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What is Canva?

Canva is an excellent website that helps us to create beautiful designs. Anyone can make designs with this website.Those who don’t know drawing, they can use easily.You can also use that website to  design any logo or Facebook profile cover or a you tube  thumbnail or cover design for any social media.

When you go to the CANVA dashboard, get ready to detect the designer in you if you have not yet suspected! When I say you can create almost anything, I mean it. In the search bar, you can start writing in what you are looking for. For example, if jazz expression, I am looking for Instagram latest ideas to create your next post on Instagram.

There are tons of moulds previously developed to choose from. You can use these templates as-is, replace the basic information like your own brand, or you can combine different items and create something precisely new and unique for your business.

You can design business card, book cover, flyer with this website,If you work as a graphic designer or as a freelancer .If you do not know Photoshop and Coral Draw, then this web site will make the best design for you.Canvas is the easy way to design.

Watch Video

To design you tube thumnail,Follow the steps……..

  • First you have to go to website 
  • Then sign up with Facebook or Gmail. 
  • Then you will be able to show different categories of designs.
  • Now you can select the design category  that you want to design .
  • After selecting ,Design tool will  open .
  • You can design like your choice . 
  • Here you can customize everything in text, background color,text style.text colour,All the editing styles can be edited. 
  • You can download the pictures from Google, and can set it here.
  •  After editing done, click on the download option that is at the top right. 
  • You will see three format option  PNG ,PDF Or jpg .
  • You can choose any format and can download.

With Canva, you can create everything from Facebook messages in Instagram messages in the history of Facebook and Instagram, covers, publications, offers, YouTube graphics and much more! So you can design business cards using this program. Invitations, brochures, graphs and are giant.

Have you ever used Canva? Leave a comment below.

I would like to know if you explore “what Canva is? So you can use them, perhaps in the future, or have you used them before and want to know more about them?

How does CANVA work?

It is super easy to use. When you log on, you are about to meet with this team. At the top of the page, and got your navigation menu. So canva circle, which will take you to a site where you are in the program. In addition, you can click the Home button or the Home tab to return to the home page quickly.

If we click Templates, we can explore different models for social media, for personal use or use in business. You can create a presentation for your next meeting, logo, business cards, invoices, suggestions, posters, bulletins, graphs and brochures, among other things. If you are a teacher, you can create lessons, workers and certificates.

You can even create your backgrounds for your next zoom meeting. You can make concept cards, greeting cards and posters; it is almost unlimited. It is only your imagination from some things that can and can not be done with this design application.

Canva Features.

So let’s look at some features. You get free images. Again, we will look at some benefits for free exchange at present, but you will receive hundreds of thousands of free photos. You can view images and choose background, nature, animals, diets and more! In addition, you also gain access to tons of various icons.

You have access to various product print templates that you can create in the application and then consider it on the printer. All starting from T-shirts to newsletters for business cards. It also integrates well with various applications, such as Google Maps and. They even got a great understanding of Youtube, where you can already turn on YouTube videos on your design. Then they have such things as editing photos and graphics.

In addition, they received a place where you can learn more about how to use Canva and get more. Now let’s look at the left sidebar. There is a section “recommended for you.” I think some of this also depends on some types of images created in the past. Thus, they will make recommendations for future projects. I love the fact that they have prefab templates for various holidays that can be used.

“Your projects” are all structures created in the past. There is also a “brand set” where you can get a set of your corporate colours, lines and logos, so you can quickly access these assets on how to create new projects.

There is a content scheme, and you can also create a command. And create separate folders. So to speak, for example, if you have a holiday photo, you can create a folder with the name of the holiday of the image. Or, if you have previous Instagram promotions that you have made, you can easily explore the GO designs that you created in the past. I love the full-length folder!

FREE Canva for paid

CANVA accounts for free

Let’s talk about the prices of plans. Everyone gets a free program. The most beautiful thing in all this is that you can use it with a free version, although there are some restrictions, there are still tons you can do. With the free version, you have access to more than 8,000 free templates, more than one hundred design species, such as social media, presentations, etc.

They limit the types of designs. You can access this free account. The free version of Canva allows hundreds of access to thousands of images and graphics. If you do not have any budget for everyone and need a graphic design tool to create some excellent content for your social media or something for business, a free version can be all you need.

Pro-Account CANVA.

The most common canva account is a professional version. I want to offer any business owner or business leader to invest in your business and take a professional performance. I used the understanding and got everything that has a free copy plus many other beautiful features.

One of the biggest things you can access with the CANVA Pro account is a set of a brand that allows you to create a custom folder with all your branded assets. Thus, you can store your colours of the brand, lines and logos, much easier access when creating your design.

Another other Pro feature is “One SIZE SHIZE”. It is huge! So, for example, to say, I create an Instagram function and need the same artwork on Facebook. With one click, you can change your design to match! This advantage I love because it is a considerable time saving to create social media functions on various platforms.

Other features include access to more than 60,000 different templates, almost endless options. Access to 60 million photos, photos, videos, videos and graphics. You can use everything. You can always find something worth use in design.

Some other items they have access to are a huge video library. You can find videos of almost nothing. They have aeroplanes, wallpapers, beaches and much more! It’s incredible how easy it is to use the program. Another feature of the version is the “backlight”. It easily allows you to remove the image background.

Canva Pricing plans

Copy of Pro Canva is $ 9.95 per month, speaking annually. It is $ 12.95 per month with billing every month, in addition to cancelling at any time. If you have a big team, you may think of the organisational version.

Does CANVA PRO cost?

Now you may be interested; you should go for free or go with the professional version? So here I recommend it. If you start, continue and try a free version. Have you decided to use the paid version or the free version? Is it worth canva? In my opinion, 100% yes. The pro release has enough bells and whistles to justify costs. To get update information follow my social media.

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