Video Making Idea The strategy to earn from amazing video 2022 – Tech Teacher Debashree

All of us have already learned how to earn online from YouTube. I have not been going on that day because many posts have been posted on this.Already you have joined your YouTube channel as a partner to earn and maybe even add Adsense. But the results are the same.

There are no views in your video. Your fire has stopped. Why not be?
Have you made a video thinking about something extravagant? As everyone is doing, you are doing it with everyone. The results will be zero. Let’s think about making some creative videos.

Various strategies for making creative video :

Capture interesting moments of marriage – you can capture wedding scenes in wedding. Marriage means many memories. Many excellent scenes will be come in front of you. The scenes you can hold on your hands mobile. Think of adding something creative to your video to earn from video content.

Shoot the beautiful video with the bride and groom. Marriage is a beautiful background of great emotion and family bonding. Songs, dance, laughter, and tears are not there in today’s marriage. Many children also come to the wedding, capture their smiles.

Will you spend too much money to make such a video?

There are so many interesting scenes in the Bengali wedding. If you are devoted, then you will catch in your hands the most beautiful moments. Such video views will definitely be available.

  • My suggestion: they will do whatever they want to do in the hands of childhood. You just bring out the scenes from them.
  • Capture dangerous moments – Unfortunately, true people are very interested in watching videos. Have you heard of the fire? What is the political movement? Hijackers have been caught? Many of these scenes are in demand. At the moment, these videos spread all over the shares.
  • My suggestion: If anyone is in danger then rescue him first. It’s not always good to be commercial. There is no point in making humanity absolutely commercial.
  • College moments in the college or university – You can keep a camera in your pocket secretly in a crowd of friends. You can take a completely natural look. They may not be able to create such scenes when they say to friends. Besides, if you find someone like you in your friends, you can create a variety of conscious short films. Not very difficult. Courage and see Triye. In addition, there are various events and competitions in school colleges. You can also catch them.
  • My suggestion: Publish those who have captured the video with their suggestions. If you have any objection, delete the video.
  • Record video songs – There are many small artists who know good songs around you but they never get the chance to come to the media. Find them. You will get many beggars who will fascinate you. Why late Let’s work with them.
  • My suggestion: you will earn income with their videos, so give them some money.
  • Create ads – There are many organizations around you who do not have the ability to advertise. Promoting domestic products on the other hand, on the other hand, you also earn. You will get many such scenes sitting in the tea shop in front of your neighborhood. You can capture hawker’s product selling scenes. You can also create videos about the quality of different products. There are many products we use everyday that we can create videos. For example, create a video on furniture designed in fashionable design shops.
  • My suggestion: Promote more than native products.
    Travelogue – have you traveled somewhere? Keep the video camera on. Show people’s views so that they are interested in travel. Ask your video what preparations should be made in these places. Be aware of those areas where there is no insecurity. Please also specify which time is best for travel.
  • My suggestion:There are many beautiful lakes, fountains, hills in our country around us. Create videos with them.
  • Home Maid – Nowadays there are many viewers of Home Mide Video. You can create videos about fun food preparation, videos that are going to send children to school, or videos of birthdays or birthday party events.
  • My suggestion: When you create a video with a recipe, you can get many viewers.
  • This is the picture of the video making process in various events. To get rid of the video, the viewer has to increase and the title is also very important.

Creative idea for making youtube video