As we all know about YouTube, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing social platform.

Where there are billions of videos and thousands of new videos are being added every minute. Google’s YouTube is most popular for easy uploading, sharing and viewing videos from all over the world.

Videos are shared on YouTube for thousands of reasons. Many are using the hobby, some to help others, many are using YouTube for official work and many have taken to YouTube as their own career.

In fact, they have taken more seriously than any other job or business, they are giving regular videos on various topics or niches, and many are making billions of income.

This is how many of us have heard about how money can be earned from YouTube but not exactly how it works or how this total mechanism works. Let’s find out today – What and how does YouTube Monetization work?

Simply put, YouTube videos play different types of ads before, after, and in the middle. The advertiser advertises on YouTube with the money, they are called an advertiser or advertiser.

Depending on the content of the video (publisher or content creator) in which the ad is displayed (publisher or content creator), the ad (publisher or content creator) is credited to the account based on various factors like bid rate, viewer’s country, number of clicks on the video etc.

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youtube monetization

It is initially credited to the YouTube account and submitted to the Google Adsense account at the end of the month. From there, the publisher ie the YouTube channel owner’s bank account money is deposited.

In a nutshell, the only way you can earn by showing ads on your YouTube videos is through YouTube Monetization.

This topic is involved in many things so I am writing this article as a small paragraph to help you understand.

What do I need to do to get YouTube Monetisation?

You need to create a channel before you can receive YouTube monetization. If you don’t have a channel yet, check out “How to Create a YouTube Channel”

And if you have a YouTube channel, then some conditions must be met before applying for monetization. Here you can see if your YouTube channel meets the conditions, then you can apply for monetization

New Condition of the Monetization Application Once these conditions are met, some basic information should be checked again, such as the channel logo, Channel Cover Photo, About section and more.

Remember, YouTube now manually reviews each channel for monetization. If Shiva is right, that is, if they are within the rules and regulations and the quality of the content is good, the advertiser is friendly then you will get quick monetization.

How many videos must be uploaded to get monetization?

How many videos in a channel can monetization get the right answer is difficult. However, channels that provide videos on a regular basis get faster monetization.

This does not mean that you are regularly referred to with one video after 6 months; as a best practice, giving a minimum of two videos a week or monthly can be called regular video upload.

There are many channels that have 20/4 video but no video has the same view. In all these cases, YouTube assumes that your video does not have that much value or does not have the same effect.

In some cases, videos of many channels rank very late, this does not mean that it is not like YouTube.

Usually one channel has at least 20/4 videos and other conditions can be applied for monetization. Many people think that the condition is full-blown with 1/4 of the video, so I apply.

As I said earlier, YouTube now reviews every channel manually, and in those cases who do reviews, in many cases, it is unclear what category the channel actually belongs to.

Because there are many of us who give that kind of video to one channel. Therefore, in order to make YouTube easily understand the category of your video, one must first try to create a specific category of video.

For example – if there is a channel for such a funny video it does not have the reviews provided. On the cooking channel so that there is no video on how to install a software, etc.

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