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Travelling with kids can be a challenge, especially if you’re travelling. There can be a lot of noise which can make sleeping difficult. You are also very limited in how much you can move and what you can do. Many parents are looking for activities to keep their kids and toddlers busy. They take tablets to play games and movies to watch to pass the time. Between technology and sleep comes the need for Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones. People around you don’t want to listen to “Baby Shark” for hours!

Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones

Because kids are smaller and have different needs, their headphones will also be other. You will be amazed at how many kinds of headphones are available for kids.

Why does a baby need Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones on an aeroplane?

When you invest in Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones on an aeroplane, you can also use them for other functions. Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones can help at concerts and other events that can be noisy and harmful to children’s hearing. Here are some of the reasons why your child might use a pair.

Let’s examine why Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones are so important for kids on planes, what to do when buying a pair, and of course, which ones are the best.

Noise protection

Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones help protect your ears from high decibels. The average conversation volume is 60 decibels. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, regular exposure to noise over 85 decibels can lead to hearing loss.

If you’re giving Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones to a baby or toddler, you’ll want to ensure the volume isn’t too loud. Using headphones at a low volume level can help prevent this.

Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones help kids listen to devices at a reasonable level but also help dampen noise on the plane. Many people also use it for fireworks. You shouldn’t miss out on the fun; protect your baby’s ears.

Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones can also help children with special needs. For many children with autism, too many sounds can lead to a sensory breakdown. The headphone volume control may help.

Don’t leave headphones on for too long when your baby or young child uses them. Children are advised not to use Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones for more than two hours daily. Therefore, if you use it on a plane, you may take a few breaks with books and snacks. It can make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.

How to choose the right headphones for kids on an aeroplane
If you look around, you will see how many different types of Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones you can choose from. It is what you want to keep in mind:

What kind of protection do you want?

One of the first things you’ll notice is that there are earphones for kids and earbuds. We are not talking about headphones that can be worn in winter. Some ear protectors may block sound. But you can’t use it to connect to a device. Don’t confuse the two.

Regarding headphones for kids on planes, look for those with a volume limit feature. It can help ensure your child’s sound is not too loud.

The next thing to pay attention to is the headphone size. Many people have adjustable headbands that fit a child’s head. You don’t want kids to wear headphones. Stick to headphones. Check if the headphones provide in-ear or on-ear. Over-ear headphones are better at blocking noise, while over-ear headphones are more comfortable but let in more background noise.

3 Best Headphones for Babies on Planes

CozyPhones Kids Headphones

When you first look at these headphones, you might think you bought the wrong product because they don’t look like traditional headphones. It is one of the reasons why we love them so much!

They look like regular headbands that kids wear but also have a headphone protector. They have fragile drivers measuring just a few inches and a durable, extra-long braided cable that won’t tangle. It is also compatible with most of the available devices. Due to its size, it is best recommended for children three years and older.

It is an excellent alternative for kids who don’t like wearing traditional earmuffs. It also has a small bonus that can be useful for air travel. You can put a blindfold on your baby’s eyes to make it a sleep mask! We all know how hard it is to fall asleep on an aeroplane.

  • User-friendly design
  • It comes with a variety of character options
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Foldable and very portable
  • It is not recommended for children, only children over three years old.

BBTKCARE Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones

These headphones are an excellent choice for your little ones. It will protect your child from harsh sounds and make it easier for him to sleep on the plane. While they can’t connect to a device, they block out noise. They are perfect for fireworks, high-profile outdoor events, concerts and travel.
You can see from the outside that this is a more standard set of headphones. It has a soft quilted construction that makes it comfortable for your baby’s sensitive ears and head. It is also adjustable so that you can tailor it to your child’s head. It was reasonably priced too.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • It does not let in noise, making it easier for the child to sleep.
  • Modifiable
  • Reasonably priced
  • No connectivity option for devices

Baby Ear Protection Headphones by Mumba

Here’s another pair of earbuds designed specifically for baby’s little ears. It is another option if you want to mute the audio and don’t need to connect to the device.
These headphones are designed for children aged three months to 3 years. It is made of professional, sound-absorbing foam and a thick, durable cup to protect your child’s ears. With these headphones, there is no pressure on a child’s ears or head.

Whether going to a concert, plane, fireworks, or any other outdoor event, these headphones will let your child (and you) have fun without worrying about the noise.

  • Reasonably Priced
  • They are designed for children from 3 months to 3 years old.
  • A good choice for fireworks or other outdoor activities.
  • Cannot connect to devices


When it comes to headphones for babies and toddlers, which product you buy will depend on how long you want to use it and for what function.

Because of their unique design and ability to be used as a sleep mask, our favourite headphones are Cozy Phones Kids. The idea that they are fun to look at and comfortable means you won’t have to force your child to wear them. We all know how annoying this can be, especially when travelling. They can isolate sound and are also compatible with most devices. To get update information follow my social media.

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