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Call Loop Review

Call Loop Review : What is Call Loop ?

Call Loop is an SMS marketing and broadcasting platform. Users can create and send voice messages, SMS marketing campaigns, alerts, notifications and reminders to contacts.

Call Loop Review Features

In Call Loop Review, Users can track analytics and performance information for their posts.

  • SMS messages
    Create and send personalized SMS text messages directly to your subscribers.
  • Voice transmission
    Send voice messages to mobiles and landlines in seconds.
  • Voice mail messages
    Skip the call and send thousands of messages directly to voicemail.
  • Integration
    Easily integrate Call Loop with a third-party application or service provider.
  • Analysis and reports
    Instantly view your statistics, reports and analysis in real-time.
  • Audio control
    Create high-quality voice broadcast audio files by downloading or calling for recording.
  • Autoresponders
    Create and schedule a series of automatic SMS replies and SMS messages.
  • Bulk SMS
    Online text messaging tool that allows you to send bulk SMS messages online.
  • Contact the manager
    Manage hundreds and thousands of subscribers on your account with ease!
  • Delivery report
    Learn about the performance of each campaign yourself with detailed metrics.
  • Emergency notifications
    Send emergency notifications and alerts quickly, cheaply and easily.
  • Group messaging
    Send a voice message or SMS to a small or large group of contacts.
  • Personalized SMS
    Personalize your SMS and easily combine first and last name.
  • Marketing automation
    Automate SMS Marketing and Voice SMS Marketing.
  • Mobile web forms
    Collect leads from mobile-optimized signup forms.
  • Name and email address.
    Automatically capture names and email addresses from text messages!
  • Receive SMS online
    Receive online text messages from contacts, clients, leads and customers.
  • Voicemail without ringing
    Send audio messages directly to voicemail using voicemail without calling.
  • SMS Scheduler
    Schedule your messages to be sent in advance, and we will deliver them to you.
  • Secure SMS
    Your account is secured with a 256-bit SSL certificate and backed up daily.
  • Send SMS online
    Universal online SMS portal for sending and receiving text messages
  • SMS notifications
    Send instant SMS notifications and alerts with just a few clicks.
  • SMS messages
    Send bulk SMS and bulk text messages to your contacts.
  • SMS tracking
    Shorten links, track clicks, and measure your results.
  • SMS coupons
    Increase sales by sending SMS coupons and promotional SMS messages with one click!
  • SMS marketing
    Reach more leads and sell with secure and effective SMS marketing.
  • SMS reminders
    Reduce no-show with SMS or voice reminders.
  • SMS shortcodes
    Get your shortcode keyword to build your list at no cost.
  • SMS triggers
    Activate SMS text messages and voice broadcasts on demand.
  • SMS contests with text messages
    Get people to text to win your SMS contest using the mobile keyword.
  • Text to match keywords
    Collect leads via text messages using customizable keywords.
  • Voice transmission
    Send voice messages to landlines and mobile phones in seconds.

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Call Loop Review Pros

  • “I love the ability to receive alerts when new contacts are added and also when they are removed.”
  • “It was a great tool to get in touch with customers about the latest events, parking changes, etc. Our customer feedback is also great.”
  • “Unfortunately, the reports don’t work as they should. Once this feature works properly, this tool is excellent. “
  • “They have always responded very well to our needs, and I am sure we will see them in the future.”

Call Loop Review Cons

  • Call Loop is state-of-the-art when it comes to development, and I guess it will continue to do so for a while.
  • “When setting up tracking, the integration was a bit confusing.”
  • “The user interface can complicate. The reports are not working as expected. “
  • “No reports have been received for at least a year. And third-party support has never had an answer other than most of the list. “

Call Loop Review FAQ

What is the 30-day money-back guarantee?

Guarantee Our goal is to be as transparent as possible about the scope of our services and our employees’ capabilities. It’s backed by our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, and if for any reason you want to cancel, we’ll refund every penny minus all messages used.

How does the 14-day trial work?

In Call Loop Review, After creating an account, you get instant access to all Call Loop features for 14 days. If you want to upgrade or downgrade your tariff plan, you can do it at any time from your account. We do not require a credit card during the trial period so that you can try Call Loop without any obligation.

What is message credit, and how does it work?

In Call Loop Review, Message Credits allow you to send and receive text messages, voice broadcasts, and voicemail messages without ringing. For SMS messages, 1 credit = 1 SMS per contact. (for example: 100 contacts x 1 SMS = 100 credits). Voice transmission is charged in 60-second increments and costs one credit for a 60-second message. The cost of voicemail messages without ringing is two credits per message.

What is a pay-as-you-go billing model?

In Call Loop Review, Pay-to-use (PAYG) is when you make a prepayment to use a service. You are not required to pay a certain amount for text messages each month, and you can end the service at any time. At any time, you can buy credits or keywords from your account.

Is there a minimum commitment or contract?

In Call Loop Review, Our pay-as-you-go plan has no monthly or annual fees. Our other programs are for a month or a year and may be cancelled at any time by contacting support. There are no cancellation fees or charges.

What happens if I exceed the number of posts in my plan?

In Call Loop Review, You can set up automatic recharge in your account to automatically recharge your credits when they fall below a certain amount. This will ensure that all your messages are delivered to your contacts. You can always buy more credits at any time, as automatic recharge is an additional setting.

In which countries does Call Loop work?

Cyclic SMS calling is only available in the continental United States, and voice transmission is currently available in the United States and Canada. We are not now available in the UK or Australia. To register and be notified when we expand to your country, register here.

If I sign up for the free trial, will I have access to all features?

Yes! You will have access to all features during the trial period, and no credit card details are required to register. We provide 25 credits for your account and a free demo keyword so you can test the software before purchasing credits, a custom keyword or upgrade to a plan.

How do I update my account during the trial?

You can upgrade your account by purchasing posts, buying a keyword, or upgrading to a monthly or yearly plan. After the upgrade, your report will remain active after the trial period ends.
If you choose not to renew after the trial period ends, your account will expire.

Can I buy additional keywords?

You can buy keywords anytime from your account for as little as $ 15 per month per keyword. And if you decide that you no longer need this keyword, you can release that keyword with a few clicks and stop the subscription.

What types of payment do you accept?

Credit cards
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We do not accept Paypal at this time.

Do you offer discounted pricing plans?

We offer a 15% discount on annual plans and a 20% discount on 2-year prepaid plans.

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