Let’s first come, what is Event Blogging?
Event blogging is basically blogging on a topic for a specific period. There are several big events in our country too. For example, there are many such events, such as Pahela Baishakh, Eid, Puja, Victory Day, Independence Day.

You may notice, on these days, in our country, especially through “Facebook”, everyone changes their cover photo. For example, on the Independence Day, every country-loving photo with their Facebook cover photo, posted on Facebook Wall. Basically these are the events.

benefit of event blogging

“So, now everyone can not but make these pictures themselves. So they go crazy and post pictures from their cover and their cover. And if you notice that there are many types of blogs available at that time, who publish many images on their blogs and if we want, then we collect our favorite pictures from that place. And from here on, basically those who work on event blogs, they usually earn. You can see almost some of the sites are ed. You will also see when you are downloading something, even if you do not want your mobile or laptop, any other software is being downloaded on the computer. So those who work on event blogging from these downloads, they earn.

Why do the event blogs?
This is the question of many bloggers, why do I blog the event? Does it have the advantage? So let us know, what are the advantages of this event blog? And why do you blog the event?
You will get hugge traffic on the event blog event day. Which is a lot more than your regular blog.
You can earn more income through event blogs in a very short time.Event blogging is a lot easier and takes very little time.If you want through Event Blogging, you can easily increase your Facebook page or Twitter Follower. Which can be considered as a bonuses along with your income.It is completely valid and here you will have to start with quality content.
On this type of blog you can earn many income from Google Adsense. Besides, you can also earn from other networks that can be used with Google Adsense.
However, this event blog will only give you revenues on the day of the event. Then this site does not work for your income. Visitors of this site will also stop at zero level. There are many bloggers who have their event blog parked on SEDO after the event. However, you can use this blog if you want. Come on, do not you know what you can do with this blog after the event blog event?

Which nishe can you choose as an event blog?
Here are some ideas of Bid Niss’s ideas on a few occasions. I will discuss these details later, InshaAllah
Happy New Year
Valentine’s Day
Halloween Day
Independence Day
Good Friday
Father Day
Mother Day
Christmas Day
Exam Results
Festivals (Eid, Holi, Raksha Bandan)
Cricket (IPL, ICC etc.)

Fotball / FIFA

What is the problem of blogging event?
Although I have always raised negative points all the time, so today I will talk about the problems. And then if you do not want to move forward you will stop here.

1. Any time your site may eat penalties from Google
2. Your site may not rank in time
3. You can not earn any money even without much work
4. Your time and investment can go completely into the water.
5. Income is only for a few days.
In fact, the negative points are actually one with another, Further details will be discussed below.
What is the benefit of blogging events?
1. You can get good results in a short time
2. If you are an irregular one, then EventBlocking Perfect for you
3. You can do good results in small investments
4. You can save money for your good amount of investment

Positive points are similar to negative points, as well as another rebate. So content will be discussed.

“As you are coming from these points, you have got positive and negative issues with event blogging. If you want you to work only by accepting negative things, then just read the article completely. Because, it does not mean that you only waste 20-30 minutes from your life. “

What do you need to know about event blogging?
  SEO: If you are not experienced in this, then it is not good to come this way. You will not actually get any results in it. But if you know the middle level SEO, you can get the event blogging. But for this, your risk will be 90%. You need to know the Medium level SEO because if you want to outsource SEO issues from anywhere, you need to understand what your contractor did for you. Otherwise, you will waste money and time.

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