What is WordPress? Perfect Learning how to add with google analytics ? 2022 Tech Teacher Debashree

One of the top topics of discussion in Digital Skills is web design and development. The name of the web design and development comes up in the name of WordPress.

So today I will try to briefly discuss this article about WordPress.

What is WordPress?

Most of what WordPress is aware of, but those who have become familiar with or have heard before, but do not know what their work is, they have already introduced the wordpress identity for their convenience.

WordPress is a web content management system or CMS, which at this moment occupies 30% of the entire Internet. That means, 30% of all internet sites are built using WordPress.

WordPress is a tool for creating or managing websites in simple language. WordPress publishing, editing, administration, and the ease of its popularity in all the areas of WordPress, at the height of popularity.
There are two versions of WordPress. An Open Source or Self Host (WordPress.org) and the other hosted (WordPress.com)

How to learn WordPress?

There are several types of learning styles in WordPress which are different for individuals. The whole thing depends on what WordPress is learning for.

If anyone wants to learn WordPress for writing or blogging, then he has to follow certain guidelines and if someone wants to learn how to develop a website using WordPress, then he will have to follow many additional instructions.

Below are some of the primary information about learning WordPress.

  • Blogging: Better writing for blogging should be of course and beyond the knowledge of Basic HTML and CSS, the better. And beyond WordPress blogging is a very easy way to blogging in WordPress management. This guide is essential for starting blogging using WordPress: Getting Started with WordPress.
  • Front And Website Development: To learn WordPress-based front end and website development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL must be efficient and follow the complete documentation of WordPress. Here are the instructions: codex.wordpress.org
  • Theme Development: Apart from blogging and front end website development, WordPress’s theme development is one of the more professional fields of WordPress. To be a WordPress theme developer, follow the WordPress theme development guide as well as all the skills of front and endless website development. Here are all the instructions for Theme Development: Theme Handbook
  • Plugin Development: Plugin Development is another professional sector of WordPress. It is essential to follow the Plugin Development Handbook as well as having all the above skills to learn backend and development and plugin development.

What website can be built using WordPress?

WordPress is basically a blogging platform and web content management system. It is possible to create almost all types of websites using WordPress.

The main types are as follows:

  • Blog website: Blogging is actually the main attraction of WordPress. Using WordPress, any type of blog website can be easily created. Single blog or multi-blog can be built using WordPress. WordPress is the most used for blogging.
  • News / Magazine: WordPress is also used for blogging as well as news or magazine websites. It is possible to build any type of news or magazine wordpress.
  • Forum: With a WordPress core, or similar plugin can be built easily by creating a forum website.
  • Social Network: With WordPress Core, BuddyPress or similar plugins can be converted into WordPress as a social network.
  • E-commerce: WordPress with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads or any other such plugin can be made as an e-commerce website.
  • Membership: Paid Membership Pro with WordPress, Member Press or any other such plugin can be easily created by creating a subscription / subscription website.
  • E-learning: WordPress with WordPress, LearnPress, LearnDash or any other such plugin can be converted into an e-learning website.visitor counting plugin

Almost all types of websites, including CV, portfolio, corporate, job boards, directories, marketplace, multi site / network site, classifiad, event, booking, ticketing, using WordPress also.

And in all cases, WordPress plugins can be used with different plugins. These topics will be discussed in detail in the following episodes as separate articles on each.
A WordPress theme consists of many parts. Of which the three main parts are:

  1. Header
  2. Content
  3. Footer

There are more sidebars, search, archives, error pages all the more, most of which will depend on you. We will first see the structure of the theme. Here you can see how the structure of a theme is. Many people will hear the word of sidebar. Citebase is called a Vertical Element of WordPress.

Cyber ​​is usually on either side of the content or on one side. You can get ideas about the picture below. theme_view_2.jpg Many people think that here, it is a very complex matter.

Not at all, WordPress is actually a very interesting thing. Once it’s fun, it’s hard to do. Let’s talk about it, let’s come here, how do we have to do all these fun things in the theme?

Theme Files:
WordPress is a vastly intelligent content management system. He understands all, he only needs to be provided to understand. WordPress will basically have two things in WordPress theme. They are two

  • index.php
  • style.css

Index first. Its work is to show all the posts and pages created by WordPress. And the stylesheet files are the theme holders and carriers of the theme. However, these two files are not all. Basically the designer has complexity and puts some files along with the theme to make it easier. Most of these are seen,

  • header.php
  • sidebar.php
  • footer.php
  • single.php
  • archive.php
  • search.php
  • category.php
  • tag.php
  • comments.php
  • functions.php
  • page.php
  • 404.php