Top 10 Tips For Best WordPress Website Maintenance Process

If you are running a WordPress website, you can’t avoid WordPress website maintenance. There are so many things you need to handle.

From updating to the latest version of WordPress to managing plugins, there are many aspects of WordPress website maintenance.

A successful WordPress website often requires the help of a professional WordPress Website maintenance service. In this article, we explore the top tips that beginners can use for maintaining their WordPress website. 

Website Maintenance Review

Let’s get started. 

1.Be up to date with WordPress Updates

Time and often, WordPress updates are released. A new version of WordPress brings new features to the WordPress ecosystem. Some features are related to security.

These updates address security vulnerabilities and make WordPress more secure. Many updates address bugs and compatibility issues.

For these reasons, WordPress updates are critical for website maintenance. Follow WordPress updates closely. 

2. Back up your WordPress website

One of the most important things to remember while updating WordPress is that you must take a backup of your WordPress website before updating.

Backups provide necessary files that may get lost due to updates. Having regular backups is also essential for regular maintenance. 

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WordPress Website Maintenance

3. Perform Regular Tests for Proper Working of Website

A website is not one independent entity. It is made of multiple parts that make it what it is. Sometimes any of these parts can malfunction.

As a result of this, your website will not work as correctly as it should be. You will need to take measures when this happens.

But how would you know if there is something wrong with your website? That’s why you need to test your website regularly and check if it’s working as you want it to be. Test on desktop, mobile, and other devices. Check on different browsers.

When you periodically check like this, chances are you will catch up on the crisis before it affects the viewership of your website. Through tests, you will have valuable information about your website – what is working and what is not.

You should keep an eye on the functionality of your website. It matters! The first step to maintenance is to check how the website is working.

This is also required after you update WordPress core, your theme, or any of the WordPress plugins. After updating, there can be instances that make the website unavailable. You need to catch these faults as early as possible. 

4. Take Measures for Security of Your Website

The security of your WordPress website is of utmost importance. With security failure, your website will not be in your control, and you would lose your hard work.

Hackers attack websites and get hold of sensitive data. The situation can become worse as per the intent of the attacker. Whether you are running an online store or maintaining a blog, you need to make sure that your website is safe and secure. 

What can be done for website security? Do not share your password with anyone. Use strong passwords. Remember to use two-factor authentication.

Regularly check user roles and give user permissions accordingly. Using a WordPress security plugin is a good idea. Also, as mentioned earlier, take regular backups – this helps when you recover your website after a security breach.  

As your website grows, you will find a number of broken links. What are the broken links? These are links that no longer lead to a webpage.

Such links often report HTTP 404 Not Found error. Such broken links can cost you a lot of traffic. Actively search for and fix the broken links. You can use WordPress plugins that can help you find broken links. 

6. Monitor Comments to Your Posts

Asking for communication through the comment box is absolutely fine – as long as you keep maintenance of those comments. What is included in this maintenance?

First, Remove the spam comments. Spam comments populate the comment section and pollute it. If there are too many spam comments, genuine users avoid using the comment section. Spam comments are also detrimental to your website’s health.

Therefore, get rid of spam. Second, respond to the comments. Genuine comments do deserve reciprocal communication, and such conversations are good for your website. 

7. Keep WordPress Database Optimized

Over time, the WordPress database gets cluttered and this can slow down your website. Perform regular clean up for your WordPress database.

You can take the help of WordPress plugins for database management. Ensuring the health of your website’s database is an essential step in WordPress maintenance.  

8. Observe Website Traffic

The most obvious measure of your website’s success is the traffic it gets. Observing your website’s traffic periodically can give you valuable insights.

By observing your traffic, you can see what pages are well-performing and what are not up to the mark. You will also understand what the areas of improvement are and what your strengths and weaknesses are. You can use Google Analytics to check the statistics for your WordPress website.

There are many other plugins that can help you gain an understanding of the traffic of your website

9. Optimize Images for WordPress

The significant portion of your website data consists of images. Images play an important role in WordPress speed optimization. Larger images take a longer time to load.

This hampers your website’s loading time. You should optimize your images so that they load quickly. Compressing images to smaller sizes can help.

There are many online tools available that can compress images. Resizing images is another option to reduce image file size. You can use WordPress plugins for image optimization. 

10. Speed Optimization

Always keep an eye on how long it takes for your website and webpages to load. Make every possible effort to achieve low page load time.

These efforts may include caching, minifying CSS and JS files, organizing databases, optimizing images, among other things. Having a faster website means more traffic. WordPress speed optimization will help you achieve a speedy website. 

So these were the ten most important tips for WordPress website maintenance. We hope this article will help you to get inspired about maintaining your WordPress website. Small steps for maintenance go a long way to your WordPress website’s success. 

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