In a word, freelancing is the freedom to work independently outside traditional service. For example, someone who took business as a profession, they are businessmen, those who are employed are job seekers, and those who earn livelihood by fisheries are fishermen, just like freelancing is a profession. And those who are freelancing are called freelancers. They need their own talent and expertise.This is an online home based  job  .You can work  from any place,any time.It is a freedom work.There is no Boss,no argument  but satisfaction by doing work.

Freelancing job.

Another word is outsourcing that is related to freelancing.This is  Internet system, different organizations carry out different types of work from someone outside their organization. And  who are outsourcing are called outsourcers or buyer. Generally they are a freelancer client.You will get work from different market site.If you don’t like any client’s order or  behavior.
You can cancel his order.There are different  works like Digital Marketing,Data Entry,GraphicDesign,Writing,Video,Animation,Programming,Business etc.You can choose the catagory as you choice.A freelancer is a self employed person who offers service to clients and  clients give  order them as they needed.You have to knowlege of computer software and  Internet.As it is an independent profession, so if you choose it as a career, you want to do it, whenever you want. You can do work from small to big companies or a person sitting at home. And you do not need any academic certificate but you have to have proper knowledge  and skills in any computer program. it depends on your performance. There are  many freelancers who are leaving from their higher traditional job and they feel that by freelancing they will earn a lot more and succeed.People of any level can come to this profession. There is no  age  limitations. Anyone, including students, teachers, businessmen, housewives, can work as a freelancer Or those who are trying for jobs can also choose this profession. A freelancer, maybe a 50 year old man  or a 20 year old housewife.

  Among the most popular work are:

Web Development:

Web Design, Creating Website, Creating Web Based Software, Website Maintenance etc.

Graphics Design: 

 Website design, Photo Editing, Logo design,etc.

Computer programming: 

Web programming 

Internet Marketing / Internet Marketing: 

Internet-based marketing activities, such as marketing on social networking websites.

Writing and translation:

News notifications, short stories, adult stories, and Articles, website content, translation from one language to another 


Those who  are doing internet-based public relations as well as  writing and writing in various national and foreign newspapers.

Customer Service: 

To provide important support mean telephone, e-mail and social media through the information provided to customers of local and foreign companies.

Virtual Assistant :

Performing data entry work on various companies.

Where to get work?

There are hundred of freelance marketplaces where this type of work is available. They can  get  jobs by making their own portfolio. If there is good experience  in working, long-term independent jobs are also available in different companies.

What is needed to start freelancing?

  • A laptop or desktop computer.
  • Internet connection
  • Knowlege of English.
  • Desire to work, patience and try.
  • Practice after learning
  • You have to communicate in English. Moreover, your typing speed is also good.

The best market places are

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