What is Android ?How to download Android apps
What is Android ?How to download Android apps?

Android is a kind of operating system designed for smartphones. In this operating system, Middleware (middleware is used for easy communication between multiple applications) and some built-in applications.
It is to be remembered that, without any operating system, no application software (writing software, photography, etc.) can be used as a software application for everyday purposes. Application software is based on the operating system. An application software is based on specific operating systems. But nowadays, application software is created in such a way that it has the best operating system.
A desktop or a laptop computer, such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux operating system, similar to smart mobile phone (smartphone) Android operating system. Google brings this Android operating system to the market. Some other smartphones operating systems, Nokia Symbian, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone etc.

Android Apps :
We use different software on computer. The software that we do with practical work. Application software is built according to each separate operating system platform. For example, software created for Windows will not work on Mac or Linux operating system. Similarly, the software for iPhone will not run on Android. Android phone or Android operating system software, games, widgets or apps are Android applications or short Android apps.
How to download Android apps?

There are many Android apps download links coming to Google for “Search for Android Apps”. But downloading apps from all the places and installing it on your phone can be a lot of trouble, even if your smartphone can be dead (damaged) for life. So knowing that you do not download apps from any website or link, it is better to install directly from Google Play. To download Android free apps, you need to first Gmail or GoogleLog-in. After that go to Google dot com and select Google Play. From there select the category and click the Top Free button. Only those apps can be downloaded for free. However, this can be downloaded from Android phones only. It’s not just download, apps will be installed directly on your phone.
How to install Android apps from a computer?

First take the Internet connection and computer internet connection to your phone. It is compulsory for both to have internet connection. There may be internet connection via mobile network or Wi-Fi on the phone. However, it is good to have uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection (Wi-Fi zone).
After that you have to log in to Gmail or Google from your phone. Do not exit when you are logged in (or not if you do not have to do any other work on the phone).
After that, Gmail or Google will need to log in with the computer. It is noteworthy that you have to log in to the computer with the same account that you logged into the phone with Google or Gmail account.
From the browser that has logged into Google from the browser, enter google.com from that browser and click on the play.
Select the category here and click on Top Free. At the time you click on the app that you like, the text of the green box will be installed. Click the install button to see the window that appears below the device will be written – Phone. By clicking Confirm / Install button, the text will be “Congratulations! ‘The name of the app is’ Will be installed on your diva sune’. If you want to ‘OK’ here then you will see apps installed on your phone after a few moments.
Here’s a point to note that if your selected apps are not running on your phone or those apps do not support your Android version, but when you select apps, then “This app is incompatible with your device” below the install button. You can see the text.
By installing apps in such a way, your phone’s battery will save a bit and your internet browsing costs will be saved.

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