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Some effective ways to increase smartphone battery backup

General method *

1) Do not keep your Android device WiFi / Bluetooth / 3G / 4G / 5G / GPS connectivity for free without needing it. WiFi / Blutooth, 3G / 4G / 5G GPS has plenty of battery usage.
2) If your device supports Auto Brightness, then it is good to keep Auto Auto. If you do not have Auto Brightness, then manually set up is available.. By setting the brightness according to the data below, we have seen significant changes in battery backup.
During the day
Inside the house: 30-40%
Outside the house: 50-70%
Street: 90-100%
At night
Inside the house: 05-30%
Outside the house: 15-40%
Street: 20-40%

In total, try to use time-wise brightness without using excessive brightness. It will be as good as your eyesight, battery backup will increase many times.
3) It is best not to use the live wallpaper, because it is a good battery. You can use it to attract the attention of friends in a special way, but after coming to your own, set the normal wallpaper. According to some, using black-colored wallpaper can provide better results.

4) by using a sensor If you want to stop any apps that work, just do not minimize completely. In ice cream sandwiches and the next Android versions, you can easily close the app by pressing the Home button to swipe left to the right. Use a good Task Manager for other versions.

5) Do not use more than one antivirus or battery saver apps. Juice Defender apps have a lot of work as battery saver. From the Google Play Store.
 It can be collected free

6) For runtime management rooted device users can use the Greenify app. By doing this unwanted, unnecessary apps can not run on your device’s background, so the battery will increase too. This app can also be downloaded from the Play Store for free.
Many of the tactics we have been asked to follow so far. Now let’s look at some advanced strategies.

*** Advanced methods ***

Strategies apply only to Li-ion batteries. in Li-ion batteries nowadays almost all phones are used . Many people can disagree with these procedures. But we got good results in this method from the Internet and our experience. Hope you will also benefit from this.

Do not allow the battery to drain easily below 15-20%, so that if the battery is 15-20%, then charge it without delay.
while charging do not call the phone  If you are not forced to do so .
Try to charge the charge continuously. Keep in mind that at a charge of charging at least 35% of the charge is at once. And if you can not do it all there is nothing.

Do not charge a second after charging the battery 100%. Unplug it immediately after charging 100%. Remember, do not sleep by phone at night and never sleep.
Do not charge your phone frequently. If the charge is above 50% then there is no need to charge for unnecessary charges. It will be given a charge after going down 35-30% .

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