need to enable it darn and I can’t find it off the top of my headwhile you’re just going to have to trust me that it works.

When I got into the customizer so what hooks are is these different area sand locations on a page, so there’s above header, below header, above navigation, below navigation ,above post content ,below post content,there’s these hook areas and what you can do is you can drop a short code in here.

It will take whatever that chart could generate source and PHP that going a little on the technical side or just a short code and it will put it in that location and this is actually really good. If you’re using one of these modern pagebuilders like Elementor or Beaver Builder because you can create a rower section and you can save it .

You’ll get a little short code that you can play someplace sowhere you’d want to use this type of feature is say you have a lot of blog posts and you want to maybe have a call to action about the content but below the navigation on a blog post asking for someone’s email address .

That’s how you could do something like that or maybe you wanted a sitewide notice you know when you go to a website and they might be having a sale or there some something that they want to help you to notice and recognize.

At the very top these are things you can do in these hookareas so you would be able to create it in your page builder of choice though give you little short code and you can just paste it wherever you want to pop that information in and that is one of the really nice things that you can do here and there’s all these different hook locations right here.

I don’t see a real easy way to see what is aware but there might be in the documentation a list of what these hook areas are and where they are so you would know when you place your circle and it is easy if you put it someplace is wrong spot you just move it to the perfect spot and be very easy to get dialed in.

So anyways guys that is been my quick review of GeneratePress I fully will leave fully stand behind a GeneratePress .

I love what Tom is doing you will be in good hands in using this theme and as a matter of fact you would not be alone if you started using GeneratePress a lot if developers are using this theme and basing all of their website builds on this theme .

I think the reason why I like getting a theme from a different company that I get my page builder from is because Batesville the company they can focus on improving the page builder the theme company.

They can focus on making it the best theme that there is and they can have these as separate focuses .

I find that if your using that company for the page builder and the theme they might have a split focus or split passion Tom passionate about GeneratePress .This theme and these different page builder plugins like Elementor BeaverBuilder.

They’re just passionate about that but if they’re also selling a theme. I find that the passion is in there for the theme and that’s why it’s good to go with Tom a separate company for your theme .

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