How to Lock Your Facebook Profile
How to Lock Your Facebook Profile

Have you ever felt the need to lock Facebook profile? Do you want any unwanted person to peek into your profile? Do not you see all that you do not know, all of your unknown things?Surely, no, no. You must make sure you have the highest privacy of your Facebook account. And among these important privacy is to lock the profile. Locking the profile means locking your privacy, keeping yourself safe.

Privacy protection on social media like Facebook, especially Facebook, is now equally important for everyone. Because, most of the people have been privyasi leak through social media in present day. So, keeping your privacy private, that is, you need to keep Facebook ID locked in order to prevent it from being shared with you.
Friends, when you are doing what you are doing, how you are living, and what you are enjoying. But do all the people need to tell? Everyone is your friend, everyone is well wisher? Is there no one who can be in danger of knowing all your personal information? Especially, when you know where, where, what is your public or secret enemy?

Surely it will not be pleasant for you, nor will there be any glad tidings. So, you do not have to let everyone enter your profile. Simply put a gate on your Facebook profile, lock it for unwanted guests. By doing so, your account will be private, as well as being safe from hacking. As an additional payment, you can find out 8 easy ways to keep Facebook account safe and secure from hackers. Now let’s start the real work, know how to lock the profile.
How To Keep Facebook Profile Locked
Only two simple steps can be locked by following your Facebook ID and can be secured.

1. Profile Picture Protection
2. Friends Only Post
1. Profile Picture Protection: If your profile picture is protected, those who are not your friends will only see a small preview of your picture. But they will not be able to share, can not share or even comment.

That’s why you have to turn on your profile picture guard.

Enter your profile.
Click on profile picture.
Now click on the option
Then click on the click on Profile Picture Gardens
Now after clicking on the save, you are finished.
This is the way to get profile picture care from the computer, which is briefly described. To find out more detailed ways and to know how to turn it on from a mobile phone, go to the pre-published article on how to activate the Facebook profile picture guard.

Hopefully, after reading the text, you have put your profile on the picture guard. Now let’s go to Step 2

2. Friends Only Post: Every day you are posting something and everyone sees it. Because, by default, your post may be open for the public. Now close this to the public, just open it for friends.

Click on the drop-down arrow above the right side.
facebook dropdown menu

From the drop-down menu, click Settings.
facebook settings

Click on the Privacy text from the left hand side menu
facebook privacy
Who can see your future posts? Click Edit to the right of the text.
facebook post edit
Select the friend from the public.
facebook post public
Well, your Facebook profile has been locked through these two steps. Now you will not get any personal information from anyone other than your friends. Can not see your pictures, see the post. Like, comment or share. Whenever a stranger goes to your profile, you will see the text – This profile is locked. You’re safe now, so, happy facebooking.

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