You Tube channel can be a great way to show yourself .Here I will discuss how to create a youtube channel.Follow the steps:

  • First you need to create a YouTube channel through Gmail ID. 
  • Your YouTube channel will be created when you sign up via Gmail ID on
  • Then click on My Channel from the left-hand option and you can see your channel. 
  • You can see another option named Video Manager on your channel name and Click on it. 
  • Now you can see many options after clicking on the channel option on the left. You will have to verify the partner with the mobile number from the partner in your name. Partner can not monetize your videos if not verified.
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YouTube channel

There are a lot of channels on the main menu, which allows customization of a variety of special skills or be able to without any hassle.

Adding new bulletins to the channel will not change much in its appearance. Like Facebook status, the bulletin is to inform subscribers about any updates or changes to the YouTube channel. When the new video is uploaded, it will automatically be communicated via the news feed to the subscribers.

Next there is the Settings tab. There is no such thing as to have a title for your channel. But the headline will be the benefit of the subscribers.

 Who is going to be more popular with your channel and more popular than the ten popular channels?

Share videos in various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc Create backlink for your video. Keep in mind that YouTube Video Publishing is a kind of blogging. So you have to make some backlinks in order to get a good position on YouTube, Google and other search engines. Just create links to your topic based site.

Become Video Blogger :

Video uploads on YouTube are similar to blogging. Through this you can convey your message to the people of the world.

How to earn income:

If you can make popular videos or your channel is popular, you can get an offer from YouTube’s AdSense Partnership.

But first of all upload your video. Once uploaded, you can see the monetized options at the bottom of the video. Here, with the sign of Monetize with ads option, your video will now show different ads from Google.

But do not upload any kind of copied videos. Then your YouTube monitization will be disable.


Now you have to apply for google adsense through youtube channel. With this AdSense you will lift the dollar.

Now again click on the Monetization option from the left side Channel option and enable Monetization from the Enable Monetization button on the right.

Then there will be another option named How Will Payaid. Next click on the AdSense account and clicking on an associate Gmail login ID and the request will go to all the information required to set up AdSense. Now within 2 to 3 days, Adsense Approv Mail will be in your inbox.

Increase income:

Youtube-earning – After uploading a new video, the video must be described below.

So you can easily get the idea about your video on YouTube. This will give the video to the visitor according to YouTube’s scheduled topic.

Share videos on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter Create backlink for your video. Video publishing is a kind of blogging on YouTube to remember.

Therefore, there must be some backlinks in order to be in good position in YouTube, Google and other search engines. Just create links to your topic related sites. Follow people who are doing your job or working like you. Keep in mind that the increase in the number of channels means that your income increases.

Sells channels:

Youtube-earning- If you own a good name or a good keyword channel, then sell it and earn a one-time income. 

How to delete your you tube channel?

 you tube delete

Sometimes we need to delete additional you tube channel.So  if you want to delete your you tube channel then follow these steps to –

  • First you have to do sign in youtube channel which channel you want to delete.
  • Then Go to account setting.
  • Next click the Advanced button.
  • Then click ‘Delete my content”.
  • Finally Select the boxes for  confirm to delete your channel