How to hack Facebook and how to keep your account safe?
 How to hack Facebook and how to keep your account safe?

I have heard rumors and stories for a long time since Facebook has been hacked. How many people on the wall wall wrote, ‘My Facebook account hacked’ What you see in an immoral post is because of the hacking. Also many notices. Most of which are Facebook hacking. That is why I want to give some ideas on how to hack Facebook. Of course remember. Facebook Hacking means that Facebook user account / profiles / apps are being hacked. Stay tuned for details.When a Facebook user account goes outside the control of the person, it must be understood that the hack is done. Or maybe a hack. Check out some of the symptoms of Facebook hacking.1) If Facebook is hacked then it can be published on the profile wall.

2) As soon as Facebook becomes hacked, anyone with any other friend or friend list can get some strange message. The message may be threatened by someone when it is threatened.

3) Unable to login

4) Profile picture or name change

5) There may be a lot of different types of links being published

Need to look at some of the ways that Facebook is hacked
Hacking Tools Use. Hackers have many tools. Their tools are very strange. We install some tools on our own devices. Facebook is hacked from here. If there are any files on our device, maybe not seriously. And any of those files can be, Hack Tools. Hack Tool is not just Facebook, but it can handle everything. Password Your Valued Information All of it can go away in the hands of hackers.

As a precaution, you use an updated antivirus. Or Windows Defender can take help. Regularly check scanning. Never give less importance to a common file. Delete it. The scan will help you if you do not notice it.
There is another method of stalking a foxy, hacking Facebook
Many of us no longer log out of the browser when they log in. We keep it for the next time. Later when I re-enter it does not take any more login. That does not mean to pass the password. This whole thing is in mind that the main method is in the knife system. Kookki is the server’s relation with the client. The collected information can read the server. According to him the permissions are given. When it is seen that confidential information is being mixed with server login information, then it is accepted. As long as you are logged in, the cork is active. The key to the log out is the dinghy.

Now let’s know how this knife can be stolen. For anyone who enters your network. Can be the same WiFi or LAN connection. Your device or client may steal while using it. Or by using any tools.

As a precaution, do not use unfamiliar WiFi. Log out of any website as well as logging out. Password change at least once a day. Be more cautious to log in or log out of Facebook. Can help you

Facebook can be hacked by stealing phone number or email id
If your phone number can be handled once you can hack through phone verification. The same situation in the email case. Although it is no longer the previous day. Sent you a link. And you went to that link and entered your password. Yet many hackers work in many old ways.

Keep in mind that any link you browse is safe. Just do not give the user name or Facebook name and password to that link. Diameter Nothing will happen to you.
You may have been hacked by installing Facebook apps
The number of people who have not used the Facebook app are very few. Whenever an app is installed, that app asks for some information. Wants permission. If you do not understand those permissions, then you can hack. That means you can post any of those apps on your wall. Avoid such apps.

There are many new methods of hacking Facebook. Hold your own system and do not listen to it. Hacker can not do all. But nowadays hackers are using some different techniques. For example, from 10 thousand accounts, it reports that this account is fake or duplicate. Then the account was blocked. These things can be familiar with the events. There is nothing to do.

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