Passwords that should never be used ..& How to Convert any text to the audio
Passwords that should never be used ..
How to Convert any text to the audio

Starting from computer to smartphone, all the devices have to use the password for security. Passwords need to be used to access various services on the Internet. But for the convenience of remembering we use some simple passwords most of the time. But it is very easy to break these simple passwords.
A few days ago, Splashadata publishes a list of 25 common passwords annually. These passwords are used by users. And so many people are victims of the hack. In other words these passwords are the best friends of hackers.
In 2014, 3.3 million password leaks are only ‘123456’ due to this lazy password. Strong passwords require a combination of letters and numbers.
The following listed password should never be used –

.Convert any text to the audio …

Ever wondered if you wrote a text and it was changed to an audio file!

And this task can be easily done using a web tool. Using this tool called vozme, you can listen to any of your text or articles online by changing it to the audio. You can also download this audio file if you want.

How to change any text in an audio file:

Go to this site at first http://vozme.com/index.php?lang=en

Its interface is very easy to login even though it is not necessary. Just type in the text (English, Spanish or Italian) or paste and click on the “Create MP3” button.

1) Click the green play button to listen to the audio.

2) To download the file, click on the “Download mp3” link.

What to do if you forget the lock pattern on Android phone?

Everyone may notice that Google’s Android is very smart. And the Android phone has a pattern lock for privacy. Due to this lock the user can not access without knowing the pattern lock on the phone itself. And if you forget yourself this pattern, then there is no limit to suffering.

Without such a problem, you have no choice but to reset the mobile phone to get rid of such problems. Some people call it hard reset because it brings back factory settings. Let’s see how Samsung Galaxy Y Reset –

The phone must be shut down first.
Now you have to remove the battery.
You have to put the battery again.
Together with ‘up volume key’, ‘power button’ and ‘home button’ you will be able to capture until the Recovery Mode Screen arrives.
Using the volume key, you will need to bring down the cursor to ‘wipe data / factory reset’ and press home to select it.
Now another screen will come in for sure. Remove the cursor and bring ‘yes’ and again select the home button.

Finally, the key features of your mobile phone must be rebooted.

Hard-Reset Side Effects

All apps installed on internal memory will be lost.
The saved contacts in the phone memory will be deleted.
You will need to install the apps you need again.

However, all data on external or SD card will remain.

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