1) Choose the right offer for buyer request: Only send request in the request for the request and the subject matter for which you are fully scaled.

2) Take your time to read the description : Many people send offers without fully understanding everything! Avoid it completely.

All you have to do is take the time to read the complete request from Bayer. First, understand what Buyer is asking for, then you will be able to do the job 5% correctly. You can then click on “send offer”.

3) Keep your description clear, concise and to the point : Your offer must be written professionally.

 “Hello SIR / MADAM”
“Good morning / evening / other greetings”
“How are you?”
Avoid such unprofessional and irrelevant writing.

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4) Copy pasted request to Everyone : There are many new people who have made a specific message ready, copy and paste the same message to your category if you get a request.

Are you a member of that group? So avoid it today. That way it is never possible to get an order, because different clients will want different things, how will the same thing be sent to everyone !?

Yes, you can send a few things together, but if you think about sending the same ready-made item to everyone, then you lose the hope of getting the order.

You are sending a Buyer request, not Eid wishes, that everyone will copy and paste the same thing

5) Short and Sweet : Always try to write offers as briefly as possible. Because you get lots of requests in addition to that, all the requests are a lot of trouble to read, so it is much more likely to avoid extra large requests.

Therefore, always keep in mind that the offer does not become too big of a subscription requirement.

6) Proper Pricing : Please do not send chicken purchase offer to the person who has come up with a budget to buy a cow! Remember, most clients want good quality, not low price.

If you think you have not yet been able to work at higher prices – so to make it work in this situation, make it low price, then quickly close the Fiber tab and go to YouTube / Google and focus on increasing your skill Will definitely come back to Fiverr when able to work at a reasonable price.

7) Include the keyword : Buyer should use the keywords properly used in the offer. Bayer can understand that you are well aware of what he wants and that you understand all his requirements properly.

8) Proofread offers : Before submitting an offer, take a look at everything else like a test account, no mistakes.

9) Others : Sending a proper buy request cannot be learned suddenly in one day, after many experiments you will gradually understand how to send a suitable offer. So follow the above rules, be patient, send a regular request.

Many people who sit down to give their jobs to Skilled, patiently keep trying – you’ll get it.

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