How to use fiverr account?

1. You can make an account with 1 IP or Computer / Laptop. If you use multiple accounts, all of them are likely to be banned!
2. You can use the computer / laptop account that you use in mobile APP. But better than not using multiple mobile phones.
3. Do not use multiple accounts at the same WIFI. Although the device is different, it is good to have an account under a WIFI underlay. The reason is that even if you use multiple devices. There will be an IP 1 tie in your account to be disconnected.
4. You can run mobile APP with WIFI. But there is an account with a WIFI.

 5. If the account is disabled. Windows will reinstall the new browser. Open the Fresh Account with new email address and new number. Let’s not get the problem.
6. Do not add same social media account to the account. If you want to add, do the difference. There is no match with the previous one. And if you feel the trouble then do not add it.
New gig:
7. Upload 7 Gigs in new condition It has more power to work.
8. Do not paste any copy in gig. Trying to write all yourself.
Gig Image:
9. Try to give unique gig images. And the image will be simple and eye-catching.
10. By increasing the text in the image, BUYER will easily install it on your gig key topic.
Gig Descrption:
11. Write a simple and straightforward forward gig description. You can highlight that service decision. And make a little more fun to display it.
12. Follow the steps that are given in the picture above, let’s come up with a good gig description that will help you to rank your gig.
Gig Keywords:
13. Gig will hear the keywords very well. 10 Top Gig’s keywords and give them a keyword list. But do not copy the flowers from one’s work. Take 5 to 5 people.
14. Try video

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7 tips to earn more than fiverr:
Are you already freelancing? Or are you thinking of starting a fiber in your successful career? Fiverr is currently the most popular international online marketplace, where freelancers (Fiverr Sellers) create various services packages for clients based on their efficacy and expertise. One or more packages are made in Fiverr, known as Gig, which costs $ 5 from $ 500 to $ 500. Fiverr charges 1 dollar to sell the Gig for every 5 dollars; That means, charging 20% ​​of any amount of the cell and 80% of revenue is credited to the seller’s account. Fiverr currently has 30 million gigs on different services. Fiverr may be the source of your fulltime income. Today, we will discuss seven tips to earn more easily from fiber.
If you want to earn more from Fiverr, just display those gigs that can be done in less time. Some examples of gig can be:
• I will  capture audio or video professionally from YouTube for $ 5
• I will leave 5 positive comments on  blog or videos
 for $ 5
• I will make a custom internet memo for you for $ 5

If you can complete every 5-10 minutes or less, then it is perfectly reasonable that you can do more than a dozen of this work within one hour, resulting in your minimum earning of 48 dollars. So you must be aware that it is not worth spending 2 hours to earn 4 dollars.
Many of the same gig rivalry in fiber. You have to go ahead in the competition, but you need to have the right ball. Set the Gig to be fluent, consistent, and functional. Your gig to be more attractive than ever. Follow the steps below.
1. Make the title as attractive as possible
Because the buyer looks at the title, so try to write Gig’s keywords as possible in the title. The buyer can easily understand gig.
2. Pictures / videos related to Gig’s offer
Multiple pictures / videos related to your gig will make your offer more attractive. An effective picture / video is better than many descriptions. Therefore, the photo / video that will be attached with the offer must be selected seriously.
3. Proper description of Gig’s content
If you try to give a nice / smooth description of the gig that you offer, then the buyer will give more importance to your service purchase. The description of your Gig will be those who are interested in seeing your title and picture and click to know more about it. So write the details in such a way that buyer gets impressed for buying your gig.
Repeat the same gig in multiple styles

It can be completed quickly, if gig is selling well, then more such gigs can be made to a different angle. As a result, the client will be impressed by seeing the above creativity.
Special offers to buyers for re-sale

Suppose, you offered a gig, write five Facebook posts for 5 dollars, when you finish the job, you can offer the customer 6 dollars to 5 dollars in the offer. This idea can also be adopted for other gigs.
A paragraph of 100 wards sells $ 5, and the buyer can offer $ 12 for $ 5 for the next order. Likewise, 5 blog posts can be made in 6 of the place, so the buyer will be happy to buy your Gigi repeatedly. This kind of special offers will increase your coverage, not only that, you will get your gig’s priority at the search result first. Using this technique, you can sell a normal gig more often.

Fast Response and Custom Offer
Note that Fiverr Gig uses a complex method to rank the search results. In this process, the rank is given based on how quickly the buyer responds to the buyer. So try to respond to the buyers as quickly as possible. After a quick response, another important issue is “Custom Offer”. Try to offer a custom made buyer. Buyer can offer another type of gig that you’ve already sold, buyer. Note that Gig is describing the custom offer, how much time he can complete the job, and how much dollars will be paid for the buyer.

Share your gig as much as possible
You can share your GG through social media. Maybe some of your followers may need this kind of service. Another thing is that fiber dominates the search results, those who share gig through regular social interaction.
Avoid Negative reviews, letting delivery and order cancellation
Although it may seem like a normal thing, but you must avoid negative reviews, letting delivery and order cancellation. If not, then fiber search results will reduce your gig’s rank and cellular level.

You can reduce the negative reviews with the buyer with transparent communication. Before completing the job, the buyer must ask if there is something left to know. Must give importance to the fifth level rating while giving job delivery. If possible, try to do a little more work than described in Gig.