1) How to create an email ID ?

To do any kind of work on computer or mobile, or to use any apps, Email ID must open. without Gmail ID, we can not access computers or mobile.Opening the email ID is not a difficult task, once you show it, then you will be able to open it when needed. In the previous article, I did the Gmail service as an email service provider. Today we will see how to create a Gmail ID.

  • The first step in opening Gmail ID is

Going on www.gmail.com, you will see a page like this below. Click to create Create Account from there.

Gmail create

  • The second step:

Now the page below will open a page. Give your first name and last part of your name. Give your email address what you want to do. If your name is Mr. Potato, then try it first, if you have not received that address before, you will get it. And if someone’s name is already registered in that name then “Someone already has that username” Try another? “You can see this message. Then try to add a number or something special to your name. If you see the same message again, then try something more. If you do not see any other message, good luck, it is worthwhile to create your email address.

How to create gmail id

  • Now give a strong password for your email, which nobody else can think of. The more difficult the password will be, the more secure your email ID will be. But it is not good to give a password that you forget yourself.
  • Now give your date of birth, gender and phone numbers. Then you are currently using email id to say, if you have one, then the day. But we assume that this is your first email id, so leave this room empty.
  • Then you will be asked to write a captcha code, if you want to write it, and if you do not want to tick the check box above it. It can, however, send a code to your mobile for verification, or may not. Then, by ticking the Terms and Privacy Policy, click on the Next step.Make your e-mail id in the box. In the next article I will explain how to send an email, answer emails and how to forward email.
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2)How to change your email password?

Sometimes it is necessary to change our email password.Suppose Someone knows your important email password but  you do not want to show him your important email, so you have the only way to change the password. so I will show you how to do it step by step.

This tutorial is for those who can not change the Gmail password. I think that it will be useful to you.

Step-1 First enter your Gmail  with the current password.

Step-2 After signing in, click the Settings Button  and click on red spot  of the Settings .

Step-3  After going to Settings, click on Accounts and Import. Then click Change Password from Change account settings.

Step-4 Click the sign in again by entering the password that you signed in with the Gmail password

Step-5 Type  New Password and Confirm new password, click on Change Password with your new password.

Your new password will be setup. Now sign out of your Gmail account and sign in with your new password. If this tutorial comes to your work, then my efforts will be good. 

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