How to earn money from Facebook Page or Facebook group? Tech Teacher Debashree

Facebook is a popular social media site.Now days everyone use facebook to can earn money by creating fb page for free if the page has enough number of fans.You can create fb page on any tropic like business,music,news,fashion,sell any products etc.

What is facebook page?earn money from facebook

If you want to use fb page, first  you have to create a facebook profile.You can earn money by sharing affiliate marketing products on page or making videos on page.You can use page for your personal business.They allow to publish content and receive comments and feedback from fans and customers.Sharing photos and updates keeps your page fresh for visitors.You can use page insights to track how many people you are reaching.You can sell your page if you have enough number of members.At present,social networking site is the source of income  . If you have 1 lac followers,then you can sell your page by 50000 rupee or more.There is the benefit of commenting or posted on Facebook page or group .  Now many people create Facebook pages and  facebook group . You can also if you want.  Now you have to earn a lot of money from Facebook. This post will tell you 4 easy ways.

Instant Article:
To earn money easily from Facebook ,You can using instant article. Those who have good writing skill can create  a Facebook page.  It’s an active choice. The page gives Facebook the opportunity to earn money. Facebook has come with a quick article to read the news “Instant Article” It gives a thunderbolt sign with the news that the headline or link only gets a click on the thunderstorm on Facebook.When you post a post on your website as an instant article, users will not have to spend an MB to read it in new tabs or browsers. But yes, Facebook instant articles can only be seen by smartphone users.
The world’s largest media has already been linked to Facebook’s instant article feature.
In fact, Facebook has introduced this feature to keep users on their social media platforms more time, to fast site access (loading time), news sites to get more Facebook, to capture advertisers’ target PEOPLE and to share revenue with website owners.If the income is $ 100, it will come to your bank account.  As a result, earning money from Facebook is now being given extra money by operating office and paying staff.

Purchase of pages:

Facebook does not support this process ,that You have to create a page and you will have to sell it to an organization.. However, there is still a demand for it. 1,000 like pages are seen starting from 1000 rupees. Many people buy their pages and promote themselves.  Creating pages on Facebook is very easy. To create a Facebook page, click on the link from its own Facebook user ( Then you will get 2 options like Business or Brand and Community or Public Figure. If you want to open pages for business, click on the first page and open the page with the name of your choice on the next page. You must add the necessary information on the page. Pages must be updated regularly. The post which people see most, they have to pay. 
Links to your pages can be shared, affiliate can earn. You can also take money for different brand posts. Remember, this is your business. Facebook is upgrading its algorithm. Now the era of the video. The video gives importance to the video. Try to do video based pages. Starting a service called Facebook Watch In future, Facebook can earn from the video. There are also opportunities to earn from Facebook Live.

Shop on facebook:

There are many things you can do to open shop on Facebook. Many people are now selling Facebook Live clothes, jewelry or cosmetics. Other products will be sold in the future. It’s called a F-Commerce. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčessentials from clothing, food, cosmetics to Facebook Shops.

Write a post to Facebook. Make sure to order it. Business will not be late to accumulate. Business will be as much as you like on the page or there will be more activity.


Do you write good content? Or good graphics work? Your Facebook page can be a big advertisement. Facebook’s great platform for promoting those who work in Fever or Upwar. Here people can take orders by showing job.

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