is a website where you can earn good money by writing on any topic.Passive income can be made from the blog .Passive income  means that you have to write the blog once you suffer and you will earn money repeatedly.Blogger can be compared to the authors, as the authors earn money by publishing a book once or twice a year, and bloggers can earn money by repeatedly writing content.If you do copy by searching from Google and post to your blog, then your Google Adsense account will be disable. You can not earn money. You should not copy the issue that you want to write about.

How to get traffic on blog

* What is the blog?
 A blog is usually a medium of writing online. Bloggers write photos, videos, and pictures with photos or videos in the blog.

  * Identity of the blog site-
Many blog sites are among the most popular and trustworthy.The blog site is This is a site of Google L, L. C, Company. And all bloggers who register at give free domains and hosting opportunities.

 * Who is the blogger?
The bloggers are those who post in the blog.

 * What is blogger’s work?
 You can upload images, videos and blogs to Blogger. You can post new and share it and share it with everyone.

 * How do you become a blogger?
It’s easy to say, register with Google at Then you create a domain or blog at Then follow the policy on your domain or blog and you become a blogger.

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  *How to do new posts?
Insert viewers by posting new ones by clicking on New Post.

  *Blog Tips:
You can not post another copy of the blog and posted on the blog. If you do this, you will not subscribe to google adsense in the future. If you do not get membership then do not wear to earn money. It takes hard work and time to be a member of google adsense.

  * Blog Tips 2:
 If you want to get government or non-government jobs, you have to be B, C, S cadre. And how long does this B, C, S cadre take you to think once from the child S, S, C then inter, then honors in a topic, after the Honors Masters then B, C, S. Again, government or non-government can work for 15-20 years of education and offer different interviews but no jobs or many get jobs, but you can work at leisure time. Outsourcing is the reason to say these things in the world of outsourcing and you have to work hard, as well as how to work in the field of study. Because income is not possible without hard work.

  * Blog Tips 3:
Everyone stay away from doing bad things. You can easily earn a living in the house, work a little on the site.

 * Special message:
The more visitors, the better the income will be. So your visitors will have to raise.

* Hosting blogger
You will be able to host blogger dot com free of charge. And through this hosting you can find lots of post types, theme designs, layouts, and more.

 * Theme Options
You can change the theme through Blogger. Use the theme that you like the theme.

 * What is the layout?

With the layout you can add more favicon to blogs, blog site names, blog post, information on the site bar and many more information.To know how to create a blog, Follow the steps :

  •   First you have to open a Gmail account .Then go to ‘’ website.
  •  Then click on” Create a blog” option
  •  Next write the blog title, that you want to create 
  • Then post your blog URL
  • Then choose theme and click on create blog
  • Then you have to go to the theme option .
  • Then  click on the backup option.
  •  Click here to select the file from here and select the theme  and  click  OK button, 
  • Then it will be upload, 
  • Then go to the post option
  • Click on New Post and type  the topic you want to write.
  •  Then clicking on the publish option above will send the post to the public. 
  • Then go to the setting option and set the setting that will be shown in the video below.
2)How to increase viewers on Blog?

To earn money from Blog or website, viewers are needed.If you want to be blogger, then your main goal should be to increase the visitor.Making blog is meaningless without visitors.So you have to know how to increase your blog’s viewers.


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