Although the word’App’ is not new, but for a few years, especially since the start of the smartphone, the app did not hear the word or understand it, it could be difficult to find anyone. In today’s modern tech era, there is an app for every subject,  Most people think that the app is for mobile .So there is such a great deal, maybe you did not know before reading this article. I will discuss various topics such as what the app?

The word “app” is actually the abbreviation of the word “application” and of course it is a software that can run on different platforms. So understand that apps and software are the same thing, but today’s modern type of software or computer programs are called apps. It can be of many types, it can be running on mobile, running on a computer, and also can run any electronic device. Some applications can run in the web browser, some applications can be offline, and some applications can continue online. However, the app is generally considered to be a type of lightweight software, which means that it is not considered to be a powerful software. And this is why the app term can be heard especially with smartphones or with the web, and in terms of computer term, people use the software term.

Apps are basically of three types – desktop applications, mobile applications, and web applications. If you talk about the desktop application, you can understand that this type of application is full form software, that means these programs are very strong, many resources are demanded from the system and direct hardware access to work. Desktop programs are specially designed for large screens and programs are useful for access by using the mouse and keyboards.

On the other hand, if we talk about mobile applications, they are usually lightweight and easy to use, there is absolutely no complex subject. And mobile applications are not as powerful as desktop applications. Mobile app icons are usually designed to be big, especially when they can work on the touch screen.

Finally, if they talk about web applications, they are often power-packed like desktop applications, but there is a down side that can not be used by web applications on the internet connection, because they do not have any computer or mobile install, installed on a cloud computer or on a web server, So the internet is definitely necessary to access. If an application is mixed with both web and desktop, then it will be called hybrid applications.

Hybrid apps can be used on the offline computer and offline, it works with resources from your machine, but whenever you come online, these apps start working from the cloud.To download any app, you have an official site as your operating system. There is a Google Play or Amazon store to download an app on Android phones, and there are many more third-party websites, from which to download the app. App Store for Apple Devices But the matter is different for the computer. In this case, more than unauthorized sources. Although Windows has created a new store for the desktop, but most of the software will be able to find you from an unofficial website.

We download various types of apps from online by mobile, such as music editing ,to edit photos , play games, to edit the video,google map,social media apps  etc.

Install app

To download any app on android mobile follow the steps

  • First you have to make an Email  Id.
  • Next you have to open Play Store .
  • Then go to search option in the drop down  list and type the name of app,which you want to install.
  • Next you will get a list .
  • Then you Select the app and press  install button
  • Wait sometimes 
  • After installing click  OK button
  • Now you will see the app on mobile screen.

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