What is a brute force attack? And how to protect from it .What to learn as a good hacker?.- Tech Teacher Debashree

 What is a brute force attack And how to protect from it ?
What is a brute force attack And how to protect  from it ?What to learn as a good hacker?

You want to login to somebody’s computer. You do not know his password. What do you usually do? Guess a password. What if it does not login? Give another one. Then another one.It is basically the Brute-Force Attack. Guess one password after another. And password entered into the server. But software is used to provide passwords for each other.
Brute Force uses different methods for stalking:
Ever tried to make a password and login one by one. The password is too large for the password. The more number of passwords the number of times it takes more time to break. And so it is said to give a tough password.
Sometimes the dictionary is staged. The database contains a list of possible passwords for dictionary passwords. From there they have to give one by one. This password list is collected by hackers in a number of ways. Various software is also available for dictionary.
To protect yourself from the brave force attack
One. To protect yourself from the brave Force Attacks, give you a little hard password. Say tough password

  • The password is at least 8 digits
  • Enter capital or uppercase and lower case letters.
  • Give a newer numeric key (1234567890) in the password.
  • Enter a sign in the password like -! @ # $% ^ & * ()
  • Two Use different passwords for different websites. Especially with email password, do not register for any web site.

Three Manage the login form for your website.

What to learn as a good hacker? Are You Truly Giving For Hacking? 
1. You have to be interested in. Whose help you repeatedly, but he did not care for you. Because of this, you can not give up due to anger. You will be disappointed more then you get help 
2. In English you mean, well, that would be very good. Because the hacking or high quality is all about English now.
 3. You have to be very patient. 
4. Be Qualified in Google Search (Whether Google is a search and a qualification!)
 5. You have to be skilled in running the computer.
 6. Your head processor should be speed 3.2 ghz clock speed. Make fun That means, thinking about your head should be quick. some FAQ about hacking 1 How do you know that you are a hacker? Always keep an eye on the three things. First of all, you have to keep coding well, the rules that you have between the second hackers, whether you have a different hacker team or a big hacker, if you have a hacker, then you will know that yes You hacker 
2. Do you want to teach hacking? Without asking the person, you should know that Google.com, YouTube.com, Security Tubes, visiting such websites, hacking topics. ★ Before becoming a hacker, know how to use Google.
3. How to start hacking? Learn the language programming language first. Then learn about securities. Some of the basics of hacking, such as: sqli, rfi are many. 
4. I started late to start?
First of all, there is no age of education. You will see how much is your strength. Both are not a factor. If you start old, and if you have the energy you want, then if you are a hacker in old age. 
5. How long does it take for my hacker? How much intelligence you have on your head, how much time you are giving behind the hacking is over.
  6. Do you have any system to hack or teach me? I’m not teaching you hacking. I’m just talking about some basics. But how to hacking it on you. If you can not do it once, try it again and again. 
7. Brother can hack a Facebook account or email account? These are all social engenering. Unless these hackers ask questions you will be prevented. 
8. I have become a hack, do you save me if hacking? I run your computer or you run. You can click on a link and hack will be there in my fault. 
9. You are a hacker, a Windows software can not fix the problem? Brother, Google has problems with your Windows software.And if you can not do Google then you do not have the right to be a hacker. 
10. Where Can I Find Real Hacker? Find out in various hack forums such as Forum Dot Expire.com. 
11. Who is a real hacker? Hacker is targeting a thing and he is hacking it. This is the real hacker. 
12. Does your favorite have an eBook? Yes there. Hanking for dame. Then one can read another book that can be hacking express. 
13. If I want to be a hacker, should I be good at the ring? There is a little idea about the hackers’ scope for coding. 14. Which programming language will learn first? The programming language is C: One is that CIs the Mother Language of All Languages. You can learn HTML if you want but start with C. You can learn a lot. 
15.How do I use a hoodware? Are you a hacker or a carrier?

It takes a lot of powerful hoodware when it comes to the carrier. But if hacking does not take much more power, then it will not work again. 16. I want to join you, can you give me any problems? A hacker will never want to share his problem with you. If you have a good relation with a hacker, then he may also give you problems. But try to solve problems manually. 17. What happens if a hacker comes from a Linux user? In fact, it’s a bit of a lot of excerpts. Because Linux has more advantages.
Programming is to create a program or make software or a small (or big!) Tool for the computer, so you can do a lot of things. This is basically a definition of programming. The programming language is what you create your program, which means that the program will create the program. Programmers tell them to write programs. Because you have to write the program with a programming language and write it down. Do you think the question might arise in the program? You can do a lot of things by making the program. You can sell your made software. You can also use for freelancing. Can make viruses. You can solve mathematical problems. You can use your own preferences.

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