After creating a web site, we feel it is necessary to see how many times its visitor numbers are.For this we take various help from different sites or people.Without statisticians or analyzes, your website is like a ship without compass. If you do not know the visitor or traffic of your website, you will only be roaming around the ship in the sea. So, for your website, you need one of the best WordPress Visitors Counter Plugins.

A visitor counter plugin does not only track visitors, but also explains their relationships and behavior with your website. You must know who your audience of your website, where they come from your website, read the types of posts and how to engage with the site.

If you can properly analyze the visitor to your blog or website, then you can increase their number, make them more engaged and above all, increase your website income.

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The Top 5 Free WordPress Business Themes:
There are no features to visitor count or to validate in WordPress core file, but there are many visitors counter plugins in WordPress plugin directory. You can see the right results in your website’s analysis using any one from there.

WordPress Visitor Counter Plugin:
There are many plugins in the WordPress plugin directory for visitors count and analysis, but here I am just writing reviews with the best 5 plugins. Because, for Visitors Count you do not need more than one plugin. And from here you can choose the best plugin.

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JetPack by WordPress:
The JetPack WordPress company has its own plugin, which is auto-installed when installing WordPress. In addition to visitor counters, stats and analyzes, there are more than 35 features. This plugin will tell you the number of total visitors per month and the total visitor. Even, it will show you Country Wyz Visitor, Link, Click and Referral Number.

In addition to Analytics, JetPack has many more useful features. For example, automated social sharing, related posts, SEO tools, advertising programs etc. Another extraordinary feature is security and backup. However, this plugin is very heavy because many WordPress users do not want to use. I do not use myself. Because, from experience, I have seen that this plugin makes the website very slow.
Google Analyticator:
Google Analytics is a great plugin for visiting your website visitor tracking and pageviews. This plugin has a number of widgets for all types of status shows, including Visitors’ Behavior on WordPress’s Dash Board.
Google Analytics by (Yoast) MonsterInsights
Google Analytics by Youtube MonstersSites is a great plugin for beginners. Because, its setting is very easy and the interface is also very well organized. So, as an expert understands all its functions, a BigIner also understands all the settings.

The back-up organization of this plugin is the creator of Youtube, the most effective SEO tool for WordPress. It gives you the opportunity to access all kinds of data related to analytics and all the benefits. For example, Google Analytics API API, 404 Error (Not Found Page) Detection, Visitor Details, and Demographic Report.

Google Analytics Counter Tracker:
Another important and authoritative WordPress visitor counter is the Google Analytics Counter Tracker. The specialty of this plugin is that it is able to show the number of graphical visitors to your WordPress website’s home page. That is to say, if you want, at the moment, visitors to your website will see how much it is to see each other, but this is the appropriate plugin for you.
POWr Hit Counter:
A cloud-based plugin for Power Hit Counter WordPress. This plugin module allows you to show through Power Record, who is on your website, who is reading, etc. You can manage it only on the back-end of the website itself, from which visitors can learn all kinds of benefits. Even you can set-up the plugin anywhere on the website.

If you own a website or blog, then visitors are required to know about their behavior, who are coming from any website, etc. You can find all these information using any plugin here.

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