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Expert Secret is a guide on becoming an expert, finding your voice, creating a massive movement of people, and sharing your message with people who will happily pay for it.

Many successful entrepreneurs and influencers such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Dean Graziosi (creator of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint with Tony Robbins), and many others have praised Expert Secrets can only recommend them. … …

Expert Secret Review

Robert even wrote in the foreword to Expert Secrets and his words:

Expert Secret is a card that will allow you to turn your special knowledge, talents, and abilities into a business that will work for you! It is one of the new effective shortcuts. “

If you want to get out of business, one of the best books you’ll read is Russell Brunson’s Secrets of the Experts.

Expert Secrets provides a step-by-step plan that will guide you from your current position to the level you want to achieve in your business.

What are Expert Secret ?

If you’d rather spend weeks, months, or even years learning how to build a loyal community of followers who will believe, trust, and buy your products, Secrets of the Experts may not be worth reading. Don’t waste your time.

It is also tough to hire people who can build customer loyalty, make your voice heard, and help you choose the products those people want.

Expert Secrets is for entrepreneurs, marketers, influencers, and sales representatives.

There are nuggets in this book for anyone looking to make money and influence them by sharing their knowledge.

Thanks to the knowledge gained from reading the secrets of experts, you can easily:

  • Share your tips by telling stories
  • Attracting leads and subscribers
  • Host a webinar that people will love
  • Cover up expensive things
  • And more.
  • Expert Secrets is an essential book for any entrepreneur or internet marketer.
  • Your post can change someone else’s life.

Please don’t keep it because someone wants to hear it.

Why Expert Secrets Is a good book For Online Marketer?

  • Be sure to read Expert Secrets to improve your business and earn a decent income by sharing expert information.
  • Internet marketers using ClickFunnels will get better results after reading this book.
  • Entrepreneurs are looking to build a loyal community and take advantage of this influence to increase their sales and revenues.
  • So, if you are a beginner and just starting, Expert Secrets will teach you how to start, grow and run a successful business?

If you already have a business, use the secrets from the book to grow your business to incredible heights? Can you make a more positive impact on the world now?

Expert Secret is a powerful book that provides concrete and actionable guidance on what you need to do to share your message, reach the right people, get involved, build the right community right, and make money by changing the world.

Although, if you ignore this book, you can still be successful in your business.

The downside, however, is that you are missing out on an opportunity to change your life and the lives of others you can help.

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Expert Secret

What are the Difference of  Expert Secrets , DotCom Secrets & Traffic Secrets?

In the trilogy, Russell Bronson‘s first book, DotCom Secrets, was a huge success when it was published in 2015. The Experts’ Secrets was later published to shed light on how to build a company from the ground up.

While the two books release in some way, their coverage is different. DotCom Secrets is, as the name suggests, the definitive guide to starting a successful online business.

The focus is on identifying your target demographic, creating meaningful offers to attract them, and educating and inspiring them to buy your product or service.

At Expert Secrets, secrets apply not only to online businesses but also to traditional businesses.

The assortment is wide. He proposes a new form of the business model – Expert Business, which is base on the exchange and use of specialized skills to gain influence and money.

DotCom Secrets contains helpful tips for new businesses, while Expert Secrets intersects with new and established companies.

The latter emphasizes the need to create information products and then use them to grow your existing business while harnessing the power of ClickFunnels (which is optional but makes things a lot easier).

And in the third and final book of the Russell Trilogy, Traffic Secrets (released in 2020), a guide to populating your websites and tracks with the clients of your dreams (also known as getting high traffic, as the book’s title suggests).

You can read our Traffic Secrets review here if you’re interested in learning more about Russell Bronson’s new book.

Expert Secrets Book Review:

The Expert Secrets book organize in a simple order with five different sections. There are 22 chapters in total, full of expert secrets.

In this section, we’ll dive into the book so you know what you’re getting. Let’s go straight.

Section 1 : Creating Your Own Mass Movement

Given the importance of a loyal community, Russell Bronson began the first part of Secrets of the Experts on building your grassroots movement.

Secrets of the specialists creating a mass movement
In this section, the book delves into the process of attracting your target audience or fans, or you might call it a tribe.

Before you contact an expert, you need a person or group of people who will follow you and seek your advice and guidance and may ask for your support. That’s one of the traits of an expert.

If you want to create and nurture such a crowd, you need to turn to this first section of Expert Secrets.

Here is some practical process that you can take to create crowd movement:

  • Create an “attractive” personality (such as a leader, mentor, or influencer)
  • Be a forward-thinking proponent of a forward-looking initiative.
  • Create a new opportunity (or vehicle) for your clan or minions.
  • Remember that a “new opportunity” can be products or services that will benefit your subscribers in achieving the desired result.

Section 1 discusses three essential aspects of creating a mass movement.

  • Charismatic leader
  • a business
  • New opportunity

Consider this:

I). Attractive Personality / Charismatic Leader: Every skill can learn and mastered.

Secrets of the expert of a charismatic character
Russell teaches how to:

  • Find your target market
  • Understand how best to approach it with your product.
  • Write persuasive marketing messages.

2). The reason: There is another aspect to creating a mass movement, described in the first section of the Experts’ Secrets, and that is the mind.

Reasons for an overview of the secrets of experts
How to get people to believe in your cause and drift honestly into it? It may be one of the best skills every ‘expert’ should master.

Russell understands how important and powerful that can be. Hence, it shows you the steps to take. It explains here how to present people with opportunities and engage them.

3). New Opportunity: In this section, Russell shows you the proper steps to nudge your followers in the right direction and arouse their interest in your opportunity.

Expert secrets new opportunity

Section # 2: Creating the Creed

As Russell proudly mentioned in Secrets of Experts, it all depends on faith. When your beliefs are convincing , it is easier to influence your followers to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

It will encourage them to consider purchasing your products or services and ultimately become advocates for the brand.

This vital section is divided into six different chapters. The goal is to help you build confidence in your product so that subscribers can accept it.

Here are six different sections for creating belief in the order in which they appear in Expert Secrets:

  1. Big Dominoes: By understanding where to focus, you can educate, inspire and convince your loyal followers to purchase your products and services.
  2. Epiphany Bridge: Have you passed the Epiphany before? It doesn’t happen all the time – it can be a life-changing experience. It is the idea of ​​a light bulb.

Secrets of the Experts’ Feast of the Epiphany Bridge

Russell shows you a practical way to use this insight to get support. You will also learn how powerful storytelling and emotion are when creating a massive customer movement.

You will use these tools to help customers understand your brand and goals.

  1. Journey of Two Heroes: How does your audience feel about your brand and story? How do you make sure it is original and relevant to your community? It is where storytelling becomes a powerful tool to win the hearts of your followers.

Journey of expert secrets two hero

  1. Epiphany Bridge Scenario: This chapter combines the Heroes’ Path and the Epiphany Bridge and shows you how to create a scenario for nearly any business operation. I can’t tell you about this chapter in detail – it’s golden!
  2. Patterns of False Beliefs: Russell shows you how to break false customer beliefs and embrace yours. Using the Epiphany Bridge, you will learn the simple steps to replace false beliefs with new ones.

Secrets of the Experts, Book of False Beliefs

  1. Three Secrets: This is the final section where Russell highlights three secrets you need to know to succeed in sales. It is an epiphany scenario that plays its part again.

Book of Secrets for Connoisseurs, Three Secrets

Section 3: Your Ethical Obligations

It is an introductory section, as Russell details the process you should follow when introducing new features.

It shares ideas on better communicate with readers, overcome obstacles, and a fun way to properly welcome and educate a new reader.

The first two chapters of this section include:

Stack slide: what do you offer your customers? What value are you adding to a spreadsheet that you can’t compete in until you can imagine? You will learn how to make more purchases when you answer these questions.
Ideal Webinar: Webinars are an excellent vehicle for generating leads and sales – Russell is practically a ninja when it comes to webinars. He creates the perfect webinar outline for you to market your products like an expert.
In an ideal webinar, these four chapters covered in the same way:

  • One thing
  • Breaking and restoring templates
  • Fireplace
  • The trial ends

Note: there is gold in this section. You will understand how much money you have left on the table without understanding sales

I must admit that I liked the way Russell dissects the process involved in creating and presenting a business idea for your new opportunity. It could be an online course, a virtual summit, training workshops, a mastermind program, etc.

No, the idea of ​​the Perfect Webinar section is not about selling products through webinars.

However, it does apply, but the same principles can work on stage, in e-commerce and affiliate shows. If you want to improve your selling skills and become more confident, you need to spend more time in this section.

Section 4: Transmission routes

Some people know Russell Bronson as a man of “oppression.” And he taught you great about converting visitors into customers.

Once you’ve learned the process of creating your group movement, identifying your charisma, a new opportunity your loyal audience will enjoy, and how to use storytelling to sell your new opportunity, it’s time to take a deeper look at conversions Paths.

The funnel section divide into five chapters showing the steps you need to follow:

  • The perfect webinar template
  • Close four questions
  • Here’s the perfect webinar
  • Funnel emailed Epiphany
  • Epiphany Product Launch Paths

Like Zig Ziglar, a well-known entrepreneur and writer, Russell says that you can make money if you challenge yourself to help others. It is why it is so beneficial to create opportunities for people

Section 5: What’s Next

Expert Secrets concludes with a hint: fill the funnel.

Here you will learn how to drive targeted traffic into your own sales funnels, as well as learn about other proven ways to start your success as an expert.

Pros and Cons:

Ideas, examples of stories presented at Expert Secrets will benefit your business. It can help you attract more leads for your business and sell more products.

Most importantly, you can become a trusted expert with a loyal community of happy customers who want to continue your business, try new opportunities, and protect your interests both online and offline.

There are advantages to reading this book, however, while others don’t find it entirely rosy.

So let’s quickly think about the pros and cons:


  • You get the book for free
  • Learn how to get paid to help people in your community.
  • The knowledge in the book applies to both new and existing businesses.
  • Find the right way to tell your selling story.
  • Share your message and be a thought leader.
  • A step-by-step guide to increasing sales


  • The book costs a few dollars ($ 7.95 in the US or $ 12.95).
  • It will help if You implement the “secrets” in the book before seeing the results. It takes hard work and intelligence to be successful at work. If you don’t want to waste time and resources, the book may not be helpful to you.

It would help the “secrets” in the book before you can see the results. It takes hard work and intelligence to be successful at work. If you don’t want to waste time and resources, the book may not be helpful .

Expert Pricing Secrets Book

The Secrets of the Experts book is free, but you have to pay $ 7.95 to ship to the US or $ 12.95 to ship anywhere in the world.

That’s why you should use Russell Brunson’s official Expert Secrets sales page to provide additional spending and access to bonuses, training videos, and tools to help you move forward quickly.

Free Expert Secrets Book

I highly recommend getting the Expert Secrets book for free from Russell’s leading site.

Secrets of the upscale options experts
The steps to get the Expert Secrets book for free are elementary. You only pay for the shipping; They will send you the book very quickly).

But it’s all about height, so let’s get down to it, so you know what to expect when you buy a book (I recommend additional suggestions because I bought it myself, but it’s completely optional, and the book is excellent on its own because we will )

It is the way of passing on sales secrets and experts:

  • Request # 1: you get a black box
  • Order # 2: Access the Secrets of the Narrative
  • One-Time Offer # 1: You Get Audiobooks + Rewards
  • One-Time Offer # 2: Instant Access to the Expert Revolution System
  • ThankYou Page: You can access the Secrets of the Funnel Builder (12 months special discount for ClickFunnels Platinum, the highest plan available and includes everything Russell and ClickFunnels have to offer Actionetics / Follow Up Funnels, Backpack Affiliate Program, FunnelFlix, many more details).

Expert Secrets Frequently Asked Questions

(FAQs) that I see people asking about expert secrets before deciding to have them.

Where can I buy the book Secrets of Experts?

You can purchase here.

When will the book “Secrets of Experts” be released?

If you live in the USA, it takes 5-7 days for delivery. International shipping will take 10 to 15 days.

Is Expert Secrets part of ClickFunnels ? is it a standalone add-on?

It is an entirely independent product. Whether or not you use ClickFunnels, Expert Secret is a great resource that I highly recommend reading and implementing.

Should You Buy the Book?

Expert Secrets is one of my favorite business books. Every time you read five sections and chapters is worth a quick read.I loved the helpful tips, examples, and success stories that inspired me to build an online business and a brand that people love.

By building massive traffic of fans and loyal customers, you protect your business from the downturn that usually occurs in the advertising and marketing environment.

I am talking about the changes that are happening in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. You are no longer in their power. Isn’t that cool?

With your loyal fans, you don’t have to worry about increasing traffic to your website or who you share your message and product with; present the right opportunity and watch the right people pay well for it.

To get update information follow my social media.

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