The blog is an online work that you can do at home using a computer and Internet connection and earn unlimited money. The blog is like a book. If you have the knowledge of creative writing, Blog is for you. You can share your knowledge or experience or something special topic that is important to viewers, .It is actually an online book, that read by visitors. Blogger means writer,who writes a blog.You can write blog on many topics like Business,sports,travelling,news,life,style,food,cooking,relationship,story,Education ete. You can earn hung money by creating an e-commerce website, affiliate marketing website, event blogging, auto blogging etc.

Blog Tutorial

The beginning of blogging maybe seems a little hard. If the reader attracted on your writing, then will come back. The blogger has to think about what the reader wants. If the answer to this question is in his blog, his blog gets more acceptability. The purpose of writing articles is to solve the questions that are made in the reader’s mind.
  • The writing is very useful :

The first thing that your article is very useful for the reader. The reader will then come to the blog to read your writing. The goal of your writing is to not only income but also Readers’ needs,  desires, wishes, and dreams will write to you.

  •   Writing interesting titles :

The headline is the next step after choosing the topic. The headline is the most important word in your article, which refracts the whole article. So you have to pay attention to the headline. After writing the article, you can redefine it if you want. Most readers will see the headline news feed in your article. It can be on the homepage of the blog, maybe on the Facebook home page or Google Plus. If the title is not attractive, then you will lost the reader immediately. So there is no alternative to writing a very visually challenged headline.

  • The writing is straightforward :

Your writing must be easy . Suppose you like a  good topic, for writing, wrote a nice headline. The reader decides to read your article from your topic and headline. However, after the start of the study, if the article is full of irrelevant words at the beginning of the article then the reader can make two decisions. 

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If he does not read the text, he will go away in another article or paragraphs of the article, and he will come out of it .There is not much time for him to read an article. It is important to follow some important aspects. For example, sub headline or sub-title, small para, using quotes block if quotes are made, easy to use bold, Italian, list item, images, graphical resources.

  • Kindly write in the Common Sense compliance type :

Your article will have to maintain simplicity. When the reader decides to read the article, you should be careful ,so that the reader is not  disappointed.  So the text should be presented very simply. Common senses should be used to write in writing. Non-pragmatics will make the article complicated, so the text should be centered around the main content.

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