In most cases, a visitor is visiting your blog from various media including search engine, but that visitor is going to blog after seeing a post.

Following a few tricks, you can position your blog for more time by increasing the Page Views on the blog by showing other blog posts to a reader on your blog.

If you do this, a blog will be of great importance to search engine.

When a visitor leaves a blog shortly after seeing a post on the blog, the search engine captures the quality of your blog, so the visitor is not staying on your blog for long.

And for those who use Google AdSense on blogs, increasing Page Views is an important factor. The higher the Pageviews on your blog, the higher the revenue of AdSense.

How to Increase Page Views of Blogs?

When you write unique and quality content on the blog, you do not have to ask anyone to visit the blog.

The content of your blog will bring a lot of visitors and page views from the search engine. Below are some of the key points to increase Page Impression and Visitors.

Quality Content:

I always advise everyone to write unique content on the blog. Because the simple and main means of getting a visitor to the blog is the quality of unique content.

When you share new unique content on your blog, this content will bring you a visa on your blog. And when visitors read your blog posts and get quality articles, they will visit your blog again.

Copying content from another’s blog and using it on your blog will not in any way succeed.

Posted in Permalink: When you write a post, you can create a permalink in the Anchor Text format. This allows the visitor to easily read the previous posts while reading your post. As a result, your blog’s Page Views will grow.

Adding Popular Posts:Popular Posts are another important way to keep readers on your blog. When visitors enter one of your blog posts from the search engine, they will only want to visit your popular posts. You can add it to the sidebar of your blog

Related Posts:Be sure to add it below your blog post. When a reader of your blog reads a post, the browser will automatically select such posts and show related posts.

As a result, the reader may also like these posts. That’s why it’s also an important way to keep readers engaged on your blog

 Adding Random Posts:
There are some visitors who visit your blog daily. So they would be bothered to see a post like this. If you add Random Posts Widget, it will show your blog posts messy. This will help readers get more ideas about your blog post.

Navigation Menu bar:
Regardless of your blog / website, you should definitely add a Menu Bar. Adds a Label link to your blog’s main content in Manubar. This will make it easier for visitors to understand what the content of your blog is. As a result, your blog’s Page Views will continue to grow.

 Homepage post summary:
This is an easy way to get home page views of any blog. Give the summary of the posts on your blog’s home page without giving it a whole lot and you can add the rest of the Read More button. This will increase the page view of the blog.

Improving Blog Load Time:
If your blog is too slow then you will not get any visitor and Page View on the blog. Because if the blog takes too long to take Load, visitors will feel annoyed and leave your blog.

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Add Search Box:
You must add a nice search box to the blog. Because when the reader is searching for something you like on your blog, he or she wants to search all posts without searching. In this case, if you do not have a search box on your blog, he will get upset.

Social Media Share and Participate in the Forum:

As you post new posts, you will definitely share the post on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also share the link to your post by answering the question on any other good forum on your blog. This will increase the visits to your blog from those sites.

Clean Background and beautiful fonts:
Avoid using black backgrounds and opaque fonts on the blog. You will use a Color Background and Font so that the content readers of the blog can easily view and read. In the case of Bangla blog, the font problem can be fixed by posting a fix, so that the reader can easily solve the font problem.

Do not use low quality ads wherever you want the blog in the hope of earning more. This will make readers feel annoyed and may contradict their interests.

Using the right size ads in certain places will increase your income and readers will not be bothered. 

Lastly: If you follow all the above posts well then your blog visits and page views will increase. And for those who are using Google Adsense ads, increasing Page Impression on their blogs means increasing revenue.

However, the source of everything is the content of the blog. The blog must have good quality unique content. Copied content cannot be used in any way.