What is the importance of YouTube marketing? How to be successful on YouTube marketing or video marketing?Tech Teacher Debashree

What is the importance of YouTube marketing ?How to be successful on YouTube marketing or video marketing Youtube marketing is the most popular in the social media world. Because now people like to watch more news than the news they like to wear. Basically this is why YouTube is so much more important now. You … Read more

Learn the important topics of YouTube video marketing-Tech Teacher Debashree

Marketing through online means we generally think that top social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are mostly used. But again, true online marketers also use some more useful tools. Meanwhile, the video has been described as a more effective medium. In this case we can easily say that YouTube is the universal one.Online is … Read more

Creative Ideas for Making Youtube Videos – Tech Teacher Debashree

Eight Creative Ideas for Making Youtube Videos –There are eight creative ideas for YouTube videos for those who want to take YouTube professionally.Ideally, we create all the Idea videos that are usually composed within tutorials, prank video or other videos. Again the novelists first thought that making videos could be quite labor-intensive and difficult … … Read more

Subscribers Decrease? Sad news For You Tubers.What you need to know before you start YouTube? -Tech Teacher Debashree

Many have noticed that subscribers of YouTube has reduced .Youtube will remove spam subscribers in December.Those  subscribers comes from the fake profile.Fack profile means Those who subscribe to your channel, but not active and not watch your video. Those profile has no update.Youtube decided to remove these subscribers .Many people have increased the subscription by … Read more

What is Canva?How to design an excellent you tube thumnail on canva? – Tech Teacher Debashree

Canva is an excellent website that helps us to create beautiful designs.Anyone can make designs with this website.Those who don’t know drawing, they can use easily.You can also use that website to  design any logo or Facebook profile cover or a you tube  thumbnail or cover design for any social media.You can design business card, … Read more