5 Best Jobs in the Fashion Industry

We know that modern people of modern times are much more fashion conscious. As a modern workplace, the demand and importance of the fashion industry is increasing day by day. At one time people were involved in the fashion industry. But at present, people have been focusing on building their own career in the fashion industry and taking the fashion industry’s work as a profession.

Different types of courses and training have also been started to develop skilled manpower for the fashion industry. Now there are different types of jobs in the fashion industry.

It is possible to start a career in high salaries in terms of skills and qualifications. If you want to know about jobs in the fashion industry, then read this article. Because in this article I will discuss in detail about one of the top five jobs in the fashion industry.

Top five jobs in the fashion industry:

1. Visual Merchandiser:

A visual merchandise is basically designed to showcase a fashion company’s store. How to decorate a store, how to attract customers, and above all, how to improve business image. They take various activities and steps in that regard. If you have experience working in retail stores in an exhibition or on a large street.

But you can start a career as a visual merchandiseer in any fashion company. You do not need any educational degree for this reason. However, it is necessary to have the ability to present products and shops in front of consumers, creative, attractive and attractive.

That’s why you first get experience through working in small scale shops and establishments. If you can easily create a career as a visual merchandise in the fashion industry. Highly-paid salaries are also given in this post. The annual salary of a visual merchandiser is approximately 15 thousand pounds (16 lakhs). And later, if the experience increases, the salary increases to about 24 thousand pounds or 25 lakh taka per annum.

2. Sales Representative:

Sales agents usually play a leading role in the delivery of product products of the fashion company to the consumer. To be a Sales Representative, it is very important to have good communication skills.

Although there is no need for educational qualifications, if there is a fashion industry course, it is easy to start a career as a sales agent in good fashion companies. The average annual income of a sales representative is about 19 thousand pounds, which is approximately 20 lacs according to the currency of Bangladesh.

3. Fashion Designer:

Fashion design is an industry that allows a designer to make a costume attractive to his handsome hands. Fashion Design is a creative career. If you want to start your career in this position, you need to have the skills and experience of making a right decision about the type of dress, color, design, print, tailoring, etc. If you have a diploma or bachelor’s degree on fashion design and have basic knowledge about computer software, then the career is very easy to build.

In addition to the design of the designer, the designer introduced her patience and creativity. So if you have taken the challenge of creative and innovation, you can take this profession as a career. Fashion designer’s wages mainly depend on work experience.

However, you will get the salary of approximately 24 thousand pounds or 25 lakhs in the primary level, starting from the job. If you increase the experience, you will be able to earn more than 50,000 pounds a year, which is more than 5 million taka as per Bangladesh’s currency calculation.

4. Fashion Stylist:

Fashion stylist is a new job in the fashion industry. Stylists work in a variety of fashion houses, shops and exhibitions. Apart from this, stylists have the opportunity to work with different popular stars. Fashion styledists take responsibility in any outfit to look at the client, how to wear clothes, fits for any design, color and model customer.

To work in this position, you must have the ability to select good communication skills and preferences and make immediate decisions. Also, if you have any course in fashion and design, it is very easy to start a career in this profession. As a fashion stylist, it can earn up to £ 15,000 a year to 24 thousand pounds, which is about 16 lakh taka to 25 lakhs as per Bangladesh’s currency.

5. Fashion Journalist :

Fashion journalist usually do various writing activities, including fashion designing, writing product reviews, interviewing different designers. And they publish these texts on fashion magazines, fashion features and websites of different organizations. This job can also be done as freelancing. To be able to work in this position you must be skilled in writing. Career can not be formed when journalists are not creative and have excellent writing skills.

If you take any course, degree and training on journalism, it is easy to start a career as a journalist in the fashion industry. The annual average revenue of a fashion journalist is about 15 thousand pounds to 20 thousand pounds, which is about 16 lac to Tk 20 lac as the currency of Bangladesh. Journalists’ rewards are largely dependent on publication.

Working as a freelancer, you will be able to earn good quality. Basically those who like to write and write, whose career and passion should start their career in this job.

If you have a desire to form a career in fashion industry, you can choose any one of these jobs as a career by using your skills and qualifications.

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