To join the Amazon Associate, you will need to visit the following link:
Here you have to click on the Join button. Enter your e-mail address in the place next to my e-mail address is: I am a new customer Click the radio button. Next page
My name is: Give your name here.
My e-mail address is: Enter your email address.
Type it again: Enter your email address again.
Enter your password in Enter a new password.
Type it again: Enter your password again.
Then click on the Create Account button below.

Amazon Associate programe

Next page:
Your Account Information:
Give your name in place of Payee Name, of course, after paying your bank, National ID card, payer’s master card.
And the rest of the rooms must be filled with the correct information.
Then click on the Next button.
What is the name of your website? Name your web site.
Enter the URL of your website, what is the URL of the website (s) you will use to send traffic to Amazon?
Do your website (s) about?
Which of the topics is the best of your website (s)? Enter the category of your website.
What kind of items do you want to do on your website (s)? Give the product type what you would like to do, but if you want all the ticks.
What type of site is your website (s)? First of all, Blog in Second, Content or Niche Website.
How do you drive traffic for your blog(s)? Give it all tics.
How else do you monetize your website (s)? Give me the site of Amazon Associate in the same way I monetize my site.
Give your website in any language that is made in English language. For example: html, wordpress etc.
How many visitors visit your website (s) get per month? Specify how many visitors come to your website this month. Give it to 5,001 to 50,000.
What is your main reason for joining the Amazon Associates Program? To monetize my site.
How did you hear about us? Give Online Search at
Keep the captcha in the room.
Then click the Next button.
Next page
Enter Telephone Number, give your mobile number with +88, and click the call me now button.
Below you will see a four digit zip code, and a call will come to your mobile. After receiving the call, when you are asked to press the four digit pin code on mobile, press the digit pin code on mobile.
Go to the web site again.
Click the Associates Program Operating Agreement button to agree to the terms and conditions.

Then click the Finish button.
Next page
How to Set up Payment Information
Enter your Payment and Tax Information If you have a Payoneer Master Card, click on the Now button. Or click the Button .
Next page
Your Payment Method
Please click on the sentence “United States Based Associates Only” .
Name the Payoneer Master Card US Bank in place of Bank Name.
Enter your name according to Payor’s Master Card at Bank Account Holder Name.
Checking at Bank Account Type.
Enter Bank Account Number in the Bank Account Number.
Routing Number / ABA Number at Routing Number / ABA Number.
Submit and Continue with Tax Information button.
What is Tracking ID and How to Cteate a New One
What is Tracking ID: Tracking ID allows you to track your cell phone.
Suppose you have two web sites, one of the other’s Jewelry category product from an Amazon Associate. In that case you will need your Tracking ID. Track two separate category products separately. So you need two tracking IDs to track two products.
How to Create Tracking ID
Visit Amazon Associate’s home page. Click on Tracking ID manage from the top left menu. Here you can see your Tracking IDs. To create a new Tracking ID, click Add Tracking ID. Find a unique name in the Find a tracking ID box. Then click the Search button. If you find the name you want, click the Continue button. The next step will be to discuss the job of tracking ID.
How to Find the Affiliate Link of Any Product:
First you login to your Amazon Associate. Then find your selected product from There are several ways to find product, such as search in the search box or according to category.
From the left side of the bar there
Link to this page: For direct links.
Add To Widget: Widget To Create
Add to a Store: Store to create.
Share: Facebook / Twitter to share.
When we click on Link to this page, a pop-up page will appear, select from there where you can track your tracking ID through the Signed in as home.
Click Text and Image to add Text and Image.
To Text Only, click Text Only.
Just click Image Only if you want to Image Only.
Customize Link with the following Customize Link: Customize your mind and create links to fit your site. You can see preview in the Live Preview home.
You can copy and paste HTML code from Get HTML Code For This Product Link below.
What to Cheek Earning Report
You could go to see the reports.

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