Modi Govt Bekar Bhata 2018 ?For the youth scheme Bekar Vata under the state government of West Bengal? -Tech Teacher Debashree

Like the West Bengal government,the central govt has also launched allowance for unemployment youth. There are some conditions, 
1)Your name have to registered at the exchange office. 
2)You must be 20 years to 25 years of age. 
3)Minimam will have to pass the Higher Secondary.
 Higher Secondary pass 1000 will be available, Graduate pass will get 1200 rupees and Master Degree pass for 1500 rupees will be available. This project has started in different states of the country. West Bengal is not yet effective. You can apply online or offline. If you are receiving money from Youth Project, you can not apply. After 7 days of application, you will receive an SMS, then submit your documents to the office and your money will go directly to your bank, whether it is to start in West Bengal or not, but the next year may be operational.

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 For the youth scheme Bekar Vata under the state government of West Bengal :

Today, one of the biggest problems in West Bengal is unemployment. Surveys have found that the number of unemployed people in West Bengal has exceeded one crore. In the last year, the state government has been promoted to the Jubilee Project under the leadership of the Honorable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to free unemployment in West Bengal. 

For the youth scheme Bekar Vata under the state government of West Bengal

The youth covered under this project will get one and a half thousand rupees per month from the state government and not only for the job, they also get priority for this project.Meanwhile, a notice has been issued to the state government on which is very necessary for you to know.
You have to open the account in a particular bank.

2) In order to prove your unemployment, you have to fill and submit a declaration form.

3) The whole process will be made in the online application form, online.

4) You must be between 18 and 45 years old.

5) You have to pass the eighth grade in terms of educational qualification.

6) If you have taken a loan, then this project can not be covered.

So, you can go to the Employment Bank website to know more about something else. And if you have not yet applied for it then you can go to this website and submit your application.
Website is as follows: –
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