At present You tube is the most popular website to earn  money.You can take it as a profession.It is the room of videos.Creating video is a very interesting work.If you have knowlege of video shoot and editting ,Then it is the perfect work for you.You do not need computer to be you tuber.

you tube .Earn money from you tube

You can make video by android mobile and there is many video editting apps to edit tube  is a video sharing service where viewers can watch,like and comment and They can share with friends and upload their own videos.Users can watch and search anything as they like.You can create your own video channel and earn money.

people  know that money can  made from YouTube, but not everyone is aware of that method. Most of the people have a  lot of questions about how to create an account or how to earn money, or how the money will come to your bank account. 
I have earning money from YouTube . At first you have to create a Gmail account With your proper name, age and phone number.Then you have to Log in to YouTube with this account. There you will find ‘Create Channel’. Create your own channel and add a good profile picture and cover photo.  upload any video you create on your own camera. now  50 percent of your work is ready.  You have to ‘Monetize’ your video to make money. Click on the video manager of you tube, and click on the channel-  where you will get the monetization.  you will have to activate your account from here.YouTube’s new rule is that your channel must have at least one thousand subscribers, and all the videos in your channel for the last 365 days will have a total of four thousand hours of watch time.

So, this time YouTube users will have to work more. Regular video needs to be uploaded. The video must be uploaded  in the proper rules.  If your subscriber and watchtime are appropriate, youtube will watch your channel manually and if they understand that your channel is correct in all respects, then your channel will be turned on.

So, If you take wrong path  to increase the number of views of the video or the number of subscribers ,it will harmful for your channel. Be patient, upload video properly, follow the rules, you can earn from YouTube as soon as possible. If you create videos  from any other movie or TV,   in your video, then YouTube can block you instantly and you never have to open AdSense account in your own name in the future. If you do copy another video or audio   you can not earn  from it. Remember, youtube will not accept any other song or your own song.

The main source of income from YouTube is viewer. The more viewer the video gets, the more money it earns. However, it is possible to earn  1 to 5 dollars per thousand in every 1000 views.It takes two to three days to get your AdSense application appraised. Once you become provoked, your income starts. Unless your income level is $ 100 You will not receive the money.  You will get a letter from google. you  have to give your bank account details such as bank name, account holder name, swift code etc. with a code number. Your bank account must  the name and address associated with the name of your Gmail account, otherwise you will not receive this money. 

YouTube is a popular medium where people share their own videos. So First if you open the YouTube channel to earn lac money, then you will be disappointed. You have to  patient to get money from YouTube. It may be two years or more to get your first money and  If you can give at least 10 thousand views per day, you will not have to work any more.
Be cautious about the time when you are making a YouTube video :
To be successful on YouTube, there is no alternative to good content. Again, it should not be considered only the quality of the content, it is to be considered equally the content type. So, to create quality content for YouTube, you have to be careful about some things. While having good cameras, editing software, and a skilled team, you have to be time-consuming.
There are a lot of details about how to make good videos for YouTube. In today’s article, we will discuss some important things about making video. Despite having expensive cameras, updated editing software, and a skilled team, many of them have many misconceptions about this. So today, there are some details that will help improve the quality of your YouTube content.

1. Determine the desired audience

Before creating a new video for uploading to YouTube, you should know well who you are making the video for. That is, who are your target audiences. Always create videos by judging the emotional status of your intended audience and audience. Always create your own style and style in creating new content. If you give a whole new gift to the visitors who have already been accustomed to your published video, they may not accept it. You can also lose the subscriber if you deviate from your orbit. Always remember that people have subscribed to your channel for viewing specific types of content.
Suppose, you create educational content. So your subscribers subscribe to your channel to learn new topics. They always hope that you will be constantly presenting new subjects. But suddenly if you publish a new music video on this channel one day, your audience will be confused. Even if you publish several consecutive music videos, the number of subscribers will start decreasing gradually.
The question is, do people who want to train in different subjects, never listen to music? Surely listen But they did not come to listen to the songs on your channel. They subscribe to another channel to listen to the songs. They just want to gain knowledge from your channel. Whenever you start uploading a music video to an educational YouTube channel, your visitors will start frustrated and start looking for any educational channel from your channel. So, regardless of the quality of the content, in no way can it deviate from its orbit.
2. Keep visitors:

YouTube has become much smarter than ever before. Before a video was successfully captured in view of the view, now it has been added instead of View Watch Time. At the end of 2017, YouTube made extensive changes to their algorithm. Getting more watch times than most views gives content makers more importance to YouTube. That means, instead of 15 people in a 15 minute video view, instead of two minutes, a person sees the entire video, but that is more important.
So make videos more important to the viewer rather than being more attractive to the view, so that the video’s watchtime is high. A promising way to seduce the viewer to watching a complete video is to reduce the unnecessary parts of the video and present the appropriate content. Also to avoid unnecessary speech at the beginning of the video and at the end.3. Use good equipment
The basicity of the content is as important as the quality of the content is equally important. Now the technology has improved a lot. Everyone has many advanced technologies, software, and devices. At this time, if you use low quality software and cameras to make youtube videos, but fail to attract others attention.
You always have to be updated more than your audience. So try to create videos using content that is important as video content, and with the same importance. The techniques of camera, light, editing, and even video shooting are very important. Training and advice on these issues is available on YouTube. Even the YouTube authorities themselves also offer advice and training videos on this. You can get YouTube related training by visiting the YouTube Creators Channel.Regardless of the above-mentioned issues, the video quality will be better than before and it will be successful to keep the audience. Although training does not end there. The better you learn, the better you will be in front of you.

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