Many have noticed that subscribers of YouTube has reduced .Youtube will remove spam subscribers in December.Those  subscribers comes from the fake profile.Fack profile means Those who subscribe to your channel, but not active and not watch your video. Those profile has no update.Youtube decided to remove these subscribers .Many people have increased the subscription by giving money .You must have 4000 hours watch time and 1 thousand subscribers according to the new rules in YouTube .If the subscriber has less than one thousand and watch time is more than 4000 hours, your monitization will become disable.Even  If the subscriber has more than one thousand and watch time is less than 4000 hours, your monitor will become disable.If you want to work on YouTube,  then work legally .If you use wrong path and shortcut method ,then you will not be successful . If you do not have good knowledge about the channel that you open, you will not be able to make  good quality videos .As a result your channel subscription will continue to grow.

There is no reason to think of those whose subscribers have decreased. Try your best,You will get success.

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What you need to know before you start YouTube :
Uploading any content on YouTube does not bring success. You always have to work with fancy and specific content ideas, and keep an eye on the specific audience.So if you still can not develop specific content ideas for your YouTube channel, it’s very hard to get success for you. So, set up your own channel content today, and create all content keeping in mind the specific category audience.Of course, at the beginning you have to overcome difficult times. Because at first you will not get the desired visitors and subscribers. But do not lose patience at this time.
Remember, you want to create a specific audience, who will subscribe to your channel knowingly, and be interested in seeing all your updates. You can quickly see the success face if you are able to cross the initial difficult situation. Because the algorithm of YouTube is arranged in such a way that specific category video suggestions are given to the specific audience. So if you are continuously working on specific topics, you will soon receive a large number of visitors who will subscribe to your channel. Once the subscriber starts acquiring, it will be increasing at a faster rate of compounding.
Sorting channels with specific content:

Earlier it was better to work on a specific topic in a channel for success on YouTube. But there are many people who upload channels by uploading channels. If you have already uploaded different types of videos to the same channel, then remove videos that are inappropriate with the video and the videos that are incompatible with the huge video of the channel. You can make unnecessary videos private, or delete it entirely from the channel. This will not affect your channel’s subscriber or SEO. Rather, the acceptance of your channel will increase to new viewers. Moreover, all the hassle of your subscribing to your previous subscribers will be removed.

Subscribing strategy:

There are many strategies to increase the number of subscriptions on YouTube. However, the number of subscribers on YouTube can be increased using various features with a published video. For example, you can share channel subscriptions links in the video description and description boxes at the time of publication. Even just subscribe links are not shared, Certain links can be used to subscribe. When someone enters this link, YouTube will show you a special notification to confirm the instant subscription. For this, first copy the link to the address bar. Then, by linking the View Edge Subscriber (? View_as = subscriber) to the link? Sub_confirmation = 1 fill part. You can also share subscription links through a pin comment in the first comment room below the video, not just in the video description.
You can also share ‘End Screen & Annotations’ and Cards Subscription Links at the end of the video. In this way, you can increase the number of channel subscribers by using all the possible benefits of a video. However, the best way to increase the channel’s subscription is by continuously uploading the same category video in a channel with patience. If you do this then success will come.
YouTube is one of the most popular media for eager and active young people to work online. To upload videos to YouTube, you do not have to make any server Maintain. Private websites do not have to. Do not require domain and hosting bills at the end of the year. However, the video can be uploaded as much as you wish and always earn from all the videos.If you can give good content on YouTube, earning lasting income, fame, goodwill can be achieved all at once. So YouTube is now named as a Passion for Youth. But you can not start YouTube just from Passion. Before you get to work, you need to know some things well. But at the beginning of all the words, it is to say that no work is achieved without work on the earth. So you have to work hard to get success in any business online or offline. YouTube is no exception.
Today, some basic topics are discussed in order to start YouTube. Today’s article for those who want to get inspired from others, or start your own passion from YouTube.

  Setting goals :
To start with any startup, such as to set goals, so to be successful on YouTube you have to set a goal. Because a new YouTube channel is no less than starting a new startup. So, set your goals on youtube. If you want to do YouTube, and where you want to reach the end, make these points clear. Just get enough subscribers and views, and it’s not your main purpose to earn from it.
Of course, many have been confused by this? Think, the main purpose of watching, subscribing and earning for success on YouTube! Surely so. But if you are just following the view, subscribing and earning, you will fail to meet specific goals. Because to get enough view, create low quality content, and you will be busy getting quick success, which is not a good sign in any way. So we have to leave this trend, and have to set specific goals.That means seeing the success of others, you should refrain from uploading different types of content to the same YouTube channel, and be constantly working to achieve your individual goals. Only then will success be achieved.

The success of the subscription is considered to be your overall success on YouTube. Because getting enough subscribers means that they all like your content, and want to see it regularly. But you can not earn more subscribers in a short time. More subscribers can not earn more subscribers again in a channel.
So slowly but continuously create the same content, and create a subscribe. Keep in mind, if the number of your channel’s subscribers is upwards, then it will gradually increase in compounding rates. So there is nothing to be upset about. You just keep focus and constantly upload videos. Do not forget to upload different types of content and bring more subscribers to the same channel. It does not last long.


After opening a new channel, YouTube needs to fulfill some of the requirements to monetize the channel. This means that for any new channel, minimum 1,000 subscribers and four thousand hours can be applied for monitization after having watch time. Then YouTube authorities allow monitization by reviewing your application according to copyright law and community guidelines within seven days to one month.
Before to this the rules were very easy. Since the first day after any channel was opened two years ago, the channel could be monitized. Then the YouTube authorities changed the rule to introduce minimum 10 thousand views. In the last 2017, this rule changed and introduced the rule of having 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours of watch time.

Youtube success depends on luck?

Many online analysts say that YouTube’s success is completely fateful. But not really at all. Proper planning and hard work can make any startup successful, but why not YouTube? The main two considerations for success on YouTube are patience and concentration.
To be successful on YouTube, you have to be patient and continually develop continuous content. However, the exact time of the content is determined on YouTube by understanding the type of content. That is, due to the usefulness of content, some channels take more time to succeed, and some channels quickly achieve success. It depends on how much attention you can attract to the audience.

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