Fiverr ( has already become known as the most popular marketplace. Many people are less inclined to work at the gig rate of 5 dollars in this marketplace. That’s not the case. Many who work in this marketplace earn an average of $ 5 per month.

What kind of gigs are sold more in Fiverr?

Generally, creative types of gigs are over-sold. Examples of creative gigs. For example:

Animation video, video making, vector tracing, bizarre services, proofreading, content creation like blog posts, artwork creation like sketches or logos, book cover, 3D product design, business card design, website speed optimization, web traffic, web development, etc.

How to put a gig in search results first?

When a buyer needs service, he searches on Fiverr. If you find your gig early in the search, your sales potential increases. I teach tips on getting the gig to search results first.

Step 1:

Optimize Gig:

1) Make the title of the gig interesting. So that anyone who is attracted to go inside to see the title. Make sure to use the search keywords in the title.

2) Use related keywords for tags.

3) Use something like this to catch someone’s attention when using a picture suddenly. Going beyond the traditional, doing something exceptionally appeals to people. So try that.

4) If you use video at a gig, the sales potential increases by 5%. It’s said from the Fiverr Authority. So try, following Fever’s rules, making a video to use in a gig.

According to statistics from last year, the Fiverr blog revealed that the gigs that went to the video had a huge increase in sales.

Not only that, all the cellars which have presented their work in the video have increased their sales by 5%, and those who have expressed their videos through video effects, animation, writing, still images, etc., have increased by 5%.

The music and audio category of those who had a video cell grew by an incredible 5%. So the importance of video at the gig is clear, hopefully.

Now let’s talk about Fiverr’s rules about the video.

1. Video must be 5 minutes or less

2. The phrase “Exclusivehievement:

If you can bring many people inside the gig, that is, you can read a lot of people to the gig, then the popularity of that gig is achieved. Many people have to use some SEO tips to click on the link in the gig.

1.Campaigns on social media:

Exclusively on Fiverr” is a must-have at the gig. Write it down, say it face to face, or do it with pictures.

 2.You can never add a video to a gig if the video is rejected three times in a row. So be careful. The video above is usually rejuvenated by doing the above 1,2.

3. The video must be based on the gig.

4. You can add the same video to multiple gigs.

5. Gigs usually show within 24 hours of the video being added.

6. You can change the video as often as you like after the video is published. Thumbnails can also be customized.

step 2:

7. Once the gig is optimized, it depends on two factors to stay on top of the search. These two things are gig popularity, gig reviews.

Topic 1: Gig Populity Ac

Share the gig on popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, etc.).

Gig Link Promotion via Gig Related Blogpost:

If the gig is related to logo design, you can write a blog post with tips on interesting logo design. Many people will read this post; it will attract many people to write. If you come to the gig link in the post, you can bring many visitors to the gig.

Increase the popularity of the gig using these two methods.

Topic 2: Increasing Gig Review:

If you do the above, you can expect to get some gig sale orders quickly. Get good feedback from Bayer on how the gig works and deliver timely work. As soon as you get good feedback, your gig will continue to rise above search.

If the whole post works, you can sell many gigs on Fiverr. I hope you will let me know on Facebook if this post is successful. Good preparation; work without planned preparation will not succeed, but it will be too late. So do it right, or else fail if you don’t get the blame for luck.