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Today I will talk about Creative Careers. Creative Career is a career that has its own creativity, such as Animation, Multimedia ,Computer Games etc. If you want to take those  as a profession then you must have your own creativity.Animation is a method by which many static images are made consistently in video form.

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Animation can be of many types. Such as: Traditional, 2D, 3D, Stop Motion etc. But now we usually see two types of animations on television, in the movies or on the Internet – 2D and 3D. We have seen cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Tarzan, Meena, as well as the little ones that are made in to-d animation. Generally, these animations are made by hand drawing. Currently the animation that is most commonly used is the 3D computer animation. It is created by following several steps with many software. In recent times, we see the most popular Hollywood cinemas, including Kung Fu Panda, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, all of which are created in Computer 3D Animation. There is another topic in addition to 2D and 3D animation. That is Cgi (Computer Graphics) or VSX (Visual Effects). It is closely associated with 3D animation. 

As we watch Hollywood’s action, super heroic movies, 50% of them are through Cgi or VSX. And 70% of the work done by CGI is through three-D computer animation. This means that the computer animation can work as well as the VFX sector can work. Although two sectors are very big. Cgi or VSX is the only way to create a set or animation made on a computer with a realistic view. Suppose, in the film, that Superman leapt over the 100th floor and the flight was flying down. Now the question is, how was this video created? He really jumped from the 100th floor? Not at all, In reality, superman chops or leaps up a little high. And the rest of the parts, such as 100-storey building, surroundings, everything from Superman’s spiritual super-power are all made through 3D. Then the video clip of the computer that is connected to the 3D and the real Superman video is what the VSX’s creativity is. Hundreds of VSX artists working in the role of the hero, all blockbuster blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Since the discovery of animation, its demand was always, now and there will be future. Considering the demand of computer animation abroad, the income and expenditure of animation films are available. And the demand for online marketplace places is also widespread. And there is a great demand for motion graphics in the TV industry in our country.

There are plenty of titles in different channels. There is also a lot of animation in advertising. But animation animation or animation is not in our country. Because it takes a lot of time to learn character animations, it is also very difficult to create an animation film without team. However, it is expected that in our country, the introduction of Character Animation Cinema will start soon. Besides, the government also gave special attention to the games, animations. 

It is very easy to get great budget work. Architectural visualization work is very much in our country. So if someone is skilled in animation then nobody will be left unemployed. Hopefully, many international standards are currently being done in our country. Many people are working outside the country to study computer animation and work in our country.

Animation world is big. So, to come to this sector, there must be some basic idea about a few things. Good idea about computers and the Internet is essential for animations such as other work in the IT sector. Cognitive drawing senses, cinematic techniques, software skills, good knowledge in English. From Google or from YouTube, you should have the skills to learn writing or tutorials from related websites and learn them.The issue of earning in animation will depend on qualifications, hard work and proper platform. Since skilled animeter is low in demand quantity in the country, it can be possible to earn a lot if it is proficient in this sector. It may be over a million rupees a month. And if working with online market place or any major company or organization in the world, it is possible to earn from the lowest amount of thousands of dollars to ten thousand dollars or more per month. It is not very difficult to earn a good income from the person or the team but it works well. But considering the income, it is not possible to do very well in this artistic work. These things have to be done since I feel good. When working well then it will be earning, it does not say.Talk to those who are working in this sector. Read many more articles on Google. If you do not already have a computer running experience then you should first learn the computer. Then learn different software work, such as Photoshop, Illustrate, Maya etc. Also do not forget to practice hand paintings. If you are really interested, then get a lot of education on this topic. Prepare yourself in the field and get ready. It is possible not to do this if there is a strong desire and strength to work, it is possible to succeed by doing any work.

The youngsters have to decide first, really they want to learn animation? Can he give time for that? After the goal is set, he must start his pursuit. It is not possible to do well overnight in this sector. So the foundation must be built in the same way. If you want to do well, you have to pursue years of practice. This does not mean that he will be pursuing for years, but he can not earn any money. Earnings will begin to come from roughly after learning. 

However, it is a time-consuming process to be fully successful. Another thing to say is that there is no shortcut way of learning animation or a short road. You have to learn all the hardships. In this case, any college or university will be easy to study if it is studied over arts, or multimedia. Combination of words and pictures  create  Animation. 

You have seen many fun stories  of the cartoon on TV  .
If you learn the animation,You  also create such cartoon.
After being training, willing students can go cartoon animations, film animations, advertisements, gaming, etc. Anyway, 10 to 20 thousand rupees can be earned at the beginning.Gaming companies have the opportunity to choose their own choice for various type works.  Animatores can work  graphics designing website design and can start with freelancing and start own studio with jobs, foreign companies are now outsourcing. Has productive modeling capabilities, there are plenty of opportunities to have creative power.

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